Chapter Three : [Pt 3] Something Like Options [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

You know… excluding the Vince situation my life seems to be better now. Me and AJ may be a secret but were great so far. Me and my Dad actually have a relationship. I think that finally I have good things going for me. I’m actually on my way now to meet my Dad for lunch. I can’t believe I’m saying that to be honest. Never in a million years did I think me and him would be okay..

While I’m driving.. I can’t help but think about things at home.. Josh and Gabrielle.. but then sleeping at Michelle’s. I worry about Josh sometimes because he’s way too nice and naive. He’s so focused on doing something right that it may be bad. He’s too good to notice.. twisted isnt it?

Jordan.. I love him. He’s having it rough. I’m not condoning what he did to BreAnna but I will say this. Atleast he knows he was wrong. I can appreciate the fact that he isn’t trying to get back with her. I guess he’ll be fine if he didn’t think she was purposely trying to piss him off with Riley. Jordan has changed a bit.. which is nice to see.. I hope he keeps it up.

Vince on the other hand.. I don’t even know where to begin. That b**** built her web and now Vince in stuck in it. We gotta get him out of this mess.. and fast…. Ah s*** I’m here.. I can see my dad talking on his cell phone.. as usual.

Oddly enough he didn’t even notice my bike rolling up. I figured I’d sneak up on him…

Peter – “Yes, yes. Of course Otis… Yeah. No I’m waiting for him to get here now. Yeah. I’m not exactly sure how long I can keep this up. I think its a sin. No. Yeah Once he thinks I accept him then I can use him for the business meeting. You know those two are gay. When they meet my gay son… plus the presentation.. I think we should have this deal in the bag. haha Yeah they will see I raised a gay son.. Whatever. Hey I gotta go. Alright Otis. Bye.”

My heart sunk… My Dad was using me. Like a politician uses his family during an election except this was so much more wrong. Otis was his bestfriend and business partner by the way.. I can’t believe he knew about this.. I bit my tongue and surprised my father making sure he thought I had heard nothing. I didn’t know exactly what to say right away. I think I would have punched him.

We had lunch.. it was so awkward. He kept asking was I okay. I told him I didn’t sleep well. Then told him I was also stressed about Vince’s situation. That got him off my back. He then brought up me coming by to have lunch with him and Otis next week at his place. I knew then that, that was the time and place he would be having his business deal.. I agreed. Why?.. because.. Payback is a b**** I’m going.. and if he wants a gay son.. He’ll will get one.

I felt like s***. I hated myself for allowing my Father to make me feel like something was wrong with me. He is the Devil himself.. I swear that man is horrible. I had a few tear’s while driving on my bike. Then i decided to stop and see AJ.. he makes my world feel simple.. Which is funny, since me and him are in a complicated situation.

Issac – “Hey- Oh.. Hi Ollie, AJ”

Oliver – “Greetings Issac!”

AJ – “Hi Issac.. We don’t have any painting planned today do we?”

Issac – “No-I just umm. I wanted to get some paints from you.. I’m all out of….black.”

AJ – “I’ll be right back Ollie…”

AJ got up and took me to the kitchen. He had a huge smile on his face. Today seemed like a great day for him. I wonder what was up.

AJ – “So guess what?”

Issac – “Hmm?”

AJ – “I came out to my mom. I’m so happy. Oh and I came out to Ollie finally. I didn’t tell him about you though.. Only cause I know how he is with his brother and I didn’t want-“

Issac – “Nah I get it. Thats awesome AJ. I’m so proud of you babe. [smiles] I wish my day was-“

AJ – “Its all because of you. You showed me that being gay doesn’t mean heartbreak and sadness. Who needs all of that drama right? Oh man today has been awesome! dude nothing could ruin it”

You know what… AJ is busy with Ollie, and happy. I’m not gonna bother telling him right now…

AJ – “So what did you really come over for huh? [touches Issac’s chest]”

Issac – “To really get some black paint. I’m out [laugh]”

AJ – “Oh… [kisses Issac’s cheek] Okay well let me get that for you, and Wow I love the haircut..Hot.”

Issac – “[smirk]”

I got what I needed, and then I left. I didn’t wanna ruin anyone’s day. I’ll tell AJ about it later.

