B2M Season 2- Chapter One: [Pt 1] “Alot Like The Twilight Zone” [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey! wow, I feel like I haven’t talked to you in a while. Alot has changed in three months. The biggest adjustment is Tommy now living with us. When we were younger Tommy was with us. It was the Five. However things with Tommy got out of hand, and he got sent to jail. After he got out he went and lived in some hick town. Whatever the case he’s back in GloCity now. Nobody seems to have an issue with it other than Issac.. who has changed alot himself.

I don’t know… Maybe it has alot to do with what happen with my brother AJ. Speaking of AJ he’s away at a University. The cool thing about that is that Josh’s brother Ollie, and his girlfriend Eboni are with them. So i’m sure those three are having a pretty dope adventure…

Tru – “JORDAN!”

Jordan – “Huh? Oh sorry.. Was talking to myself.. What were we talking about?”

Tru – “My sister.. and my nephew.”

As you can see, me and Tru are still cool. Were not dating.. we did hookup on her birthday last month though. Its weird. Its almost like were friends with benefits.

Jordan – “I just think its wrong, and confuses Connor. When Skye was into me, she didn’t mind me taking Connor out. Now that she has this new boyfriend. She forces them to hang out.”

Tru – “Aww Thats so cute, You miss being Connor’s friend. All Jokes aside, thats how my sister is. Doesn’t make it right though. It sucks that you rarely see Connor anymore. I know for a fact that he misses you.”

Jordan – “I just don’t want him to grow up, like.. Its hard to explain. The kid doesnt even know his Father is dead.”

Tru – “I keep telling Skye that she needs to tell him the truth. Shes scared. Which I understand. I just don’t want him to be like 15 and then figure it all out. Then hate everyone for not telling him… Its so frustrating.”

I bonded with Connor alot. I saw alot of myself in him. Skye got a new boyfriend, and now I’m out of the picture. I wasn’t trying to be Connors dad. I just wanted to be there for him. The poor kid was alone alot of the time with nobody to listen to him.

Tru – “So, Umm. I have a question..”

Whenever a woman says that to you… It’s not a good thing…

Tru – “We… ya know.”

Jordan – “Yeah [laugh] Yeah, I was there”

Tru – “[Laugh] We kinda just.. did it, and never really talked about it…”

Jordan – “Was I bad or something?”

Tru – “No, you were actually really good. Its just that. Were friends. I do like you, but… Hmm.”

Jordan – “…but what?”

Tru – “Jordan you don’t want a girlfriend”

Jordan – “I don’t- NOT want a girlfriend either?”

Tru – “I’m not offended by that, I get it. I think we should play it by ear.. if we end up hooking up again then so be it.”

Wow, she sounds like a guy- better yet she sounds like me! She makes alot of sense though. I mean maybe I don’t want a girlfriend yet. Maybe I do though? I’m not sure. Things with my ex BreAnna has really made me question going down that road again. Its awesome that Tru understands.

Oh! Speaking of BreAnna, She found out that Riley was cheating on her with Mira. She then called off the engagement and then she and her sister LeeAnna moved out of town.. Yep. I knew that was gonna happen. Hopefully she find’s love wherever she is…

Tru – “What are you thinking in that cute head of yours?”

Jordan – “About all the relationships Ive had, I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

Tru – “Well.. you live and you learn right?”

Ive, learned alot this year… next relationship I have is gonna be different.

After hanging out with Tru, I had to go home, and pick up Tommy. He wanted to do it old school. So we went Fishing like when we were younger. Tommy may seem shady but, he’s a good guy. I hope you guys don’t judge him too harshly.

Jordan – “Look at you fat boy, slimming down!”

Tommy – “Hey, three months here, and Ive already lost alot of weight. Not as much as I want though. I wish Josh still worked at that gym. I won’t complain though. He’s training me good back at the house. I should be at my goal weight in no time thanks to ole Joshy.”

Tommy back in the day was in good shape. Now he’s the “fat one” of the group. I do think its great that he wants to better himself and get in shape though. Good for him.

Tommy – “Dude. Where does Issac go all the time?”

Jordan – “Issac’s been distant from us lately…”

Tommy – “Because of me? He needs to get over it. I’m not a stupid teenager anymore. I’m not gonna be mean to him.”

Jordan – “What I don’t get is, why all of a sudden its a big issue with you. We all were friends growing up… Talk to him when you get a chance Tommy. Were a family. Okay? Talk to him tonight.”

Tommy – “I wan’t to bury the hatchet. “

Thats if Issac gives him the time of day. Maybe they can talk during family dinner tonight. Its one of my favorite times of the day. When all four- well five now with Tommy. We get together, eat, bulls*** around and laugh….

Tommy – “Thanks for giving me hope. I really wan’t me and Issac to be closer. You’re good at bringing people together. What aren’t you good at though bro.”

