Chapter Two : [Pt 2] Something Like Too Little Too Late [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Lets hop right into it. BreAnna has been acting different.. Like usually I’d cheat and in a few days its all forgiven. Not this time. I’m on the right track though. I officially ended things with Mira, I threw away my little black book, AND I’m focused on BreAnna… I just hadn’t told her this yet. Ya know? cause shes not returning my calls.

Josh – “Jordan!”

Jordan – “Whats up Josh?”

Josh – “Do you have any blank cd’s?”

Jordan – “Yeah go in my room and look in that clear box in my closet… What do you need them for If you don’t mind me being nosey.”

Josh – “You know how back in the old days a guy would make a girl a mixtape? Well I wanna make Gabrielle a mixed CD. Considering now everything is digital and MP3 format.. CD’s have a certain vintage feel to them..”

Jordan – “And this CD… Its for friendly purposes only?”

Josh – “Umm.. yeah [Smiles]”

It was time I let Josh know…. How I really felt about Gabrielle.

Jordan – “Josh….”

Josh – “Yea?”

Jordan – “That day.. at the boat show.. with Gabby..”

Josh – “what about it?”

Jordan – “I was flirting with her on purpose.. To make you jealous so you would finally say something. DUDE I know you like her! I was just trying to make you realize it. Trust me Gabby isnt into me… I just wanted to let you know this because well.. I love you man, and I’d never purposely try and take someone youre so clearly into.”

Josh – “I-… Okay what If i do like her? I don’t know what to do.. Things were weird. Though I blame my self for it. Let me tell you what happen the other day when i helped out at her place.”

Josh filled me in on what took place in Gabby’s room… ouch. Not pretty. Hopefully he can recover from it. Him and Gabrielle would be a perfect match if you ask me. I gave him more advice and let him use my Itunes account so he could download some music. Josh was a dork… I love that kid.

After I finished sculpting, Me and Vince kicked it. We had lunch and then walked around. I picked his brain about my issue with BreAnna. His advice was solid..

Vince – “And thats it.. Just show her you care.”

Jordan – “You think that would work? [rubbing eyes]”

Vince – “Yeah.. and dude whats wrong? you crying?”

Jordan – “No.. My contacts are bothering me.”

Thats right people.. I wear glasses/contacts. Haha.. in middle school I was a huge nerd! big glasses and all. I actually was a nerd in High School too. People just didn’t notice it, because I was on the football team, and switched from glasses to contacts. I got straight A’s and I’m officially a certified Genius… I’m not kidding. I have the highest I.Q. Of not only all the guys, but in this whole town.. even Josh’s brother Ollie haha…

Everything was good…. until Riley Moss ran into us, and butted in our conversation. Me and Riley were rivals back in High School. He thought whatever I could do.. he could do it better… I hated him with a passion. We got into alot of fights…

Riley – “Hey Vince.. Hey Loser..”

I ignored him.. I was already in trouble with the law.. last thing I need is to kick this guys ass and have another court date…

Vince – “Hey… Riley… “

Riley – “Girl trouble eh Loser?”

Jordan – “Mind your business homeboy…”

Riley – “OR WHAT!? huh?! whatcha gonna do?, what are YOU gonna do? huh? huh? I thought so!”

Vince – “Riley seriously we aren’t in high school anymore”

Riley – “Oh I know that. Im just sick of Loser here attitude toward me.”

Jordan – “DUDE!, you’re such a punk a** b****! If I wanted to I could punch you right in the face right now”

Riley – “Like your dad used to do to you and your brother? hmm? tough guy? wanna abuse me?? haha..”

Vince – “Get the f*** out of here Riley.. Thats a low blow dude… and why the f*** arent you wearing a shirt?”

Riley – “Why you checking me out?, I thought Issac was the fairy princess not you..”

It took ever ounce of strength I had in my body, NOT to kill him right there. The incident he is referring to is this one time in High School we had a therapy session.. It was for like bullying and such. Anyway I ended up breaking down and telling the therapist about my homelife.. How my dad hit not only Me and AJ but also my mom too…

Vince jumped to my defense.. He got in Riley’s face and threatened him. Riley left. Me and Vince went home and I relaxed… calming myself down. After I was calm I proceeded to My mothers house to pick up some candles. Vince told me I should make a romantic night plan for BreAnna.. and I’m gonna do it. I’m not perfect, but I’m trying to be good now. Lets just hope its not too little too late.

As I walked out of my Mom’s house empty handed… I saw.. Issac.. with… my brother.. what the hell…

Jordan – “What the hell you two doing hanging out?”

AJ – “Umm We- I- He had to umm…”

Issac – “DONT BE SHY AJ! TELL HIM- OH OKAY I WILL!… AJ is starting to paint.. and needed some help and since Im great at it.. He asked me. Right AJ?”


Jordan – “Well where are the paint supplies?”

AJ – “[Looks at Issac]”

Issac – “The umm store didnt have the specific brushes and s*** so.. we special ordered them. I’m here to umm- umm do some research online and show him some stuff he can-… do.”

Jordan – “…..[upbeat] COOL.. So what the hell happen to all the candles AJ? Melting hot wax on yourself emo boy?”

