Chapter Three : [Pt 4] Something Like A Oscar Worthy Performance [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Oh… Hey. I forget when Its my turn to narrate. Lately Ive been so thrown off. Look I know I’m a player and I treat women like crap, but if you only see things one way then shame on you. Have you every thought to think that sometimes these women throw themselves at me whether its drunk or sober?.. It works two ways.

I guess If you must.. call me a dog. Fine. I may deserve getting my car keyed, or someone stabbing my tire. Maybe even a punch to the face.. but to be accused of sexual assault, and rape? Thats going a little too far. That brings me to today… In front of a Judge- Judge Brown to be exact. We are here to see if we can settle this without going to trial.

Mrs  Brown (Black woman in Black) – “Okay, sorry I’m late. Lets see here. Okay so we are here to talk about the allegations that Ms Mai-Sung- Excuse me.. Ko-ko-ro? Is that how you pronounce it?”

Kokoro – “Yes”

Mrs Brown – “That Kokoro Mai-Sung is accusing Mr Vincent McDonald of… Okay. So says here that Shes saying you sexually assaulted her not before stalking her at your roommates job? Here’s what I wanna do. I want each of you- Ms Mai-Sung, and Mr McDonald- To tell me in your own words what exactly happen. Lets see if we can reach some happy medium.. I don’t think either of you want this to go to trail.. Ladies first.”

Kokoro – “[Clearing throat] -sigh- Sorry.. I first met Vincent While I was working out at the local gym. His roommate and I assume bestfriend works there. So… You know. I got hit on by Vincent. I wasn’t interested. I told him that I didn’t have time for it, That I had to go. I needed to go because I had to get some stuff done for my job. I believe I told him I had to get ready for some headshots..”

Mrs Brown – “Pause- Is that true so far Mr Mcdonald?”

Vince – “Mmm hmm”

Mrs Brown – “Go on Ms Mai-Sung… When did things turn from flirting to.. scary.”

Kokoro – “Actually right away.. As soon as I told him my profession.. His eyes widen.. like he had hit the lotto. He told me “wow you’re a model? I’m a photographer” As I tried to leave he grabbed my arm forcefully and put his card in my hand.”

Vince – “Thats Bull- I didnt do that, I- Okay I did grab your hand but I did it softly.. and you even opened your palm to take the card”

Ms Scarlett Miller (Lady in red/Kokoro Lawyer) – Please let my client speak.

Kokoro – “[starts to cry] I told you I wasn’t interested.. and what did you do? You kept sending me flowers! Over and over.. You left me messages! You got my number from Josh Thats against the rules he should be fired! I was so scared for my life I didn’t know if you would pop up at my home!”

Mr Folland (Nathan/Josh Uncle/Vince Lawyer) – “If you were so scared Ms Mai Sung.. Why did you end up calling my client asking him to take your photo’s for your modeling portfolio? Hmm? I mean If I was scared of some guy.. last thing I would do is put myself in his presence..”

Mrs Brown – “Yes.. Why did you call him?”

Kokoro – “[Crying] I knew this would come up..”

Ms Scarlett Miller – “Its okay just tell them…”

Kokoro – “My Mother is dying of cancer… The money I had to do everything.. last minute I needed to help her [crying] I’m sorry [sniffles] I knew that If I could get a cheap deal with some photo’s that I-we wouldn’t have to struggle so much. I could get my pictures done.. get the modeling gig.. and pay for my mother’s treatment… [crying]”

Vince – “And the award goes to….”

Ms Scarlett Miller – “You insensitive- Not only do you stalk the girl.. but you rape her, and now make fun of her dying mother- have you no shame? Mrs Brown here we have statements from a LeeAnna Adams. Vince verbally assaulted her, and then kicked her out of him home after using her for sex. Here is a contact number in case you need her to come in. I actually have a few more of these from other women I-“

Mrs Brown – “Mm hmm. That wont be necessary right now but thank you- Kokoro.. tell me what happen after your pictures were taken”

Kokoro – “The day of.. he flirted with me alot.. telling me how he loved my haircut.. umm Which I admit I was flattered.. Having no money i spent all night cutting it myself- but thats irrelevant. He flirted with me somemore. I tried to pay him but he insisted on me repaying by going to dinner with him. I declined and he accused me of having a husband. Saying we can “creep on the low” He wouldn’t stop”

“I then told him this was just business.. I started to cry because he got aggressive, and then he got more angry the more I started to cry. I was so upset because I knew I had to do this for my Mother… I had to deal with his antics just so I could get a better life for us.. He was scaring me.”

Mr Folland – “MOTIVE! BAM! right there. See.. My client has alot of money… and you knew this could actually help not only you.. but your dying mother.. if she exist. You’re a great actress I must say.. Go ahead.. tell them what happen later on that night. When my client so called raped you. You came over in Bra and Panties”

Kokoro – “Fine.. I admit it. I came over.. Josh let me in. I had on a trench-coat with lingerie underneath.. I had just gotten this huge bill.. and I knew if I just gave him – [crying].. I knew that If i gave him What he wanted.. that he wouldn’t charge me. I was willing to give myself to him.. [crying] Like some cheap..”