Jordan – “Fishing? I suck.. I can’t catch anything.”

Tommy – “Just concentrate. You can do it.”

See, told you Tommy’s not bad. Sure he did a little time, but he’s learned his lessons.

Jordan – “OH S***! I got one!”

Tommy – “Small.. but hey size doesn’t matter!”

Jordan – “Depends on what were talking about…. “

Both – [Laugh]

Jordan – “Tom-Tom you’re fishing skills have improved. You fished alot in that Hick town you were in?”

Tommy – “Hick” “Is offensive, and yeah I did, but can we not talk about that place please?….”

Jordan – “No problem”

Hmm.. that was weird.. Then again maybe not. Tommy’s always been a private person.

After fishing with Tommy. He went home to meet up with Vince. They were on their way to Bridgeport to pick up Josh from work [Mia’s Bar] I didn’t go because I promised Gabrielle I’d fix her dishwasher. She was a good friend. Whenever she needed help, I would be there.

Oh and don’t get any stupid ass ideas in your head either. I’m not into her like that. She’s Josh’s girl. I’d never do that. Me and her have been friends since… forever. We even have matching tattoo’s. Thats a funny story…. I should remind her…

Jordan – “All done.”

Gabrielle – “Thanks Jordan. Josh would have fixed it but lately he’s been so busy…”

Jordan – “Its no problem. Hey Gab? You remember when we got our matching tattoo’s?”

Gabrielle – “[laugh] Yes. Josh and Ollie went camping with their family. Vince, I forgot where he was. Tommy was grounded. You were upset, about your Dad. I was depressed about my weight. So.. We decided to do something crazy.”

Jordan – “To this day. I still can’t believe it was all your idea. You rebel.”

Gabrielle – “Atleast It doesn’t say anything stupid.”

Out tattoo’s are a collection of Japanese characters that mean good things, like Warrior, Happiness, and a few other things…

Jordan – “We were only what 16”

Gabrielle – “I don’t know why that guy let us do it without I.D.”

Jordan – “He was flirting with you, thats why. He wanted summa dat chocolate.”

Gabrielle – “Eww he was so old.. yuck [laugh] Anyway.. Three months of Hurricane Tommy??”

Jordan – “Eh, not so bad.”

Gabrielle – “Josh, and Vince said the same thing. Issac and I went to the “Pink Flamingo” [Gay Club] and He told me that he wanted Tommy out. I just told him to try and talk it out.”

Jordan – “They.. They need to talk.”

Gabrielle – “Not to change the subject so aburbtly, but do you think its stupid that I miss Josh?”

Jordan – “No, he works alot now, and with the commute to the city it makes things worse. I will say one thing though. Josh has a new confidence about him. So maybe working at Mia’s is a good thing.”

Gabrielle – “Maybe…. I just feel like, we haven’t been dating that long, yet when were together it feels like an old married couple struggling to find something to talk about. Not to mention I drive myself crazy thinking about all the skinny, cute girls flirting with him at the bar…”

Gabrielle, has this ability to always stress, and be paranoid about things. She also likes to take the blame.. Nobody is to blame for her and Josh’s problems. He started a new job, Tommy’s back, Ollie’s gone, alot of things have changed.. They need to just talk.

Gabrielle – “Usually I’d talk to Eboni about this, except shes off to a University with Ollie, and AJ.”

Jordan – “You should talk to Josh about it.”

Gabrielle – “I don’t want him to think I’m nagging, or that I’m crazy. My god, I lost weight and I’m still a insecure fat girl what’s wrong with me? Ugh I need girl-friends!”

Jordan – “You know what? I’m gonna give you Tru’s number. You two will click really well. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner.”

Gabrielle – “Thanks Jordo.”

After chatting with Gabrielle more. I decided since I was in the neighborhood, I’d go see my lonely Mother. Ever since AJ left, she’s been by herself. I know.. Shame on me for not stopping by more.

Robin – “Jordan, honey you scared me. What are you doing here?”

Jordan – “I used my key, wait why are you dressed like that?”

Robin – “Jordan we should talk.”

Jordan – “Okay?”

Robin – “So, Umm. I have a question..”

Wow second time today someone has started a sentence like that…. Can’t be good.

Robin – “How would you feel If I retired from teaching and sold the house?”

Jordan – “What!? No!- I mean you can retire sure, but why are you gonna sell me and AJ’s childhood home?!”

Robin – “Over the past three months.. Ive-“

Male Voice – “What’s taking so long? Get your sexy butt in here so I can wax that ass!”

I’m going to vomit, I did NOT need to hear someone talking about my mother that way!

Jordan – “You have a- A boy- boyfriend?!”

Peter – “Jordan… Okay.. Awkward…”

Robin – “Oh Lord….”


