Chapter Two : [Pt 1] Something Like Right In Your Face [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey.. Its umm Josh again [laugh] yeah. Beautiful day out eh? Me and Jordan decided to take Gabrielle out. Since being back home Gabrielle missed out on a few things such as the new boardwalk. We figured we would show it to her.

Jordan – “Ah were just in time for the boat show”

Josh – “DUDE BOATS!”

Gabrielle – “Excited much Joshy?” [laugh]… “Cute…”

Jordan – “Yeah JOSHY… cute”

Gabrielle – “Why didn’t Vince and Issac join us?”

Josh – “Issac went to visit his mother’s grave.. he usually does that alone. And Vince Is working.”

Jordan – “So you got us! Deal with it! [laugh]”

Gabrielle – “Shut up! [laughing]”

Josh – “Hey Gab remember that time we tried to-“

Jordan – “Gabby You happy to be home?”

Gabrielle – “Heck yeah! where else would I see a GloCity Boat Show on such a nice day?”

Thanks for interrupting me Jordan… douche…

Jordan – “Maybe Josh could show you what else you been missing…. right Josh?”

Gabrielle – “That would be cool.. I’m so happy to be home…”

Josh – “Did you guys say something?”

I don’t know what my problem is.. Jordan and Gabrielle were friends too, yet I was a little jealous that he was hogging all of her attention.. weird.

Jordan – “Josh is such a dork, If he could he would be out there on one of those boats.”

Gabrielle – “Could you imagine?.. Captain Josh! [laugh]”

Jordan – “You would be lost at sea thats for sure! [laugh]”

Gabrielle – “Well I wouldn’t wanna be lost at sea with anyone else but good ole Josh”

Jordan – “Oh come on.. You wouldn’t let me Rock your boat?”

Gabrielle – “You already have enough problems.. Hello!?.. BreAnna!?…”

Josh – “Its Starting guys lets get over there”

After we watched the boat-show and walked around some more, Gabrielle’s Mom called her asking if she could come home and help out. She asked me did I wanna tag along. I agreed. Jordan went too but NOT to help. His mom’s house was down the street. He payed her a visit while me and Gabby helped her mom.

I don’t know if I mentioned it or not, but Gabrielle’s mother has a Daycare at her home. We went in, and help feed the kids. It was hard work!… After that we went to monitor the kids playtime. I have to admit.. the toys were kinda cool… for the kids.. obviously.

Mikayla – “Hi Gabba Gabba!”

Gabrielle – “Hi Mikayla”

Mikayla – “Who’s this?”

Josh – “I’m Gabrielle’s friend from when we were kids.”

Mikayla – “Oh.. [giggles] you’re cute”


Gabrielle – “Now Gabriel you know you’re the only man for me”

Mikayla – “Why don’t you like Josh? You don’t think he’s cute?”

Gabrielle – “Just friends.. like you and Gabriel.”

Gabriel – “She tried to kiss me before you guys came out.. I don’t want cooties!”

To think I was ever like that … Girls are awesome.. Gabriel will learn once he gets older haha.

We headed inside to see what was going on with the toddlers and check on Ms Hall. [Gabrielle’s Mother] she thanked me for helping out today. She was a sweet woman.

Gabrielle – “You’re a natural with babies Josh.. ever think about having some?”

Josh – “Yeah.. You wanna be my baby momma?”

dumb dumb dumb.. thats something Jordan would say..

Gabrielle – “Thats something Jordan would say [laugh]”

Josh – “Ms Hall you good?”

Ms Hall – “GLORIA DOMINGUEZ! Get that toy out of your mouth! Thats not a chocolate bar!”

Gabrielle & Josh – [laugh]

Ms Hall – “I’m just tired honey…”

Josh – “The Day is almost over, you can rest soon [smile]”

Gloria [Kid] – “I’m hungry!”

Ms Hall – You just had three PB & J’s during lunch time. Why don’t you go outside and play with the bigger kids. Mikayla and Gabriel are outside having fun.

Gloria – “NO!.. They told me I look like a MOM.. they called me Mamma Glo!”

After the long day, It had totally skipped my mind that I was suppose to take my brother to the movie’s tonight. We went up to Gabby’s room and she checked showtimes for me.

Gabrielle – “9:45pm Dinner For Schmucks”

Josh – “Cool thanks Gab.. Ollie has been bugging me to see that movie ever since the trailers hit the internet.”

Gabrielle – “You and Oliver are so close. I always envied you for having a sibling”

Josh – “Well you have your cousin.. you guys are pretty much sisters in my opinion”

Gabrielle – “I haven’t seen Ebony in a while I should call her.”


Josh – “So.. Your room looks womanly..”

What the f*** is that?.. Why did I just say that? Whats wrong with me!.. Its just Gabrielle for crying outloud

Gabrielle – “Thanks?… You should show me yours sometime [clears throat]”

Was she coming on to me? or just being funny?.. I’m bad with this kinda stuff. I’m a huge dork people.. believe me!


Josh – “Well I should go pick up Ollie, so were not late for the movie. I had fun.”

