Chapter Two : [Pt 3] Something Like A Surprise [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

My turn! [laugh].. So.. Vince filled me and Josh in on what happen with Jordan. It does suck, but at the same time we all know it was bound to all bite him in the ass at some point. Jordan is a great friend to us, and he’s smart as hell. He’s just made some really bad choices. We still love him though. I decided to take him out for lunch. He didn’t wanna go to a restaurant so we hit up the local diner. The guy who owned it knew us since we were kids. We’d always order the same thing.. Bacon Burger, Fries and a Oreo Milk Shake. It always brought back memories of our childhood.

Josh and Vince would have joined us, but Vince and Josh were helping Ollie & AJ out with something school related. I don’t know if its been said by the other guys but AJ and Ollie have classes together at the local community college.

Jordan – “Heh.. this place brings back so many memories… remember you told us that you were gay here?”

Issac – “haha.. yeah.. but what happen next was the funniest part of the day.”

Jordan – “Vince just went for it!”

This one time while we were all hanging out. I came out to the guys. Of course they asked a bunch of questions. They were confused that I wasn’t … feminine at all. So I had to explain that all gay guys aren’t like that. Anyway they started asking me if I ever kissed a boy.. and I said no. So Vince Kissed me.. So random and so hilarious. He looked at me and laugh and said “Now you have!” The guys were so supportive and awesome. They even went down to the walmart and bought me all these rainbow flags and stuff. Not that I wanted it.. Thats a little TOO gay for me. They got an A for effort though.

As we were leaving we ran into Mira.. and her friend….

Mira – “J?.. why you keep ignoring my call?.. you got a b**** listening to sad songs on her ipod, cause you aint called her back”

ChuChu – “Mmm Jordan who is your friend?”

Jordan – “Mira seriously.. Stop contacting me.. Its- actually no its my own fault why BreAnna dumped me but if you hadn’t called I could be on the road to recovery”

Mira – “Yall broke it off?”

ChuChu – “Whats yo name?”

Issac – “umm.. Issac”

ChuChu – “You like girls like me? I’m double thick!”

Issac – “I umm… hmm. I’m gay..”

ChuChu – “UGH! What the hell all these dudes I like be faggots!”

Jordan – “Hey! watch your mouth! Don’t call him that you fat b****!”

Issac – “You know what, I actually thought you were pretty, I’m just not into chicks. You wanna throw insults when you cant get your way.. Thats probably why your single…”

Mira – “J-baby.. dont be stressed. ChuChu didnt mean it. She just havent had her chilli cheese fries today so shes cranky.”

ChuChu – “Yeah Im sorry Issac…. I mean it. That was rude.”

Issac – “Whatever.”

Jordan – “Leave me the f*** alone Mira…. seriously.”

We left.. Jordan, who thankfully got his license back drove me to AJ’s place, he was done hanging with Ollie, Josh, and Vince and wanted to see me. It was so easy seeing AJ now since all the guys thought I was helping him with painting…

Jordan – “AJ talks about you all the time now by the way.. He thinks your a awesome painter… little bit of a man crush if you ask me.”

ha.. more than that Jordo…

Issac – “AJ is cool. I mean its funny hanging with him and watching him talk about girls at his school.. You two are definitely brother the way you like women.”

Jordan – “haha.. I guess… Dude Its so funny.. You still get hit on by girls.”

Issac – “If I was into them, I wouldnt be into her.. not because shes fat either. She just seems to lack intellect”

Jordan – “Eh.. Maybe.. Thats just the surface though. Alot of the time women- no people wear mask, meaning that they are pretty much a certain person in a certain situation. I like to think of life as one big movie. We all are looking for our big break.”

Jordan was right.. we did all have roles to fill. whether its being someones brother, sister, mother, teacher..

I got to AJ’s and his mother was still there getting ready to leave for work. She was nice.

Robin – “He’s changing clothes. I swear he’s like a woman sometimes. Takes forever, when all he’s gonna do is throw on a graphic tee and some checkerboard shorts”

Issac – “Haha.. he does have alot of them… Anyway How are you doing Robin?”

Robin – “Im fine baby. Just gotta get going. Take care of my boy.. He really likes you *winks*”

Issac – “Yeah he’s a good friend…”

Robin – “Right….. heh. Issac honey.. don’t break his heart, whatever you do. Just don’t break his heart.”

Issac – “I dont think I follow?”

Robin – “I just know that AJ.. is different. I love him and I don’t care. He hasn’t told me, but I know he’s gay. I also have this feeling that you two are using this painting hobby as an excuse to be together and others wont suspect a thing [smiles] Secret is safe with me honey. If AJ wants nobody to know, I’ll keep it that way. Anyway I gotta go, luv ya honey. Have fun.”

Umm.. Did that really just happen?….. hmm

I filled AJ in on what happen with his mom, and at first he seemed scared. Then he realized that she seemed supportive.

AJ – “Hmm.. Okay. I think I’m gonna officially tell her then [smiles]”

Issac – “[smiles] Good. So did you have fun with the guys? What were you guys doing anyway?”

AJ – “Me and Ollie were writing a paper on fitness. So we had Josh and Vince doing a bunch of things. For Vince to be so buff, he’s certainly out of shape haha.. Oh! Ollie told me, that Josh told him everything that happen with Jordan. Ollie was saying me and him should try and fix things between Bre and my brother. I told him its probably best to stay out of it haha.”

Issac – “I agree… Jordan is strong.. He’ll be okay”

AJ – “So can we stop talking?”

Issac – “huh?”

