~*Season One Finale*~ Chapter Five : Something Like The End of the Beginning [POV All 4 Guys]

[When you see one of the guys names, that person is speaking in their point of view/POV]

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.


Hey!, Guys I wish you could have been with me yesterday. Me and Gabrielle went on a date, and it was perfect. She then asked if I wanted to stay over. Sure.. we kissed, but we hadn’t done THAT yet.. I was nervous. I had only been with one girl sexually. What If I sucked?…

Good news… I didn’t suck. [laugh] It was amazing… we took our time, and did things.. right. Anyway the next morning Gabrielle woke me up. We had slept all the way to noon.

Gabrielle – Josh… Josh get up. Its noon. Oh my god its really sunny out there.

Josh – Huh?.. Oh. Umm. [squinting] Hi.

Gabrielle – [smile] Hi to you too.

Josh – You okay?

Gabrielle – [rubs head] I’m recovering..

I accidentally made her hit her head on the wall… clumsy me as usual!

Gabrielle – Josh, I’m really happy you stayed last night.

Josh – Me too.

Gabrielle – Isn’t it funny.. considering what we promised each other as kids?

Josh – Oh you mean never to have sex with each other? [laugh]

Gabrielle – Yes.. That [laugh] Anyway. I’m glad it all worked out. I never saw myself with you.. Its amazing what a little time apart can do for two people. I find myself so in love with you… Thats not too soon right? considering we have known each other forever?

Josh – No.. I feel the same way.

Thank god, she said that, I was freaking out thinking maybe me being in love with her was too soon.

Gabrielle – What are you doing [giggling]

Josh – Back to bed!

Gabrielle – Josh aren’t you tired!?

Josh – Nope!

Gabrielle – [laugh]

Okay sorry guys you gotta go.. Go see what Jordan is up to [laugh] You can’t watch me… seeing what goes through my head during.. that would be embarrassing.


Whats up guys. Me? I’m good. Today I decided to take Connor to the movies. Just so you guys know, neither Tru or Skye are pushing Connor on me. I grew up with a messed up relationship with my father. All I ever wanted was someone to pay attention to me. I figure since Connor’s dad isn’t in the picture, why not show him a good time? Kids shouldn’t stress. They should be kids, and have fun. With that being said. Connor was on his way home from a friends sleepover. I waited… with Skye.

Skye – Thanks for being such a nice guy. Connor really likes you. He talks about you alot. Its pretty funny.

Jordan – No problem. So if you don’t mind me asking. Where’s Connors Dad?

Skye – …. Dead.

Jordan – but- Connor said you guys are always fighting.

Skye – Its actually his Mother i’m always fighting with. I haven’t had the strength to tell Connor the truth about his dad.

No wonder Connor told me his dad never calls, but sends gift’s and letters…. Man.. thats so.. sad.

Jordan – Why haven’t you told Connor?

Skye – Connor is very emotional.. He.. We just been through so much already. Its a really long story. Theirs alot of stuff I should probably tell you about Me and Connor… Not right now though. [smiles]

Skye’s interesting…, anywho after joking about Jersey Shore [TV Show] Tru walked in. She seemed to forget I was taking Connor out today. She asked If she could talk to me outside. So i got up and we went to talk.

Tru – Jordan.. I like you, but if you like my sister, I understand that… [laugh] actually thats why I never told you I had a twin sister. Skye’s personality win’s over everyone. So I just wanna let you know, that if you do want to get with Skye, then I’m okay with it.

Jordan – I like you.. Tru… but I’m working on myself for right now. If I do decide to date, I’m for sure calling you first.

Tru – [pulls hair behind her ear] really? [smiles] Cool..

Jordan – Would you really would’ve been cool with me gettin with your sister?

Tru – [laugh] No…

Jordan – [laugh] Thats what I thought….

Tru – So what movie are you taking Connor to see?

Jordan – Jackass 3D…. Just kidding. Umm. Its that Animated Owl movie.. one of Pixars or Dreamworks. I forget [laugh]

Skye – Hey Jordan, Your coffee is ready.

Tru – …..

Skye – Wan’t some Tru?

Tru – [smiles] sure sis.

…This was kinda funny…. I won’t even lie. I’m super flattered that both girls seem into me.. I just wanna work on myself before I even think about dating again. Anyway I had coffee, talked, and then took Connor out…


Hey.. you guys caught me in the middle of an important conversation with AJ..