Issac – “You guys have a good day. I’ll see you guys later”

Ollie – “You have a great day too Issac, Oh and can you tell Josh that I can’t come over tonight to watch Smallville?… I got a date! Shocking huh? Its Gabrielle’s cousin. I think shes a nerd like me.”

AJ – “[laugh] Thats awesome Ollie!”

Issac – “Congrats Ollie, and I’ll make sure Josh knows”

After I left AJ’s.. I went home.. to an empty house. We all needed to work because we had some bills due. Vince was trying hard to work despite Kokoro’s recent allegations. Josh was putting in over time at the gym. and Jordan was selling sculptures left and right. I had sold my fair share of paintings too. So I got in and laid on the couch. I’m a man.. I have needs.. Nuff said. [laugh] Did I really just say that outloud… Whatever.

So As I’m going to the fridge I get a call from Kris. Asking me to come paint. He said he has today off and I keep bailing on our painting dates. The reason why is because I’m with AJ. I know Kris likes me. I don’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings with rejection. Ive been rejected plenty of times.. Its not fun. However this time I had no excuse. So I said what the f*** and grabbed my painting tools and headed over to his place.

We both painted.. He kept coming over to my side to watch me though. I think it was his way of getting close to me. I know I sound vain- conceited even. Its just that.. I can tell Kris likes me. If I was single that wouldn’t be a problem. Thats another thing. I keep saying that I’m with AJ. I don’t even know exactly what our label is. I don’t know if were like boyfriends or not. By the way Ms Harris wasn’t home [Kris/Monica’s mom]

Kris – “Wow.. this is going to be beautiful Issac..”

Issac – “Thanks…[smiles] You all done with yours?”

Kris – “Almost..Hey what would you say the hardest thing is about painting?”

Issac – “That depends on the person. For me.. I had a issue with shaky hands. Which made things difficult. Now I’m fine. Every now and then though I will mess up”

Kris – “You have big hands… You seem to be doing just fine.”

Issac – “Its easier when I’m calm. considering the day I had I’m shocked.”

Kris – “You’re stroke is amazing… So soft.”

About another hour and we were done… and we hung them up to get a better look.

Issac – “You painted me…?”

Kris – “Yeah..- Its just that. While I was deciding to paint something. You had already started. and I looked at you and you looked so intense and in the zone. I felt like that was art. So.. I painted you. Thats okay right?”

Issac – “No thats fine. It looks good… Now I know what I look like when I’m in the zone [smile] I hate saying this because its so corny, and cliche- but The painting of me has a certain je ne sais quoi about it”

Kris – “Yours is amazing.. It actually kinda reminds me of Rikku”

Issac – “It kinda does doesn’t it?.. I love Final Fantasy X”

Kris – “Me too.. except I like Yuna more than Rikku”

Kris – “So you’re an only child?”

Issac – “Yup… the boys all have siblings. I’m the lone wolf. [laugh] Why do you ask?”

Kris – “Just making conversation… You make me so nervous.”

Issac – “What?.. why?”

Kris – “Have you not met you?.. You’re freakin gorgeous.. smart. talented… I’m sorry..”

Issac – “.. Thank you Kris. You’re all of those things too okay? [smile].. So umm speaking of siblings.. How was your sister-Monica’s visit home? I didn’t see her around much…”

Kris – “Shes fine. When she was here she stayed home most of the time. Something had happen in Pylea.. with people finding out what happen here In GloCity. Some b**** tried to blackmail- You know what its complicated. That city is like a damn Soap Opera… Monica came home and saw Mom, and I.. she had to deal with a few things here. I told her to news about Mr Brown” Yeah.. She’s good. Mo’s a trooper.

Mr Brown was the teacher that molested Monica and apparently some new girl.. resulting in an arrest a few months ago…

Issac – “Thats good to hear.”

Kris – Its getting late eh?.. You’re more than welcome to chill here if you want. I don’t have dinner plans so wanna join me with a box of Kraft Mac N Cheese? [hopeful smile]

Issac – “I’d love to but- I’m really tired.”