Ms Scarlett Brown – “Its okay.. tell Mrs Brown what happen next.. when he attacked you”

Vince – “This is bull****”

Kokoro – “I… I laid down. He then touched me. I decided then I didnt feel right. I stopped him and I said I cant do this this. VINCE I TOLD YOU NO! I decided I was better than selling my body.. I had to find another way to help out my mother.. When I did that.. The look in his eyes. As if he had no soul. Their was nothing! in his eyes. He attacked me and wouldn’t let me get up He tore my Pan-“

Vince – “I Didn’t do any of that!”

Mr Folland – “This is ridiculous Ms Miller your Client is lying!.. You know what.. Vince relax you can tell your side next.”

Ms Scarlett – “Why would she lie? Shes already embarrassed.. she was willing to sell her body. You’re client is a monster. We have other women who can explain their encounters with him”

They/we argued back and forth. Then It was my turn to tell what happen. I told Ms Brown the truth. What you guys saw. Yes I approached her, Yes I gave her my card. Yes I sent flowers and called her. However I did not rape her. She showed up willingly and she is the one- You know what I don’t have to explain this to you guys you were there.. you know shes bat s*** crazy…Shes good though.. she mixed in some truth with her lies…

We didnt reach an agreement.. and we were headed to trial. The only agreement that they wanted.. was for me to admit to their lie.. that I would actually do something like that.. wasn’t gonna happen.

Uncle Nate (Mr Folland/Nathan/Josh Uncle) Gave me a pep-talk. and said he spotted some flaws in her story. He said that if this went to trial.. He was 95% sure she would lose. I don’t know if he was telling me this to calm my nerves but.. It did make me feel better. Following that I went straight to lunch with my sister.

Vanessa – “Isn’t that Riley and BreAnna over there?.. That boy never wears a shirt does he?”

Vince – “Yeah lets ignore them.. “

Vanessa – “How did it go? Did Josh’s Uncle help you stomp the b**** in the ground?”

Vince – “Trial seems likely…”

Vanessa – “Vince.. What about your business deal? Is this gonna affect that?”

Vince – “Yeah… I’ll probably not only lose that deal.. but I may lose my business. I might be done as a photographer.”

Vanessa – “Oh my god.. Where does this b**** live? I wanna kick her ass. Nobody can treat my brother like s*** only I can. Vince I know we have had out problems but Oh my god.. theirs nothing I wouldn’t do to help you in this situation… This is bull****”

Vince – “Yeah I know.. Thanks for caring V… I wanna try and patch things up with you. You’re all I got.”

Vanessa – “You have the boys…”

Vince – “Maybe.. Josh may hate me.. He may get fired because Kokoro said he gave me the number. In actuality He said no.. but i went through the computer when he left the room… I even told the Judge that Obviously it doesn’t matter because I shouldn’t have been in Josh’s office on his computer so Josh may still lose his job..”

Vanessa – “Josh loves you.. he may be upset for a while but.. I don’t think he will hate you.”

Vince – “Oh guess who she hired as her lawyer!”

Vanessa – “Who?”

Vince – “Scarle-“

Vanessa – “MILLER!? OH my god.. that fat b**** You know she hasn’t lost a case in two years right?- I’m sorry forget I said that.. what the f*** am I thinking.”

Vince – “Oh and check this out.. They were playing the race card!.. You know Scarlett Miller was adopted by black parents.. So you know Ms Brown had a field day with that… Whatever.”

Vanessa – “Things are gonna work out.. Josh says that alot.. lets just stick with that. Have you had a good cry?”

Vince – “I don’t cry.. you know that…”

We finished up our lunch.. I invited her to the pool party the guys were throwing. I know you’re thinking what the hell.. but they thought it would cheer me up.. having some BBQ and talking with some close friends.

Vince – “Thanks for lunch sis…. You sure you can’t make it to the party?”

Vanessa – “I’d love to.. but I’m working late today..”

My sister is a nurse.. Shocking isn’t it?… One would assume she sits on her ass all day with butlers and maids… She works hard though. I’m glad we were becoming closer.

We hugged and went our separate ways…. I know the guys wanted to cheer me up but I was just.. sad.. I wasn’t in the mood really. I didn’t have the hearts to tell them that. So I figured, Much like that b**** Kokoro that I’d give them a Oscar Worthy Performance and just fake having a good time.

I got home.. Jordan wanted me to go to the store with him, because he was the one that was gonna BBQ. We did that.. I sat down with the guys and told them about how everything went. Poor Josh looked like he wanted to cry. I made them promise that we would have fun tonight and not think about the case. We all changed and soon the party began. We didn’t invite too many people. Just the ones that mattered. AJ,Ollie, Gab’s, and her cousin Eboni.