AJ – I’m gonna talk to my brother tonight and tell him everything if thats okay with you.

Issac – That’s fine. [smile]

AJ – Cool, cause I was talking to Slim, and he said-

Issac – How’s Slim?

AJ – He’s fine… Were just friends. Umm. So that brings me to the 2nd thing I wanted to talk about. I feel like I hurt you the other day. Thing is Issac, I’m still figuring myself out, I’m not even sure If I’m gonna leave for a university or not. So I didn’t wanna get attached to you.

Issac – I see.

AJ – Thats why I’m ending this.. thing we have. I like you too much to hurt you. For me, you were one of my brother friends who, helped me through something really important. I liked you alot, but I wasn’t.. You know. I don’t wanna hurt you. You deserve much more than just fun. You deserve someone more mature, and more dedicated than I. Please don’t hate me.

This reminded me, of when I’d receive bad news as a kid. I’d just smile and nod…. I felt like I was being stabbed. I’m sure alot of you probably assumed I’d hurt AJ, who knew I’d be the one with my heart broken?

Issac – Funny thing AJ, I was actually thinking that maybe we should end this too, So I could date.. you know? I figured I’d still be here for you.. so.. This couldn’t have worked out any better.

Lies… I’m trying to make him feel better about… dumping me. If I had it my way I’d call him my boyfriend, and walk hand in hand with him all over town. Guess Love isn’t in the cards for me.

AJ – You will always be special to me Issac.

Issac – Yeah..umm you too.

AJ – You never forget your first…

Issac – [smiles]

AJ – Thanks for.. teaching me that its okay to be me.. and that I can be proud of who I am, I would have never come this far without you.

Issac – Its no problem AJ, I like helping people… umm I’m gonna go, I got some stuff to do. We good?

AJ – Yeah. [smiles]

We hugged and kissed each other one last time. Then i left.

As soon as I closed the door, I lost it. I couldn’t stop crying…. I was a mess. I gotta get out of here.


I was chillin most of the day…. Then my sister asked if I could come over… So I went to see her.

Vanessa – You think you’re pretty smart huh?

Vince – What do you mean?

Vanessa – Things were going as planned… I don’t know how you found out.

Vince – Vanessa what the f*** are you talking about?

Vanessa – I wan’t you to meet my friend. Behind you.

My heart stopped…

Vince – Why?

Kokoro – I told you, I had no choice.

Vanessa – [smugly] Oh!? You two know each other? [laughing]

Vince – Why Vanessa- You two did this? why!?

Vanessa – You know why Vincent. Our Parents gave you all the money. I deserved some too goddammit! Luckily for me.. little miss Asian Persuasion, was in my hospital stealing meds for her sick Mommy. Aww. Of course I caught her…

Vince – So you blackmailed her into doing this…

Vanessa – And it would have worked until the stupid b**** accepted a check. She being the dumbass that she is didn’t realize a check, and a large sum of money wouldn’t work I-

Kokoro – Actually I did realize it. I wanted to take the check, knowing it wouldn’t work. I realized on the beach that I couldn’t do this anymore, that if you wanted to tell the cops then fine. I’ll go to jail. I can’t hurt Vince anymore…

Vanessa – Well Played. Even after I told you to demand cash.. you opted for a check. You little b****.

Kokoro – Vince I tried to warn you… I tried to say it in Korean so maybe you’d be curious and-

Vince – “자매 협박 ” … What does that even mean?

Vanessa – Rough translation? sister intimidation.

Kokoro – I wanted to tell you she was blackmailing me but I was scared of her!

Vince – Why would you even do it in the first place Kokoro!

Kokoro – I’m an actress Vince.. a struggling one at that. I went in for a routine checkup and thought I could steal some stuff for my mother. Shes.. The treatment is expensive, and her meds are putting us in debt. Vanessa caught me and made me do this, to stay out of jail. I’m so sorry!

Vince – WOW… And you Vanessa.. I really thought we were getting somewhere with our relationship!

Vanessa – You gave her the check because you thought she was an idiot.

Vince – I did. I wanted her to take it.. and then I’d stop the payment. Fine. but-

Kokoro – I knew that.. thats why I took it!

