B2M Season 2- Chapter One: [Pt 3] “Alot Like Over Thinking” [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.



Ive been so stressed out lately, so many thing on my mind…. I needed a moment to myself. As I went into the restroom I saw Issac crying…

Josh – “Issac? whats wrong?”

Issac – “I can’t take it anymore”

Josh – “What happen?”

Issac – “To much stress here Josh.”

What the hell had happen now? I was so confused.

Josh – “Let me fix it. Tell me what happen”

Issac – “Its Tommy. I can’t be around him. I feel like you all take his side.”

Josh – “Didn’t we talk about this before? I thought all was well. What did he do you push you over the edge?”

Issac – “Its not important. I’m gonna pack my things. I can’t live here anymore if he stays.”

Josh – “Issac please don’t leave! I’ll do anything! I want you here.”

Issac – “Anything?”

Josh – “What the- Where did my clothes go?”

Issac – “You said you would do anything….”

Josh – “Umm…”

Issac – “Come on… we’ve always been close.. why not take it there? All I want is to feel close to you again.”

Josh – “….Umm… Will it make you stay?- wait what am I saying..”

Issac – “We can go slow”

Josh – “Fine…. But I’m not bottoming!”


Oh my god… what the f*** was that!? I’m not gay… or even bi. Oh god… that was weird. Seriously I’m just so off these days. I Miss Ollie, I miss Issac… My relationship is in a weird place… What’s wrong with me?

*looks down* Okay no movement down there, so its safe to say I’m not gay. What time is it? 10:13am? Crap I’m suppose to be helping Tommy workout. Yeah so far Ive helped him drop alot of weight since he’s gotten here… Tommy may seem really bad, but he has a good heart. He’s just rough around the edges. I suppose I should go get something to eat and then start working out.

Jordan – “Thanks alot Vince. You turned my underwear pink.”

Vince – “Did I do that- Oh yeah.. It was my turn to wash yesterday… sorry.”

Jordan – “So… sex dreams about Issac. HA!”

Josh – “We didn’t actually do it… I mean we were about to.. ugh so weird.”

Vince – “Josh…. you’re gay. Its okay.”

Josh – “What?”

Jordan – “were just messing with you. Seriously the only reason you’re having this kind of dream is because self-consciously you would do anything to make him feel good. In this situation, Ollie is away at college, and now Issac, whom you’re closest with, is being distant”

Vince – “Not to mention he has a boyfriend now.. so you just probably feel like you’re losing him.”

Wow… that actually makes sense. Thats exactly what it is. I don’t wanna lose him, I’d do anything for him to stay around…

Josh – Speaking of Issac. Where is he?

Jordan – “Breakfast with Kris. He should be back later.. Hopefully. I still have to talk to him about something. Haven’t found the right time.

Hmm.. wonder what thats about….

Vince – “so…. in the dream were you the bottom? *laugh*”

Jordan – “*laugh*”

Josh – “Guys! thats not funny………………….. and no. I was the top….. Can we change the subject!?

Vince – “How are things with Gabrielle?”

Josh – “Umm.. fine?- Okay. Things are.. I don’t know. I’m taking her out tonight so.. *shrugs* I love her its just weird. We totally hit this wall. Nothing to talk about..”

Jordan – “You know what you should do? Plan something that neither of you have ever done before, and then do it together. That way its something new, and fun. Something you two did for the first time together.”

Josh – “Thats a good Idea Jordo, I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks. *stretches* I don’t feel like working out this morning. Gotta shower, and get to work- HEY! Where the heck is Tommy? We have to workout before I go to work..”

Jordan – “He’s umm… sick… Ask Vince… *eats cereal*”

Vince – “We may have had to much to drink. That mixed with the food Tommy ate.. he has a bad case of-“

Tommy – “*Farting* Ugh.. Diarrhea is no joke!”

Jordan – “Tommy… thats f***ing nasty dude…. go.. somewhere.”

Vince – “You better not shart in my robe!”

Tommy – “Feels like theirs a UFC match in my stomach. *Farts really loud* Oh s***! I gotta run!”

Jordan – “Thats a joke in itself… I’m not even gonna touch it though”

Josh – “Why does it smell like cut grass, and cheese? UGH! TOMMY GET OUT OF HERE!”

I’m really disgusted right now… excuse me while I vomit.

Well, because Tommy had… stomach issues. I skipped the workout. Showered and got to work. I know your wondering why the heck I’m going to work so early. Well its because, like I told the guys. I’m taking Gabrielle out to dinner tonight. So I’m gonna take an early shift at the bar. Michelle is gonna cover my shift for tonight. She needs the money anyway….

Josh – “Thanks again for taking over my shift for tonight Michelle.”

Michelle – “No, thank you. I could use the extra cash. Umm… so Josh. I have to tell you something. You know how I haven’t been dating anyone?.. theirs a reason.”

Josh – “I know…”

Michelle – “What do you mean you know?”

Josh – “Two weeks ago I saw you at the movie theater making out with Vince sister…. I seriously thought your bi-phase was over.”