AJ – “No.. Mom used them.. What the f*** are you doing here anyway? did you get your license back? Or did you catch the bus here?”

Jordan – “I get my license back next week, Vince dropped me off. Anyway I gotta go.. I’ll just stop at walmart or something. have fun with the painting or whatever.. I’m sure you will do fine AJ..”

Issac – “Thats the nicest thing I have EVER heard you say to AJ… haha”

Jordan – “Eh…”

I.. When Riley brought up what happen to me and AJ earlier, I just felt like I wanted to be there for AJ more and protect him. Cheer him on in anything he does.. I couldn’t express that though. I- I’m weird.

Jordan – “Whatever… AJ is clearly gay, and want you over here to play Pokemon [laugh]”

AJ – “Ha ha.. very funny. I’m not gay.. I actually just chopped down this chick the other night while mom was at work”

Jordan – “I know you’re not gay AJ.. and I also know you’re lying.. You’re a virgin. Anyway I gotta go. peace!”

Night came, and i had to pay LeeAnna [BreAnna’s Sister] to let me in the house to set everything up. My Contacts were still bothering me and I had to wear my glasses.. just for tonight. BreAnna came in and was surprised. I gave her an hr to get pretty for me and she came out with her hair all pinned up, and in a pretty dress. She looked amazing.. she smelled great too. Lavender Shampoo.. her signature… Everything was Good.

BreAnna – “I love you in glasses.. you dont look so.. macho.. you look so sweet, and cute.”

Jordan – “Baby.. I’m sorry for everything, I promise.. I will never cheat on you again. I broke it off with Mira, you can even ask the boys.. I’m sorry. I wanna have a future with you, marriage, kids.. everything. okay?”

BreAnna – “One more shot… I love you.. You know that?”

Jordan – “I love you too… You look so pretty.”

I meant every word I said… Everything was perfect.. and then It fell apart.

Jordan – “Hello?… Mira!? No look I said don’t call me I-“

BreAnna – “TYPICAL!.. I knew it!.. YOU have made a fool of me for the last time!”

Jordan – “Noo Bre! Look I-“

Mira – “Is your girlfriend there? yall fighting again? Look baby you need to be with me and not her”

BreAnna – “I cant believe this.. I hate you Jordan!”

Jordan – SHUT THE F*** UP!

BreAnna – [gasp]

Jordan – “Not you baby!”

I hung up the phone and tried to explain everything! I had no control over her calling me! Mira was trying to get back with me and I didn’t want that!

BreAnna – “DONE! IM DONE!”

[slaps Jordan]

Jordan – “Wait let me explain, you don’t understand Bre!”

BreAnna – “Get out… GET OUT!”

Jordan – “I love you.. just stop screaming so I can explain, I broke it-“

BreAnna – “[crying] GET OUT NOW OR I’m CALLING THE COPS!.. I hate you so much.. You.. you’re a loser.. You.. JUST LIKE YOUR DAD!…”

Jordan – “I’d never F******* HIT MY KIDS OR MY WIFE! I cant believe you just said that!”

BreAnna – “Never talk to me again..”

I felt like I had been shot in my chest.. I just lost the most important thing in my life..

Vince came and picked me up, because obviously BreAnna wasn’t gonna give me a ride home.. Issac was still with AJ, and Josh was sleeping because he had to wake up early for work. Vince told me to tell him what happen and I did.. I broke down.. I couldn’t believe I was crying like that.. I hadn’t cried in years.

Vince – “Its okay Jordan.. Its okay..”

Jordan – “It wasnt even my fault tonight.. “

Vince – “I know.. I know.. Just-“

Jordan – “My mom is gonna be so upset too.. once BreAnna tell her what happen. Theyre close.. [cries] I cant take this s***!”

Jordan – “She told me I was just like my father… That hurt so bad.. “

Vince – “Youre nothing like him Jordo… NOTHING… Just.. you just gotta be strong right now okay? Like when we were kids. Remember what we use to do when things were bad?”

When I was like 14.. I’d run to Vince house… and He and I would sleep in his backyard in a tent. We would keep telling each other that no matter what.. we have to be rock solid. The world isn’t built to be fair.. so we have to play its game. That we were gonna lose sometimes but its okay..

[Vince Cell rings]

Vince – “Hello.. Kokoro?.. uh yeah this is Vince.. I- I didnt expect to-.. Yeah. I forgot it was on my business card. Yeah.. Next week?”

Jordan – “Im gonna go take a shower…”

Vince – “Okay man- Not not you Kokoro.. I’m talking to my roommate… un huh.. Yeah.”

Jordan – “[whispers] Thanks for being there for me dude..”

Vince – “[Nods]”

I hopped in the shower, to wash away the shame I felt. I was ashamed that I let myself breakdown like that. Like that day in the High School gym with the therapist.. I knew that It wasn’t all just the BreAnna stuff. It was suppressed memories of my Father, and the fact that.. I felt like I was worthless. I hurt BreAnna and I- Theirs no way I’m getting that back… Karma’s a b**** isn’t it?

~End of Chapter Two- Pt 2~


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