Gabrielle – “Yeah umm It was fun having you over like old times…”

Josh – [smiles] “Anything for you princess.” [laugh]

Gabrielle – “Josh umm.. I don’t know whats going on here, I think I’m starting to Li-“

Here it comes… god I hate this part… Why did I say what I’m about to say…

Josh – “Thanks for taking my mind off Michelle. You’re a great friend.”

Gabrielle – “-……Yep. No- umm – No problem Joshy…Michelle didn’t realize what she had.”

Josh – “Well.. I have a plan to win her back so.. I mean I shouldn’t want her back but- I.. “

I know I know.. I’m so stupid!

Gabrielle – “Well Tell Oliver I said Hi.. and enjoy the movie…”

Josh – “I will. Goodnight.”

When I had walked out of there I felt like I had done something wrong… Did I say something?… Not say something? -sigh- f*** I’m an idiot.

We watched the movie.. Ollie loved it. It was pretty funny. I however had other things on the mind. Why was things started to get so weird with me and Gabby?.. up until now we always had been like brother and sister.

Oliver – “Thanks Josh for taking me out.. I know going to a movie with your brother isn’t the highlight of your week but it made my day and I’m proud to say that.”

Josh – “Its all good Ollie. I like spending time with you. I’m just glad to be out and about with friends and not have to think about Michelle.”

Oliver – “Uh Well don’t turn around.”

Josh – “huh?”

Oliver – “Ex Girl with home-wrecking new beau.. 12 O Clock”

What Ollie was trying to say was that Michelle was behind me with her boyfriend.. aka the guy she cheated on me with..

I probably shouldn’t have, but I decided to go say Hi. I mean If I had left I’d look immature right? I dont know…

Michelle – “Josh… Ollie.. What brings you here?”

Oliver – “Dinner for Schmucks”

Josh – “We- We saw a uh Movie. Just kick……… it with my brother…yep”

Here we go again with this s***.. Michelle is my kryptonite.. When I’m around her I become a idiot.

Michelle – “Josh you know…Kane..”

Duh.. you cheated on me with him you smug ****

Josh – “YEAH! I remember him.. How are you man”

Oliver – “Why did you cheat on my brother?”

Kane – “Hey nerd.. Don’t be asking my lady any stupid questions you hear?”

Josh – “Hey don’t call my brother a nerd! Only I can do that.”

Kane – “Oh shut up dude… You didn’t do anything when you saw me and Michelle playing house, and you ain’t gonna do nothing now.”

Josh – “I wouldn’t wanna smudge your makeup”

Michelle – “JOSH! Grow up…”

Josh – “He started it!”

Michelle – “Come here baby your makeup looks hot”

[Michelle and Kane makeout]

Oliver – “Michelle I liked you alot. Now I hate you.. ALOT! You’re like a.. You’re like.. You’re like a B word now, and Kane.. you.. That emo look is so not cool!”

Josh – “Lets go Ollie..”

Oliver – “I had your back, I did good right?”

Josh – “Yeah you did great Ollie.”

Oliver – “You’re Way better than that guy..”

I wanted to believe that.. Yet that guy had my girlfriend. Ugh.. I’m over it now. Michelle being rude to me was one thing, but to let Kane be rude to Ollie was another.. -sigh- Oh and in-case you’re wonder why I didn’t just fight Kane. Two reasons. One.. I’m not gonna fight someone I know I cant win against… I’m may be dumb but I’m not stupid. Two Its not worth it. Why spoil me and Ollie’s night.


Oliver – “He’s just trying to get to you.. I bet he has a Popsicle stick…”

Josh – “[laughing]….he doesn’t..”

Oliver – “How do you kn- nevermind.. you caught them in bed…sorry I asked.”

I was suppose to go home and chill.. However after all of that Me and Ollie just kicked it old school like when we were kids. We slept in our old room at our parents house, stayed up read comics and talked about life. I ended up getting home the next morning..

It was surreal.. I sat there trying to tell the guys what had happen last night, but they were all in their own world. Not that its a problem. I get it… Still.. It was like something fresh out of a movie.. watching all three guys chat on their phones. I just listened.

Issac – “Cant say right now…. No.. Yeah [laugh] NO.. Stop it. I cant..people are….[whispering]”

Vince – “Can I order a dozen roses?.. Yeah.. Uh put down Kokoro.. No not cornrow! K-O-K-O….”

Jordan – “No Mira listen.. I’m done okay?.. I need to focus on BreAnna and fix s***.. No more of this. don’t call me.. Its finished.”

I wondered.. Are we growing apart?.. Or do we all just have a bunch of s*** on our plates?

I’m starting to get sick of this feeling.. Like I’m not good enough. I gotta stop letting people walk all over me. SERIOUSLY.. I’m gonna punch something. I need to get it through my head. Michelle may have been a good person once, but shes not anymore. Thats over and done… I think.. I mean Maybe Kane is making her be a- NO.. nah.. Shes just not the girl I once knew..

Whatever the case.. I just needed some sleep. So many things are messing with my head. I need help.. Answers. where they there in my face the whole time? Eh. Doesn’t matter as of right now. I need to get two hours in before going to work.

~End of Chapter Two – Pt 1~


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