Michelle -“Phase?”

Josh – “Well I believe bisexual’s exist, but.. alot of girls do it for attention. Not all, but some… Whatever the case Its cool that you’re experimenting. I just don’t understand why Vanessa though. Especially after the whole Kokoro scandal…”

Honestly, Vanessa is a horrible person for doing what she did to Vince. He’s her brother. Money is clearly all she cared about. Its sad…. As far as Michelle going all lesbian, Thats not a shocker. She was sorta bi when we dated. Good for her. I’m so over her, and I don’t mean that in a negative way. Its just that.. she doesn’t affect me like she did before. I’m happy I can call her my friend though.

Michelle – “I saw her one day, she was really upset. Crying and stuff. She’s changed. She feels awful for what she did to her brother. We both felt burned by you boys, me and her bonded.. It just happen. Me being open to it.. I let it progress. JOSH!? ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?”

Josh – “Yeah you like the lady meal.. cool. Why is Sasha here?”

Michelle – “Sasha Owen? Mia’s Daughter? She’s at a University in New York..”

Josh – “No… she’s here…”

I haven’t seen her since High School Graduation. Everytime someone mentions her name I have a funny memory. *laugh* Well… I was 16, and having a study session with Gabrielle, and Sasha. Gabrielle went to get us some drinks, and Sasha kept flashing her boobs at me. Then she asked if she could see my.. you know. It was awkward.. I was not attracted to her at all. She was like 200 pounds. Not that I’m against dating a chubby girl.. She just.. Whatever.. *laugh*

Josh – “Sasha?”

Sasha – “Josh?! WOW you look good.”

Damn…so do you..

Josh – “Thanks. You look good too. I almost didn’t recognize you, That sounds wrong I-“

Sasha – “No its cool.. Ive lost alot of weight”

I guess the saying is true, once you’ve lived in GloCity, you never truly leave. Gabrielle, Monica, Tommy, and now Sasha. All came back…

Josh – “You look great”

Sasha – “Can I be honest? *laugh* Looking at you right now, takes me back to that embarrassing moment in Gabrielle’s room.. I had the biggest crush on you. I figured Gabrielle left the room I could make my move. So embarrassing *laugh*”

Josh – “You had a crush on me? THATS FUNNY….”

Sasha – “Yeah but you were so obsessed with Michelle over there…. Anyway! So how are you doing? Have a boyfriend? girlfriend?”

Josh – “Girlfriend…. Gabrielle actually.”

Sasha – “Wait isn’t she a model in Pylea? or did she move back?. Also I’m just messing with you. You don’t have a gay bone in that body of yours. I admired you and Issac’s friendship. So Gabrielle eh? cool. Never saw that coming. What about miss Michelle? You never got with her?

Josh – “Yeah I did date Michelle, we broke up though…. So why are you not in New York?”

Mia – “Sasha! We were NOT done talking about this. You have gotten yourself into some serious s***!”

Sasha – “I didn’t feel like hearing you b**** at me all morning. I figured I’d come here in my own car. I really don’t need you to tell me that I f***ed things up. I know what happen, YOU DON’T. I’m pissed off that you don’t even believe me!”

Mia – “Why should I believe you!?”

Ive never seen Mia this mad before.. Whatever Sasha did must have been bad….

Mia – “*points to room* Ladies room!”

Sasha – “Fine!… God…”

Mia – “Everyone back to work!”

Sasha – “Don’t take your frustrations out on them. Its me you’re mad at.”

Michelle – “What do you think she did?”

Josh – “No clue…”

Michelle – “Maybe she got knocked up by a mobster, and now shes on the run”

Josh – “What?”

Michelle – “Ooh what if she like did a credit scam or something? So now the police is looking for her?”

Josh – “Too much tv… too much tv Michelle… Anyway I gotta go home. Get dressed and meet up with Gabrielle. Have fun….”

Michelle – “You too Joshy *smiles* Love You”

Josh – “Aww.. Love you too ‘Chelle”

So.. thing’s weren’t exactly going that great with Gabby…..

Gabrielle – “You were quiet during dinner…”

Josh – “Because… You got all weird when I told you Sasha was back”

Gabrielle – “You kept saying how pretty she got, almost like you were into her.”

Josh – “Thats jumping to conclusions. I’m not into Sasha, never have been.”

Gabrielle – “I’m sorry…Look lets go get a closer view of the band.”

Josh – “*smiles* Okay.”

Gabrielle – “I love this song!”

Josh – “Yeah its good!”

The whole time we stood there listening to the music. I was trying to think of ways to fix things with her. It seems like we went full speed ahead with our relationship, and now we’ve hit a wall. Is it me? or her?

Josh – “Hey Gab?”

Gabrielle – “Yeah?”

Josh – “Can we go outside and talk?”

Gabrielle – “Yeah sure. *smile*”

Josh – “What’s going on between us? Like you tell me what you think it is, I’ll tell you my thoughts too. We can fix it if were honest.”

Gabrielle – “I feel like you are so distant from me.”

