B2M Season 2- Chapter One: [Pt 2] “Alot Like The 5th Wheel” [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

So.. You guys probably think I’m being childish about this whole Tommy thing. Honestly though I don’t care. Alot has changed since Tommy has been here. Last time we left off. I was feeling really low because of everything that happen with AJ. We decided to take a trip, and in walked Tommy. Since then I feel like everything I say, or want has been ignored. You guys don’t know Tommy. He’s toxic. Whatever the case.. I have my reasons for not talking to him.

I mostly hangout with Kris, his sister Monica, and her boyfriend Ian. Sometimes I hangout with some of Kris’s gay friends. I really try to do anything to NOT be at home. Tommy was horrible to me growing up, but when the boys were around he would pretend to like me and be friendly. I really hate the kid. I also think he’s only here because he did something shady in Riverview.

Tommy – “Issac’s here guys. Whats up Bro?!”

Kill me now, no better yet kill Tommy… ugh.

Josh – “Jordan order two of those protein powders, I wanna get jacked! [build more muscle]”

Jordan – “Which one was it?”

Josh – “That one *points*”

Vince – “Issac’s home?”

Sadly yes Vince..  I’m home…

Issac – “Hey everybody…”

I’m trying… Its not easy. Theirs alot of things, that I’m feeling. You may not understand it… *sigh* I’m trying to be nice…

Vince – “Where you been at dude? You missed Family Dinner.”

Issac – “I was already out with Kris and others, they wanted to eat so I figured it wouldn’t be right to make them drop me off at home first. So I ate with them.”

Tommy – “What about last week though? You skipped out then too dawg, you ain’t gotta make up no lies. We Family.”

Josh  & Jordan – “………”

Vince – “…..”

Issac – “Tommy shut the f*** up. If I said I was out with friends, thats what the f*** i meant. I have no reason to lie. Oh and WE aren’t family. We were…until you got here.”

Josh – “Issac.. stop it.”

Vince – “Dude chill. Don’t attack Tommy like that.”

Jordan – “So… umm anyone else need protein bar’s or powder?”

…… I attacked him? Whatever… Everyone takes Tommy’s side. Like he’s some kid they gotta protect. Over it.

Tommy – “Issac whether you like me or not, I’m here. So deal with it. I’m trying to be nice. Like I said we are all family. No fighting each other right guys.”

Josh – “Yeah I agree with Tommy. Issac lets not do the fighting stuff okay?”

Jordan – “You two should sit down, talk it out. Kiss and make up already.”

Tommy – “I’m not kissin’ no dude. Especially not Issac, he’s been crushing on me since middle school”

Vince – “*laugh*”

Real mature Tommy. I have nothing against plus-sized people, but f*** no. I’d kill myself if I were ever attracted to Tommy. He’s disgusting, and smells like year old meat…..

Jordan – “Issac can we talk? like later? I need to tell you something. No offense guys.”

Issac – “Sure Jordo.”

Tommy – “I need a shot!”

Vince – “Lets go drink on the balcony.”

And…. I’m going to my room… screw that.

Do I seem angry?…hmm. I do. Thats probably because I am. I just feel like I have the worst luck. The s*** that happen with my dad, then how things went down with AJ. I- No. I’ll stop complaining. No sense in crying over spilled milk… What else is different- OH! My hair.

Incase you guys are wondering what happen to my hair… My new friend Ian, who i met through Kris, and Monica. Me and him had a bet. I lost.. which is why I had to shave my head. I really hate it to be honest, but a bet is a bet. Lucky for me, my hair grows fast…


Issac – “Who is it?”

Josh – “Josh”

Issac – “Come in.”

Josh – “What was that out there?”

Issac – “What do you mean?”

Josh – “You seriously seemed bothered. Like you wanted to kill Tommy. I don’t get it. Before Tommy went to jail, all of us were cool. The original 5. Why all of a sudden do you hate him?”

Issac – “I always hated him. I just didn’t say anything. We were kids, I was already the odd man out, because I was gay. I didn’t wanna alienate myself from you guy more, by going “Oh I hate Tommy guys” You all love him so much.”

Josh – “Why do you hate him?”

Issac – “He farts, umm.. he’s childish, he gets everyone into trouble. He bullied me behind you guys back when we were younger. Which I didn’t tell you because again.. I didn’t wanna be singled out.. AGAIN.”

Josh – “Don’t you think you should let it go? maybe he’s not the same person he was when we were growing up? You know? I mean I understand everything you’re saying Issac, but I think holding on to all of this hate, is gonna make you a unlikable person….”

Issac “To be honest, After things with my Dad happen, and then AJ. I wanted to just be with you guys. We had planned this trip to China, and I wanted to have a spiritual journey as stupid as that sounds. Then in walks Tommy. What happen? We cancel our trip. Then you guys started ignoring me, for him. It pissed me off. I felt alone.”

I don’t care if that makes me sound like a baby.. its what happen, and its how I felt..