Vince – Vanessa.. If you want the f****** money you can have it. I hope it keeps you warm at night. You don’t have a brother anymore as far as I’m concerned.

Kokoro – Vince I-

Vince – Don’t talk to me…. [leaves]

Vanessa – Isn’t that sweet.. You do like my brother after all huh?

I… I couldn’t breath. How could my own twin do that to me? Over money!?


I know you guys will probably wonder why.. but I decided on the bartending job that Mia offered me. Working with my uncle would be boring as hell. I was tired of always doing things that people expected. I wanted to work at a bar, why not.

Ollie came with me to tell Mia the news.

Mia -I’m happy to have you as a employee Josh. How did Nathan [Josh & Ollie’s Uncle] take it?

Josh – He was cool with my decision, told me no matter what I’d always have a spot at his building if I needed it.

Ollie – How come you have no Liquor?

Mia – Well the bar is incomplete, will be done in about 2 weeks. My shipment should come in then.

Ollie – Who else works here?

Mia – Ah! 1 sec, Hey! newbie! get out here and meet your new co-worker!

Michelle – Josh?

Oh s***

Josh – Michelle? what-

Michelle – Wow.. you working at a bar?.. thats.. wow. Different.

Josh – I.. umm. Yeah.

Mia – You two know each other?

Michelle – We dated…

Mia – Oh…. well if-

Josh – It won’t be a problem. We can be professional right Michelle?

Michelle – Yeah, besides. When you slept over I got your message loud and clear. You wanna be with Gabrielle. I won’t interfere with that.

Mia – Okay cool. I’ll call you guys and give you your schedules soon.

Michelle – [smile]

Josh – [nervous smile]

Mia – You look scared Josh, you’re too cute.

Michelle – Isn’t he, think of the tips he will make…

Oh goodness.. What will Gabrielle think about this?


I was home, relaxing. My brother told me he wanted to talk. So i invited him over.

AJ – So… umm. I’m…

Jordan – …. my brother.. who I love, even if I don’t show it often…

AJ – What?… Oh.. umm. Wow Jordan.. thats weird coming from you. I mean I know you love me but- I love you too.. Alot, Anyway.. I need to tell you something so stop interrupting punk.

Jordan – [smile] Okay.. tell me.

AJ – I’m….gay.

Jordan – I know…

AJ – You do?

Jordan – Well I didn’t know for sure, but the past few weeks Ive been thinking it more and more. You’re my little brother.. I just had this vibe…

AJ – [smile] I told mom. Thanks to Issac. He made me feel brave. So far I told Mom, Ollie, and my friend from school.

Jordan – ….. I knew you and Issac-

AJ – Do you hate me?

Jordan – Hell no. Why would I hate you?

AJ – I was always under the impression that it was okay for Issac to be gay, as long as it wasn’t your brother… You joked alot about-

Jordan – I’m sorry If I ever made you feel that way. Come here.

AJ – What are you doing? We don’t hug…?

Jordan – Get your ass over here. Were gonna hug, now, and often. I love you baby bro. You big homo. [smile]

AJ – [smile] Love you too.. you.. breeder.

Jordan – What?

AJ – It means straight person.. its gay lingo..

After hugging, AJ told me all about him and Issac. Now the whole Kris thing made sense.. Man I felt so bad for Issac… I hope he’s okay wherever he is…

AJ – I hope Issac doesn’t hate me…

Jordan – He’ll be okay.

AJ – So umm.. now that were closer.. can I come visit more often?

Jordan – Aww.. dude you wanna hangout with your big bro..

AJ – Well.. that, and your friends are always shirtless… Its hot….

Both – [laugh]

Man… I loved that AJ felt close enough to tell me.. I’m so happy right now I could cry… Family is important. after the talk I took AJ out for Oreo Shakes and Bacon burgers.


I didn’t wanna go home. I knew AJ would be there.. So.. I went to see Kris.

I had just finished telling Kris everything. I cried as each word poured out of my mouth. I started to feel better though. I knew it also helped him understand that I was never rejecting him.

Kris – Its okay. I totally understand why you are upset Issac.

Issac – Why can’t I ever have someone? Why can’t I be happy? Is something wrong with me?

Kris – Nothing’s wrong with you Issac.. Its all just.. complicated.