Issac – “Oh…”

AJ – “I’m ready…”

Issac – “Are you sure?”

AJ – “Yeah.. yesterday I went to the store and got everything, I looked online and did research on what we should have…use…”

Issac – “AJ.. Your first time, you wanna make sure its with someone you trust…. “

AJ – “Issac I trust you, and also Its not like this is something I didn’t think twice before. Even if we break up, or whatever- since I’m not even sure if were dating.. but if we end whatever this is, its fine by me. I just know that I’d want my first time to be with you.”

Issac – “Okay.”

Issac – “One more time.. Your positive? I don’t want my good looks to persuade you into this [smirks]”

AJ – “… Ha-Ha. Im sure. Just.. Don’t hurt me”

Issac – “Of course.. Im not gonna hurt you.”

AJ – “My heart Issac… I’m talking about my heart.”

I cant really say much on what happen next… Umm It was what it was, and Its something special between me and AJ. I was honored that he picked me. It was perfect.

After that, me and AJ splashed some paint on the canvas, so people would think we painted. He also had to clean up the house, Him and Ollie were gonna watch a movie or something later. I think its great that him and Ollie are friends. I kissed him, and left. I went home but on my way up the stairs Josh asked me did I wanna get something to eat with him. I was hungry and agree’d. We went to OMG.

Josh – [whispering] “Isnt that Mira?”

Issac – “Yeah just ignore her…So how are things with you and Gabby?”

Josh – “Okay does everyone know something I don’t know?”

Issac – “You two like each other.. [smiles]”

Josh – “Hey!.. Isn’t that Kris Harris from High School over there? Monica’s brother”

Issac – “sure is… I haven’t spoken to him since the stuff that went down with his sister…”

Josh – “I heard he’s gay now, go talk to him!.. You’re single dude go… go go go go go go go g-“

Issac – “FINE!… [laugh] You’re such a dork Josh”

Josh – “an awesome dork!”

I only did it 1. to shut Josh up, and 2. So he wouldn’t suspect anything.. Josh was smart.. I didn’t want him to figure out things.. Me and AJ.. Thats a secret that cant get out.

Kris – “Issac!, Hey!”

Issac – “Hi Kris…. So how have you been?”

Kris – “Good, you?”

Issac – “Good.. How’s your sister and stuff?”

Probably shouldn’t have boughten that up. The who Monica Harris scandal rocked GloCity once upon a time. Just because we were over it, doesn’t mean Kris and his family was.

Kris – “Actually were great, Monica was actually just here in town, well she still is, but shes headed back to Pylea soon… Thanks for asking.”

Issac – “Its all good.”

Kris – “I’M GAY.. I’m stupid, that sounded really ridiculous.”

Issac – “Are you a newborn?”

Kris – “No.. Ive actually been out for 3 years now. I just wanted you to know. [looks to the side]”

I think he was insinuating that he liked me…

Kris – “I have seen you around, looking…hot, there I said it.”

Issac – “Thanks…[smiles]”

Kris – “Anyway.. I have to get to my painting class So-“

Issac – “you paint!? So do I!”

Kris – “I went to one of your showing… [smiles]”

Issac – “We should get together and paint”

Kris – “Its a date… I mean”

[Josh on cell in the background]

Issac – “Uh.. hmm”

Kris – “Sorry Im pushy.. Its just that Gay clubs and such.. Not my thing. I like guys like you. Are you even single?”

Issac – “Umm Yes?”

Kris – “[laugh] Sounded like a question”

Thats because it is a question.. I don’t know exactly me and AJ are… I- I dont know if it would be wise for me to hangout with Kris though. hmm

Issac – “[laugh] It wasn’t.. I’m single… Its just complicated. I’m not really looking to date. However I’d love to hangout and Paint, Gay friends come a dime a dozen.. so…”

Kris – “I agree. Alot of the ones I run into are wam bam thank you ma’am, that or either closeted.”

Thank goodness for Josh interrupting…

Kris – “I thought that was you… Hi Josh.”

Josh – “Hey Kris, Wish i could stay and chat but- we gotta go”

Kris – “Thats okay, I gotta get out of here soon, call me Issac.”

Issac – “I will. [looks at Josh] What happen?”

Josh – “Jordan called me, Vince texted me.. Your dad is at our place.”

Issac – “What!? Okay lets go…”

We walked through the door and there was my Father…. what the hell did he want.

Peter – “Issac, son… I wanna say I’m sorry!, and Josh I’m sorry too”

Josh – “me? why?”

Peter – “Cause I said you and Issac were doing it as kids.”

Josh – “What!?…. umm okay?…Anyway I’m gonna go call Gabrielle.. who’s a woman..”

Peter – “Do you forgive me Issac? I know I’m mean, I always have been. I-“

Issac – “Lets go in the kitchen”

We talked in the kitchen, He told me he was seeing a therapist about his anger, and has been learning about gays on the internet.. which is a horrible way to learn [laugh].. Its funny though that he’s coming around. We laughed and he told me that He didn’t know If I knew he loved me. I.. Its hard being mushy with him, Its all new to me.

We sat down and I made coffee.

Peter – “So do you have a.. Partner? I think thats the correct term for you homosexual couples.”

I knew he was trying.. I tried so hard not to laugh.

Issac – “I’m single.”

Peter – “Do you like guys like Josh? or more like Vince & Jordan? Like softer girly or masculine? Oh and which role do you umm play?…”

This was gonna be a long night… Its amazing to me all of the stuff that has happen today… very much a surprise… Could me and my father actually have a good relationship?

~End of Chapter Two – Pt 3~


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