Chapter Two : [Pt 4] Something Like Hot & Cold [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Victory! Remember that night Jordan came home upset and I got a call from Kokoro?… Well she still had my business card- as if she’d throw it away. She wanted to meet up and have me take her pictures for her. I knew she had finally came around…

Kokoro – “They turned out so well Vince.. Wow.. Does that sound vain? I’m amazed at pictures of myself.”

Vince – “No.. It doesn’t. You’re gorgeous, I’d be looking in the mirror all the time if I were you.”

Kokoro – “Each one captures a different emotion.. well done.”

Vince – “Thanks, So I’ll have these shipped to your place, and send you a file with all the pictures incase you wanna add them to your portfolio? That cool?”

Kokoro – “I get to take these? They’re so big…”

Vince – “Yeah You can have these, The only reason I did this was so you can see them in detail… plus who wouldn’t wanna see a gallery of you?- Actually before you stopped by.. I showed this to a investor.. Looks like because of your beautiful photo’s I’m gonna open up my own studio- and work with some very important people.”

Kokoro – “All because of me?.. Nah Its your talent.”

Vince – “… I guess… So umm you look pretty today.. Love the haircut…”

Kokoro – “….right. Umm okay so how are we doing the payment plan here I could-“

Vince – “Let me take you to dinner…”

Kokoro – “Hmm.. Umm Vince… I don’t think thats a good Idea”

Vince – “What you married or something?, don’t wanna be in public? Thats cool. I know this chill little spot where we could-“

Kokoro – “NO!.. this was just business Vince, I don’t want to pursue you like you are trying to pursue me. Okay?”

Vince – “Why not?”

Kokoro – “I know the kinda guy you are. No matter how much Josh was trying to sell you at the gym, I know the truth about you.. You’re a womanizer”

She was right.. and the fact that she knew me so well, just made me want her more. I was drawn to her, to her mystery. I wanted- No needed to know this girl…

Vince – “I haven’t met the right woman yet, come on just give me a chance”

Kokoro – “NO!”

Vince – “….[sigh] I-.. I don’t get you…”

Kokoro – “No you don’t…[starts to cry]”

What the hell?.. why was she crying? She was so strange….

Kokoro – “How much do I owe you Vince?”

Vince – “Fine.. umm 450”

Kokoro – “[still crying] That price seems a little low…but okay. I’ll send you a check.”

Vince – “No problems.”

Kokoro – “[crying harder] I have to go…”

Vince – “Okay…?”

After that craziness.. I picked up Jordan and we went to a concert. My favorite band was playing. Direct Target. They’re great.. Everything was cool… until we ran into a couple of b******, and No I’m not calling women that. These two were just.. annoying.

Vince – “I cant believe Issac’s dad is like.. nice now.. weird.”

Jordan – “Strange… He took Josh and Issac out for lunch. Me and you were invited but we had to come to the concert.”

Michelle – “Vince, Jordan.. I didn’t know you guys liked Direct Target…”

LeeAnna – “Don’t talk to them.. They’re scum. Vince is shady, and Jordan played my sister.”

Michelle – “Lee Lee gurl I love you, but we both know BreAnna will run back to him..”

LeeAnna – “Not this time….”

Jordan – “LeeAnna stay out of it, you have no idea what happen okay? BreAnna didn’t let me explain. You’re the one thats scum.. I hear stories about you around town..”

Michelle – “Don’t talk to LeeLee like that!”

Jordan – “Or what? What are you gonna do?.. Break Josh’s heart again?”

Vince – “Yeah!.. How is that neurotic circus clown you’re dating.. Is he.. Crawling in his skin yet?”

Michelle – “I don’t get it…”

LeeAnna – “Its a popular song.. thats like.. emo.. or whatever..”

Michelle – “Oh ha-ha very funny…”

Vince – “Why did you do it? I think Josh deserves that much of an answer..”

Jordan – “I agree…”

Michelle – “Its complicated. How is he doing?- nevermind.. I have no right to ask that.”

Jordan – “Sure don’t…”

LeeAnna – “Shut the f*** up Jordan… Thats why My sister has already moved on.”

Jordan – “Whatever, BreAnna isn’t seeing anyone. This is another game.. just trying to make me mad. It isn’t gonna work.”

Michelle – “Lets go.. I cant stand Josh’s friends…A**holes….”

See.. I told you those two were the B word. They’re so self righteous. Everyone isn’t an angel yet they pretend that they are… Ugh I’m actually happy Josh isn’t into Michelle anymore. serves her right. She doesn’t deserve a guy like him anyway… Though I have to say LeeAnna was looking hot. And Michelle with her new hair was borderline sexy… What is it with our obsession with Asian women..

Now that I think about it.. all of us have dated asian women. Even Issac in middle school, before he came out haha.. thats funny… To be fair though.. alot of Asians live here in GloCity so eh.. whatevs.

Vince – “Wanna get something to eat?”

Jordan – “Yeah”

Me and Jordan headed out.. we went and ate, talked about Kokoro, which Jordan likes to call her “The Grudge” and More about BreAnna. Jordan is FAR from perfect, but I know he loves BreAnna. I hope he can win her back somehow.

Jordan – ” By the way, Congrats on the business deal. You’re a good photographer.”