It was what it was.. I played the part of the one who wasn’t hurt.. I made sure I told the guys I loved them. And Thanks for the party… I mean in a way it did distract me for a couple of hours…. As the sun went away.. Everyone headed inside.. to eat.

I wasn’t hungry.. everyone kept coming out asking was I okay. I told them I’d be in, in a second. That was a lie.. I just couldn’t eat. It really hit me.. That maybe I was really f*****… That she might actually pull this off. My reputation around here.. was helping her case.

Jordan – “Hey.. what are you doing out here alone? Everyone is inside eating.. come in.”

Vince – “… Nah I don’t.. I’m not hungry. Jordo I love you but can I have some alone time?”

Jordan – “Yeah you can.. but please.. atleast eat something.. Can I bring you a plate?”

Vince – “[Smiling] Yeah. Thanks”

Voices – “HEY! Are we late?”

Jordan – “Tru!, Kris! Hey guys. Nah were just starting to eat.. “

Kris – “Aww I missed swim time? Thanks alot Tru! Stupid family issues made us late”

Vince – “The Pool is heated.. everyone is gonna go back out later.. So you guys are good.”

I said Hi to Kris, and he introduced me to Tru. They went inside to join the party.

I sat there another 15 minutes. After hearing all the laughing and happiness inside.. I told myself to just get up and go join them… That was until I got a text…

Vince – “What the f***?”

Someone had texted me. They asked me to meet them at a specific address.. I shouldn’t go.. but I mean.. Josh went to Michelle’s and did nothing but talk and sleep on the couch. Issac went to Kris’s and did nothing but eat ice cream and talk.. then he was home. What did this person want? Was this a ploy to get me some place and then call the police? Could it have been Kokoro?

I’m an idiot… I shouldn’t have went.. but I did.I got to this house and.. the door was unlocked. I heard Kokoro say come in…. What the hell did she wan’t…

Vince – “…. Got your text..”

Kokoro – “[laughing] mm hmm.. Enjoying your party?.. I was peaking from my car. You didn’t seem to be enjoying yourself. [smile] I’m sorry.”

Vince – “What do you want? I was hoping to come here and you tell me you’re dropping the case. Why are you dressed like that?”

Kokoro – “I don’t have a pool.. but this could be a party right?.. you like my swim-top? [laughing] Okay so I invited you here because Well you looked really hot today.. In that little suit. I-“

Vince – “Stop it. What do you want?”

Kokoro – “You… Crazy hate sex! [laughing]”

Vince – “Nope not gonna happen. Get off of me.”

Kokoro – “You wearing a wire? or like a tape recorder? That would have been smart… Of course you’re not..”

Vince – “No I’m not.. I should have… Youre Crazy…”

Kokoro – “[laughing] CRAAAAAAAAAAAAZY! Im crazy about…YOU! [giggles] Look Vince.. You want this all to go away right? [crying]… Right?”

Vince – “Does your mother really have cancer?”

Kokoro – “Yeah… but the b**** can die for all I care.. [laugh] I want One Million Dollars. Then I’ll drop the case”

Vince – “No….”

Kokoro – “Vince I did my research… You are worth way more than that. “

Vince – “I don’t care.. I didn’t do anything wrong.. I’m gonna fight this.. f*** that.”

Kokoro – “But.. you and I both know that if this becomes public knowlegde that your new partnership with all those important people will go bye you’re move Romeo.. Give me a kiss [licks lips]”

Vince – “….f***…. you…”

I got out of there.. She was right.. My world.. my life, my career was going to be over.. I just couldn’t pay her for something I didn’t do!

Kokoro – “What If I call the police and tell them you were here?”

Vince – “I’ll show them the text you sent me”

Kokoro – “Wasnt from my cell phone.. Pay as you go! [laugh] Rape me again Vince.. Please? [smile]”

Vince – “Do whatever you want.. you crazy b****”

Kokoro – “I’m so getting Josh fired.. He will hate you.. [crying] [laughing]”

Vince – “You need help…”

Kokoro – “Help me then… You love me… I LOVE you too… You know I’m right.. We have a week until D day.. You should just give me the million I ask for…”

Vince – “Go to hell”

Kokoro – “[screaming] [laughing] You messed with the wrong girl!”

I left… She was… She was so crazy… Laughing and crying.. I think she was seriously.. f***** up in the head… I went home.. Guest had all left. I didn’t tell the guys what happen.. I told them I went for a walk… I showered and went to sleep. Josh’s Uncle told me not to worry, but I couldn’t help it. I was starting to think she was going to win.. she was going to take more than money away from me. Everything Ive worked for. My business, my deals.. Would all be gone. I don’t cry.. ever.. but I cried that night…

~End of Chapter Three [Chapter Four Is Next Up]~


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