Kris – “I understand [looks down in disappointment]”

Issac – “Hey.. If i wasn’t tired I’d stay k?.. We had fun right?”

Kris – “Yeah.. Its just that. I like you alot Issac- but then again who am I fooling. Why would you ever go for a braces wearing guy like me.”

Issac – “Nothin’ Is wrong with you Kris. If I wasn’t.. kinda seeing someone I’d have no problem flirting back or whatever. Its nothing personal [smile]”

Kris – “Okay… That does make me feel better, cause I was starting to feel rejected. [laugh]”

Issac – “[smile] Its all good. Things are just complicated.”

Kris was cool. and I wasn’t so into him, I mean I could be.. I just. I like AJ. It was best I got out of there. I just wanted to go home, call AJ talk to him and then sleep- OH and eat dinner with the guys. I was actually really hungry.

I got home and.. all the guys just seemed tired. Rightfully so though…

Issac – “Jordan’s knocked out….”

Vince – “Yeah today was a hectic day for him. He had alot of shipping to do with those sculptures. Then he took his mom to the movies…”

Issac – “He’s such a Mama’s boy…How you?”

Vince – “Me?… I’m okay. A little rattled though. As you know tomorrow me and Nathan sit with Kokoro and her lawyer.. I’m so.. Its whatever. I cant believe this is happening. Thank god this hasn’t gotten out. My business could be affected.”

Issac – “I’m sure it will all be taken care of. [smile] Good luck. Love you man.”

Vince – “Love you too bro.”

Issac – “Hey did you guys eat?”

Vince – “I got a burger on the way home from work. I assume Jordo ate something with his mom [shurgs]”

Issac – “Oh okay.”

I went inside and saw Josh on the computer…

Issac – “were you here when I came in the house? I didn’t see you.”

Josh – “Oh no.. I was in the shower. I’m so tired…”

Issac – “Everyone seems to be… Did you eat?”

Josh – “I had Subway at work.. Where the heck is Gabrielle… She wanted to skype goodnight… Oh there she is.”

Issac – “I’ll leave you to it. I’m gonna go lay down. Tell Gabby I said goodnight.”

Josh – “okay. Nite dude.”

I tried calling AJ but he didn’t answer.. went straight to voicemail. I had realized the day had come and gone. I didn’t tell anyone about my father. AJ was happy and busy, I didn’t wanna tell Kris before the guys. The guys.. so drained and I didn’t wanna bother them right now.

I got a text AJ and shockingly he texted back. It read:

“Hey babe.. Sorry i couldnt get to the phone I was in the shower. I actually have to be up early in the morning- School related. I didnt wanna call you back and then not wanna hang up lol. You looked really hot when you stopped by today… Anyway. I’ll call you 2moro. <3”

[sigh]…. Well… I can’t really say anything about that. I wasn’t mad or anything.. I dunno.

How could I be surrounded by people.. yet feel alone- AND NO.. before anyone says anything.. I don’t have any issues with that. Growing up.. I was alone most of the time. Its just that.. Something bad happen today and I didnt tell anyone. I’ll probably go to sleep with it on my mind… Sleep. Yeah I don’t think thats gonna happen.. Hmmm….

It couldn’t hurt anything… My intentions are innocent.

Kris – “Hello?”

Issac – “Hey….”

Kris – “[laugh] Hi.”

Issac – “So I probably missed dinner huh?”

Kris – “Yeah… “

Issac – “Hmm”

Kris – “….but… I did just take out some Vanilla Ice Cream… How about you bring some rootbeer?”

Issac – “…Okay. I’ll put a shirt on and stop by the store.”

Kris – “Cool. I’ll make you a sandwich or something so when you get here you can eat. I assume you guys didn’t eat dinner?”

Issac – “Everyone’s tired.. Which i understand. I cant sleep and I’m pretty hungry so-..”

Kris – “Well I could use the company.. so get your butt over here.”

I wasn’t sleeping over there.. I was just gonna stay talk and then come back home late tonight. I repeat.. I’m not having sex with Kris. I’m just lonely right now.. So is he. He seems like he could be a good friend. One can never have too many friends. One things for sure. I do have alot of options don’t I?

~End of Chapter Three – Pt 3~


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