Josh – “I- We didn’t ignore you.. Well. Hmm. The focus did turn to Tommy. We didn’t mean anything by it. I mean lately we are all busy. I understand what you’re saying though. I’m sorry if I made you feel unimportant. So funny.. sometimes I forget you’re the youngest, and only child…. so..”

Issac – “What’s that suppose to mean? Are you saying that I crave attention? You know what.. screw you Josh. Get out of my room please.”

Josh – “I didn’t mean it like that per-say. I’m just saying… You got territorial over us. When the attention turned from you, and you’re problems to Tommy and his, it upset you. I think because you are the baby of the house, and the only child… that. You know what. Nevermind. I’m horrible at explaining myself. I’m sorry.”

I don’t even know what to say to him right now. Josh is my favorite in the house. He’s like my brother. Its hard to be mad at him..

Josh – “Issac… You’re my favorite here okay? You’re like my brother. Its hard to be mad at you. I’m sorry for what I said. I shouldn’t have insinuated the only child stereotype.”

…ha. He totally said what I was thinking…

Issac – “I’m sorry too.”

Josh – “So, I have to work the Bar real late tonight. All the guys are gonna come in and hangout with Michelle, Mia, and I. So… I hope you come too. I would understand if you don’t want to…”

Issac – “The only reason I wouldn’t come is because I don’t want to be selfish and ruin everyones good time. Tommy just puts me in this place, a place where I’m snappy, and mean. I wouldn’t wanna bring that attitude to the bar. So I’ll think on it..”

Lies.. I already made up my mind…

Josh – “Cool, Well I’m going over to Gabrielle’s Gonna hangout with her before work. See ya tonight I hope.”

Issac – “….yeah, have fun. Tell Gabrielle I said hi.”

Josh left, and I got a text from Kris.

Goin 2 P!nk Flamingo 2nite. Come with? – Kris”

Hmmm. Oh come on don’t look at me like that. Would you honestly pick a place thats fun and relaxing, or somewhere you know you don’t want to be?… *sigh*

I decided to go to P!nk Flamingo.. Its- well it WAS a gay club. Now its open to everyone… Don’t judge me for going here either. I still have time to decide if I wanna show up at Mia’s bar or not.. the night is young.

Issac – “No I don’t get it. Why would a gay guy think its hot, to have sex with a straight guy? I mean logically the guy isnt straight if he’s willing.. right?”

Logan (Orange Jacket) – “Well.. Sorta. I mean like. Dude’s are down for trade. Not to mention They be on the downlow. Know what I mean? Alot of men be DL lookin’ for the BP, in hopes of it being BB okay? Gotta watch out for the ones who want it DP too! Child… U ain’t ready.”

I have no idea what he just said… I get so lost when it comes to these things. Gay lingo confuses the hell out of me. By the way.. the guy I’m talking to is Kris’s friend Logan. The guy in the yellow, you know him. Its Kris. The guy next to me is a Drag-Queen named Fuby Femma…. A Drag-Queen.. not a Tranny. Apparently they’re different things.

Kris? – “Having fun Issac? *smiles*”

Issac – “Yeah, I am. Trying to keep up with all the lingo haha”

Fuby – “So Issac darling, whats the Tea? I mean whats the Lipton? Hmm?”

Ive learned that when someone ask you whats the Tea/T its like saying Whats the Truth, whats going on. Whats real… I think.

Fuby – “You and Kris finally dating? You know he’s waiting for you to make that move gurl!”

Kris – “Stop embarrassing me Fuby!”

Fuby – “Gurl no Tea, No Shade [hate] but if you don’t hop on Issac I will honey. HOW U DOIN’!”

Yup… Nooooo clue what’s going on… *laugh*

After talking some more, well… listening to Fuby talk about how he’s gonna put Drag Queen’s on the map in GloCity. We decided to hit the dance floor. Now… I know its a stereotype that gay guys can dance. Consider it broken. I can’t. I mean I can move from side to side but.. thats it!

Kris – “I’m really glad you came out with me tonight. I know its been stressful at home.”

Issac – “Yeah.. *smiles*”

Kris – “You don’t suck at dancing by the way.”

Issac “Thanks.”

Kris and I have gotten really close. Were obviously not dating. Why you ask? Well… I don’t wanna ruin my friendship with him to be honest. Also.. My heart still hurt’s from AJ ending things with me. I guess I do like Kriss though. I just don’t wanna ruin things.

Issac – “I’m gonna go pee, I’ll be back.”

Kris – “Okay!”

I have this bad habbit of going to do something, and then totally doing something else. After I used the men’s room, which by the way.. I saw some stuff going on in there that was weird… ANYWAY umm. After I used the men’s room I wondered to the roof of the club.

Kris – “There you are, I was like standing on the dancefloor for what seemed like 20 minutes. What are you doing up here?”