Josh – “I see you everyday”

Gabrielle – “Not physically. Emotionally you seem distant. You- …”

Josh – “I what?”

Gabrielle – “You’ve changed since working at Mia’s bar….”

Josh – “No I haven’t If anything you changed as soon as I started working there. Which I totally don’t understand.”

Gabrielle – “Jordan says you constantly get hit on. He said you ignore it, and not to worry but-“

Josh – “Why are you always talking to Jordan about our problems? I get that you guys are close, but I live with him, don’t you think its awkward for him to know all of my personal problems?”

Gabrielle – “…. Jordan just listens…”

Josh – “Are you saying I don’t?”

Gabrielle – “I’m saying I wish me and you had better communication. Maybe I’m a bit insecure. I can’t change that over night though. I’m working on it. Instead of being mad at me, just give me an A for effort here.”

Josh – “…. This night is not the night I planned.”

Gabrielle – “Look, We had a bad night. Its okay. I told Jordan an Idea I had to fix thing. Why don’t we do something we never done before. That way we can-“

Josh – “Do it together.. Yeah I know. Jordan told me I should do that.. wow…”

Gabrielle – “Jordan was just trying to help. He didn’t mean anything by it. Another thing. I feel like Mia takes advantage of you. She gives you all these hours to work. She knows you won’t complain about it because youre like family. Its not fair to you.”

Josh – “The hours I work… I ask for. I don’t have as much money as the other guys. Anytime I can get extra I take it. So you’re absolutely wrong about Mia. She would NEVER take advantage of me.”

She’s really making me mad…. This is not the night I wanted. I’m so sick of her and Jordan trying to fix our problems. Me and her are dating. Jordan is in no way apart of the relationship!

Josh – “I’m gonna be honest. Your last relationship with that guy Mason ended because of your insecurities. How do you expect me to wanna go on dating you, when I don’t like the person you’re turning into? I just want the happy, confidant you back. Thats the girl I love. Not this insecure woman in front of me.”

Wow.. Ive never been able to express myself like that before. I didn’t even mumble, or stutter….

Gabrielle – “IM SORRY JOSH! Its just hard…”

Josh – “Can we just go? I wanna get home and go to sleep.”

Gabrielle -“Okay… Do you forgive me?”


Josh  – “I need to sleep, Im just upset.”

I feel like if I forgive her right away she will just do it again. Maybe letting her think I’m still upset will make her realize she has to stop being so insecure? Atleast this makes sense to me.. I don’t know what to do. I’m the nice guy! I don’t want to be mad at her. Maybe its me? Have I changed?

Once I got home I threw off my pants, and shirt.. sat in front of my laptop for a while…. Then took a shower. I then called Gabrielle. I didn’t want either of us to go to sleep mad.

Gabrielle – “I’m sorry, and you’re right about everything. I’m insecure. I changed…”

Josh – “Its okay-“

Gabrielle – “No its not okay, but it will be. I Love you Josh…”

Josh – “Who said it would be easier dating a friend? *laugh* Okay Gab. Love you too. Now get some sleep.”

Gabrielle – “Okay. Goodnight.”

That felt good… I think with open communication, me and Gabrielle will be fine.

Issac – “shhh I don’t wanna wake the guys”

Kris – “They’re probably already awake”

Josh – “Issac! Hey…”

Issac – “What’s up?”

Josh – “Can we talk?”

Issac – “Umm Sure.”

Issac – “Kris can you wait in my room?”

Kris – “I’ll be on the bed!…. by the way.. Nice ass Josh.”

Josh – “…..thank……….you?”

Issac – “So what did you wanna talk about? Also just an FYI, I wasn’t avoiding anyone today.. Me and Kris just decided to have a day away from our friends and family. I really like having him as a boyfriend….”

Josh – “Thats cool. Ummm So…”

I told him everything. About the dream, and why the guys and I think I had it…. It was so awkward…

Josh – “So? I’m being weird huh?”

Issac – “*laugh* Josh its okay. Look I’m not going anywhere. Kris actually told me its a good idea for me to stay around. Show that I’m here for everyone. I don’t give a s*** about Tommy. Its all good.”

Josh – “I guess I just got scared. With Tommy making you wanna NOT be here, then you and Kris starting to date… I started to panic. Like what if you moved out.”

Issac – “Again… I’m not going anywhere. I think its awesome that you care that much. You’re my bestfriend Josh. You have nothing to worry about.”

Josh – “*sigh of relief* Thats good to hear.”

Issac – “Oh and don’t even worry about the sex dream. Consider us even.”

Josh – “What?”

Issac “Growing up, I had a whole bunch of sex dreams about you. You were my bestfriend, that was cute. Comforting about my sexuality, of course I had a tiny crush on you. No big deal.”

Josh – “Oh… Okay Cool? *Laugh*”

Issac – “I had one last night too. We were on the trampoline. Goodnight!”

Josh – “Ha! You’re such a joker.. oh boy.. so funny. Issac you’re crazy…”

He’s joking right?…..Ah I give up.. Goodnight! *Laugh*

~End of Chapter One- Pt 3~


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