Jordan – “Peter!? What the f***”

Robin – “……Okay well I guess the cat’s out of the bag.”

Jordan – “This is why!? You wanna move in with HIM!? Do you know what kind of man he is? What he did to Issac!”

Peter – “I was wrong for that son. I-“

Jordan – “I’m not your f***ing son, Issac is. You know the one you used, and is ashamed of!”

Peter – “Ive been calling him, he won’t speak to me.”

No s**t sherlock.

Robin – “I don’t care, or need Peter’s money. I have alot saved up. I’m in love with him”

Peter – “I love your Mother Jordan”

Okay, this is Alot like The Twilight Zone, what kinda hotmess s**t is this? I had to leave…

Robin – “Jordan?”

Jordan – “I’ll come back later tomorrow or something..”

Peter – “Its okay honey, He’ll come around. Then you, him, and AJ. Plus Me and Issac will be a family.”

Gross thought.. If our parents get married, that would mean AJ, and Issac are brothers… who… did it. Oh god this whole thing is just gross!

I had to get home, for “family dinner” and also to tell Issac about this… Only one problem. Issac didn’t show up…

Jordan – “Did he atleast say why he wasn’t gonna come home for dinner?”

Tommy – “He called Josh, So I don’t know.”

Vince – “This s*** is getting really old. He needs to stop being such a brat.”

Josh – “I got Sushi, I know its his favorite. He said he was gonna have dinner with Kris, Monica, and Ian. So..”

Well.. that sucks…. I really wan’t Issac here. Well lets make the most of the dinner I guess..

Jordan – “How was you guy’s day? excluding you Tommy, since we hung out earlier haha”

Vince – “Twins.. That is all”

Tommy – “High Five bro!”

Josh – “Man-Whore….  My day was busy. Thats it.”

Tommy – “What about you Jordan?”

I didn’t wanna tell them without telling Issac first….

Jordan – “Nothing special…”

Jordan – “I’m gonna get some, and then put a plate up for Issac guys. So if you want more the time to get it is now..”

Vince – “Nope, Me and Tommy are gonna go on the patio, and have a few shots.”

Tommy – “Tell me all about the Twin’s you hooked up with today you pimp!”

Vince – “Nah, I took pictures of twins, they were sexy! I didn’t smash [To have sex] though.. I’m trying to be a good boy ever since-“

Tommy – “The Kokoro thing…”

Kokoro… Thank god thats over with…. Sure she wasn’t crazy afterall but.. she still creeps me out.

Jordan – “Josh you wan’t more sushi? I don’t wanna eat alone..”

Josh – “No I don’t but I’ll sit here and talk with you while you eat. [smiles]”

Vince – “You guys sure you don’t want shots? The moon looks nice tonight. Lets get drunk”

Tommy – “Yeah stop being such Fags”


Tommy – “Sorry- I didn’t mean anything by it. Everyone says “Fag” or “Thats so gay””

Vince – “True, but people close to us would get sensitive if they heard it being used. Its not a politically correct thing to say.”

Tommy – “Sorry guys. I’m just trying to fit back in, don’t wanna offend anyone.”

Josh – “Its okay Tommy. [smile]”

With Issac, My brother AJ. and a few others being gay, and lesbian. I’m pro gay now. I don’t stand for any type of homophobia. Its not gonna fly around here. I’ll forgive Tommy though. He did just get here from hick town…

Josh – “What’s bothering you?”

Jordan – “Nothing really. I guess I miss my brother, and Issac. I just want everything to be fine like before. Now with Tommy back you notice how Vince is acting?”

Josh – “Tommy always bring the worse out of Vince.. They’ll probably be drunk all morning..”

Jordan – “Josh you speak to Gab since you got in?”

Josh – “No I’m gonna call her after I shower.”

Jordan – “Okay cool. Just.. tell her you love her. You know how she gets. She feels threaten by all the pretty girls at the bar.”

Josh – “Shes silly. Thanks for looking out for us though. I’ll make sure to talk with her. [sigh] It feels so weird with Issac missing Family Dinner..”

Jordan – “Him and Tommy need to make up.”

Josh – “Not gonna work with him using that F word…”

Jordan – “I know Issac can be stubborn but come on.. This is ridiculous”

Josh – “I keep telling myself he has a good reason for it.. I’m starting to think he’s just being childish honestly, and I hate to even say that..”

Jordan – “Yeah… [sigh] Long day..”

Josh – “Tell me about.. I’m ready to fall asleep right now.”

Jordan – “Gonna see whats on my DVR then try and sleep…”

Well that’s it guys, I’m gonna finish my food, and then watch something on my DVR. I won’t be getting much sleep tonight. Too much on the brain. I really wish Issac was here.. feels so f***ing weird without him right?

~End of Chapter One- Pt 1~


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