Issac – “Its awesome up here…”

Kris – “Yeah look at the stars. Doesn’t it just make you wanna go home and paint something?”

Issac – “I was just about to say that. So.. where’s Logan and Fuby?”

Kris – “Logan is flirting with a bartender. Fuby is probably doing some Christina in the men’s room”

Issac – “Some what? What’s Christina?”

Kris – “… Its a codename for a specific drug.. Which i stay away from. HEY! Lets go in there!”

Issac – “We can see the whole dancefloor from up here. Look! there’s Logan, and Fuby.”

Kris – “Dancing on each other… Gurl.. Hilarious….”

Apparently in the gay community.. some of the more feminine guys call each other Girl. Its pretty funny.

Issac – “Sorry If I embarrass you. I know I’m not as knowledgeable as you, and your friends are when it comes to the gay lifestyle.”

Kris – “You’re perfect the way you are Issac. Also just know that alot of the gay lifestyle has nothing to do with over the top clubbing, or gay lingo. Its as easy as you me, and my place. Oh god did I just say that… one to many drinks.. “

Issac – “But… you didn’t drink anything…”

Kris – “Now I’m even more embarrassed *laugh*”

Issac – “Don’t be. I like messing with you. Its cute when you turn all red.”

Kris – “….. Its cute when you just stand there. Issac you’re like the perfect guy.”

Kris is perfect too… Why am I so scared to take a chance with him…. screw it.

Issac – “Kris? You wanna be my boyfriend?”

Kris – “What did you just say? They turned the music up I cant hear you!”


Kris – “*smiles* for real? why now? I mean hell yes!”

Issac – “Cause I realize your my perfect guy too. I wanna give it a go.”

Issac – “come here”

Kris – “*smiles*”

And there we were.. Kissing.. to the sounds of Britney Spears (Click 2 listen) blasting throughout the club… It was great. Wow.. I have my first boyfriend.. *smiles* Ive never had one before… a real committed relationship. Finally.

After that, Fuby, and Logan dropped us off at Kris’s place. I was saying my goodbyes….

Kris – “… So.. umm Boyfriend. *smiles*”

Issac – “Yes?…boyfriend? *laugh*”

Kris – “Nobody’s home… wanna come in?”

Issac – “Sure”

As soon as we hit his room the clothes came off. We obviously both really wanted this moment to happen.

Kris – “What?”

Issac – “Nothing.. you’re just Sofa King Cute.”

Kris – “Dork…”

It felt great being with Kris, and then it turned from kissing to more… I’ll see you guys in a bit… Can’t watch that… *laugh*

After me and Kris.. yeah. We had a talk about things. I told him I wanted to be at the bar with the guys, but two things were stopping me. 1. Tommy being there. and 2. I didn’t wanna just leave him after a great night. He ended up telling me, that he wanted me to go be with the guys. That we could have breakfast in the morning. So I’m here.

It was a packed house! I mean they had a bunch of customers. I decided to just casually walk in without making a big deal that I was there. I saw Vince, and Tommy playing a game. Jordan was talking to Mia. Then I finally spotted Josh way in the back tending the bar.

Jordan – “ISSAC! YOU CAME! *Hugs*”

Jordan was really affectionate. Which is funny, because out of all of us… Jordan is the last person to say I love you or hug someone…

Issac “Yup. I’m here!”

Mia – “Aww thats cute. Thanks for coming Issac. I know the guys really wanted you to.”

Issac – “It would have been messed up for me not to come. Also I did wanna hangout with everyone too.”

Jordan – “Issac… you umm. You look different. Did you… Oh my god.. You got laid huh?”

How the hell can he tell!?

Jordan – “got that “I just got laid” look”

Issac – “Joshy! Hey!”

Josh – “Oh my god, dude you came! I’m so happy! *smiles* I just really wanted you here!”

Issac – “I know. I came for you by the way. You’re like my brother. Didn’t wanna disappoint you.”

Tommy – “So… If you came for Josh. is that like a big F-U to the rest of us?”

Vince – “Yeah Josh! you two playing favorites!? huh huh huh??? Thought we were all family *laughing*”

Resist the urge to kill Tommy…. Resist…

Issac – “I love…. everyone… *clears throat*”

Girl in Yellow – “you’re HOT.. wanna makeout?”

Issac – “Thanks but, I’m gay… and.. I have a boyfriend. *smiles*”

Josh – “You and Kris!? Thats awesome!”

Vince – “Yeah man.. I knew you two would finally get it in! [hook up]”

Josh – “I’m gonna make you my special drink Issac.”

Issac – “What’s it called?”

Josh – “Fluid’s by JOSH!”

Issac/Tommy/Vince – “……………….”

Josh – “I’m still working on the name! *laugh*”

Well guys that’s it for me. I’m gonna stay here and try and have a good time. Hopefully I don’t kill Tommy. Tonight was a really good night. Things can only go up from here… I hope. Alright. See Ya.

~End of Chapter One- Pt 2~


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