Vince – “Thanks man. Just trying to build an empire.”

Jordan – “Hey Vince… I was thinking… I wanna change.. I never wanna be the person I was before..”

Vince – “You.. I think you’re already changing dude.”

uh oh…..s***

Jordan – “Why you lookin’ at me like that? I got a stain? something in my teeth?”

Vince – “Umm.. Don’t turn around…”

Jordan – “Why?- Oh my god.. dude is Mira behind me?”

Oh man this is so f***ed up….

Vince – “Bre-“

Before I could even finish saying BreAnna’s name.. he turned around.. to see her.. with Riley..

BreAnna – “Jordan…”

Jordan – “Really?.. Him? of all people?”

Riley – “Hey loser”

Vince – “I’m gonna buy you a lifetime supply of shirts Riley..”

Riley – “No thanks. The ladies like the view.”

BreAnna – “How are you doing?”

Jordan – “Oh I’m great BreAnna.. Just f****** GREAT!”

Riley – “uh oh he’s gonna Hulk Out!”

Jordan – “Riley Shut the f*** up- because I will go to jail tonight If you keep on talking.”

Riley – “You talk like you can kick my ass.. You cant I’m not scared of you homeboy.”

Vince – “Jordan lets go its not worth it.”

Jordan – “I loved- Love you. I’m not perfect but you know what? I will stand by my original statement. I did NOTHING wrong that night. You didn’t let me explain anything.”

Riley – “What a crybaby.. Look loser, you shouldn’t have said you were done with Mira, and then get caught with her calling you”

Jordan – “You told him everything!? Wow.. Lets go Vince..”

You know.. Josh, Issac, and Jordan have their issues. I’m so glad I’m the drama free one of the group. Maybe I’m lucky. Jordan told me he needed to walk off what had happen.. So i let him. I returned home. I knocked on Issac’s door.. he wasn’t home. Josh was. He told me I had a guest in the guest room. So I went upstairs to see.

What the hell?….

Vince – “Kokoro?.. what are you doing here?”

Kokoro – “Umm.. Josh let me in”

Vince -“I know that much- but why are you here?”

Kokoro – “I could leave?”

Ha.. Games. She knows I don’t want that..

Vince – “If you want to… I don’t wanna force you to stay here.”

Kokoro – “….Why are you being so hot and cold with me?”

ME!? You’re the one who started crying you weirdo!

Vince – “I’m not.. I’m just confused… Earlier you didn’t seem into me and you were crying. Did I make you cry?”

Kokoro – “No… You didn’t. Anyway I’m here to thank you.”

Vince – “Where’s my check?”

Kokoro – “So I have to pay you for what I want?”

Vince – “Okay are we not talking about the photo’s?”

I was so confused at this point.. Even more so when she took off the coat.. she didn’t have anything on except her underwear… Did  mention how lucky I was?

Vince – “Hmmm”

Kokoro – “Whats wrong.. Scared? [smile]”

Vince – “No… Not at all… just.. speechless”

Kokoro – “Well come on… From the day that we met I’d never think you’d be speechless.”

Vince – “You.. you’re mysterious..”

Kokoro – “Vince…Things.. are never.. how they seem..”

Heh… Shes weird.. but I like it… You know what happen next.. no point in me going into detail.

She left right after like she was in a hurry. I knew nothing was wrong because she kissed me goodnight. She was a mystery.. Anyway. The next morning I told the guys what happen. They were all cheering me on. I told everyone I’d get it.. and I did.

Vince – “I’m sittin’ on top of the world!”

Issac – “You really are.. with this new business deal and everything.”

Josh – “congrats on that man. I’m proud of you.”


Issac – “I’ll get it…”

Josh – So tell me what happen, you guys had a run in with Michelle, LeeAnna, BreAnna, AND Riley!?

Jordan, and I started explaining what happen while Issac got the door.

Issac – “Officer Kevin Watts.. Umm Hi how can I help you?”

Kevin – “Vince here?”

Issac – “Yeah.. whats wrong?”

Kevin – “Just get him”

That when Issac called me to the door…

Kevin – “I need you to come with me..”

Vince – “Why?”

Jordan – “What happen?”

Kevin – “…. JUST COME WITH ME”

Issac – “Wait- hold on.. atleast tell us why”

Kevin – “For the assault of Kokoro Mai Sung”

Josh – “Oh god!.. Vince I’m gonna go call my uncle He’s a lawyer..”

Jordan – “BULL! Vince would never touch her!”

Issac – “This is ridiculous Kevin!”

Vince – “What the.. I didn’t.. What the f***!”

Josh – “That b**** I shouldn’t have let her in the house, this is my fault”

Vince – “NO ITS NOT JOSH.. You did NOTHING wrong”

Issac – “Neither did you Vince.. were gonna get this straightened out.”

I didn’t know what was happening..

Kevin – “Simple questioning for now and then you can come back..”

Vince – “I’d never hit a woman… “

Kevin – “Save it for downtown.”

Jordan – “Josh is calling his uncle now Vince!, Issac is grabbing his jacket. We will meet you down there”

What did I say earlier about being drama free?……


~End of Chapter Two [Chapter Three Is Next Up]


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