Issac – I hate that word…

Kris – Just so you know, I don’t expect you to be all into me now. I really appreciate your friendship, that you would even come to me when upset.

Issac – I like you, I just don’t want you to be the rebound guy. If 3 months from now I feel like dating, then I’ll for sure consider you. [smile]

Kris – [smile] You wan’t some food?

Issac – I’m gonna sit down. Where’s Ms Harris?

Kris – Eww.. don’t ask. My mom is on a date, and told me not to wait up. YUCK. So you can stay over if you want.

Issac – That would be cool, thanks.

I didn’t wanna go home upset, risk seeing AJ, or have to tell the guys why I was upset.

Kris stepped away for a second.. when he came back I was sleep. Its something about the combination of a good cry, and a comfortable position that makes a person rest easy… I really liked Kris as a friend, and possibly more. I just hope he understood my reasoning for not diving right into something with him


After sometime to myself, I decided to call Kokoro over…

Vince – Just answer yes or no.. Do you like me.

Kokoro – Yes. Alot I-.. Yes.

Vince – Is your Mother dying?, or did you take the pills because you have an addiction?

Kokoro – I guess thats a fair assumption.. Yes. My mother is really sick.

Vince – Tell me you like me again..

Kokoro – Vince the day I met you, I thought you were adorable the way you tried so hard… I couldn’t show it. I had to do what Vanessa wanted me to do… [starts to cry] and Now even though its done. I still have no money.

Kokoro – I’m failing my mother, as a daughter. I can’t even help her! [crying]

Vince – I.. I can help…

Kokoro – No.. no I’m not taking your money. I just wanna know you forgive me.

Vince -…. I do.

Kokoro – Okay. I’ll stay away from you now-

Vince – What If I don’t want you to?

Kokoro – I don’t have a-

Vince – You always do. You like me. I like you…

Kokoro – I’m sorry. It just pains me to know what Ive done to you…

And just like that… she left…

Vince – [screaming from afar] I forgive you!

Kokoro – [starts to cry]

Vince – …f***.

-The Guy’s-

Night came and went. Finally morning set in. Vince had texted all the guys to meet him at the lighthouse behind their home. They all met up. and talk about everything that had taken place in the last 24hours.

Josh – Yeah.. Michelle.

Jordan – You’re over her, so it shouldn’t be a problem right Josh?

Josh – Yeah but.. I don’t think Gabrielle will be happy about it.. Anyway Vince.. You and Kokoro.. thats interesting.

Issac – ……

Vince – Yeah I know right. I know she likes me. I’m gonna give it time. Like Jordo did with his Brother, awesome you two are closer now. Finally I don’t have to keep THAT secret anymore… I accidentally found out.

Issac – ….. heh

Josh – Issac? you okay?

Vince – Yeah you aren’t saying anything.

Jordan – Were here for you dude… just tell us whats bothering you..

Issac – I need to get away from here.

Josh – Okay we can go back to the house I-

Issac-  No.. Out of GloCity. Just for a week or two.

Jordan – We all could use some time away from here.

Vince – TRIP! Lets take a trip!

Josh – Where to?

Issac – …China. Somewhere far away from here.

Jordan – Are we all agreeing to this?

The guys all shook their heads yes.

Jordan – Cool. This will give us time to bond even more. Issac.. we should talk. [smile] I- I’m here for you. [smile]

Issac – We’ll talk. On the plane. [smile]

They all raced back down to their beach-house. Issac and Vince came up with the idea of not taking but 3 items of clothing, and 1 thing they each couldn’t live without. Everything else they would buy in China.

Issac – …

Vince – Cheer up Issac. This is gonna be fun. okay?

Issac – [smiles]

Jordan – YES! and I got our flight! Where’s Josh?

Josh – I had to call Gabrielle, and tell her whats going on. Then had to call my bank I-

Vince – This trip is on me guys. Not taking no for an answer.


Jordan – Whoever it is, shoo them away. We gotta get going.

Issac – I’ll get it.

Josh – Tommy?

Jordan – ….what are you doing here?

Issac – ….Tommy.

Vince – When did you get back to GloCity?

Tommy – You guys going somewhere? I was hoping I could have my old room back.

Issac – [clears throat]

Tommy – I see bags packed. Where are we going!?

~End of Season One~

~*Thanks 4 Reading. Season Two will be posted shortly*~


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