Chapter Three : [Pt 2] Something Like A Change of Direction [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

I know it may seem like I didn’t care about my ex girlfriend. Thats not true. People are gonna assume that “yeah he misses her only because Riley has her now” Which is understandable. Riley is my rival. I was a bad boyfriend. I got what I deserved. I still care for BreAnna alot. However I feel like her getting with Riley was a direct stab in my back. Lately Ive been doing good. Ive been working. Selling my sculptures. Spending time with my mother, and brother. My mind has been off of BreAnna. Obviously I had more important things to think about. Like the whole situation with Vince.

I was finished getting my tattoo touched up [because over time they fade a little] And I met up with the guys minus Vince.

Josh – “Vince couldn’t make it. He’s with my uncle today going over the case.”

Jordan – “Ah.. I see. Wow nice haircut Issac. No longer a porcupine [laugh]”

Issac – “I figured It was time for a change. You guys like it?”

Josh – “Yeah it looks great”

Jordan – “Yeah I do. I like it alot…. So umm. Joshy. Where were YOU last night? hmmm!?”

Josh – “Oh I -umm”

Issac – “[laughing] Just spit it out.. we already know.”

Josh – “Oh crap, who told you guys?”

Jordan – “Uh nobody? Its obvious that you slept over Gabrielle’s”

Josh – “Michelle’s…..”

Issac – “WHAT!?”

Josh explained to us why he slept over Michelle’s place last night and we both understood why. Even though it was a bad move. He says they didn’t have sex or anything. That she tried, but he ended up sleeping on the couch. We also learned that ole-boy got some closure regarding why she cheated on him in the first place.

Josh – “So lets go ahead and eat because I’m spending the day with my mom. I promised I’d help her with the garden.”

Issac – “Ah Yeah actually I’m gonna be seeing AJ too- FOR painting. or whatever.”

Jordan – “Okay. Thats all good. Hey umm Issac. Did AJ mention anything weird to you? about himself?”

Issac – “huh? what? uh- No. nope. Why do you ask?”

Jordan – “Lately when I’m over there, I notice he doesn’t look me in the eye when talking to me. Its like he’s hiding something.”

Josh – “you know how AJ is dude..”

Issac – “Yeah.. Its nothing. AJ is always like that.. right Josh?”

Josh – “Yeah”

We went and got something to eat. Took Vince some food. and we all went on our way. I didn’t have anything planned today. I knew i had to do a little shopping though. So I went into town and picked up the specific item that I needed…Do Not Laugh…

I went to the spa… to buy this diamond cream facial scrub.. Yeah yeah laugh it up. My skin is sensitive okay? I need specific stuff to stay looking smooth. On my way out I ran into Kris, with some cute chick.

Kris – “What did she say?”

Tru – “You know how Skye is. She rolled her eyes and left. Shes such a baby.”

Kris – “Hey Jordan!”

Tru – “You know him?”

Kris – “I went to high school with him and his three friends, JORDAN! HEY! COME HERE!”

Kris – “Hey Jordan.”

Jordan – “Whats up Kris. Who’s this?”

Kris – “My Fag Hag”

Tru – “Shut up! I am not!, Hi.. I’m Tru [Pronounced True] I went to college with this clown. I just moved here and he’s showing me around.”

Jordan – “Nice to meet you Tru.”

Tru – “Pleasures all mine. You’re a cutie. You gay?”

Jordan – “Why because I’m holding expensive facial cleanser?”

Tru – “No because I tend to meet alot of attractive guys that end up being gay.”

Kris – “Jordan’s not the gay one. Its one of his roommates Issac.”

Tru – “Oh! THE ISSAC. The guy you are clearly obsessed with.”

Kris – “TRU! Shhh.. big mouth.”

Jordan – “So you guys just chillin walkin around and s***?”

Tru – “Yeah. You should join us.”

I would love to.. but I don’t want to. I may end up trying to smash [have sex] with you. I’m really trying to work on myself so I have to decline… Now how can I say that without saying all of that…

Jordan – “Ah I wish I could. I gotta be at my mom’s place today. I promised I’d help her with a few household repairs.”

Tru – “Aww thats so cute.”

Kris – “You seem chipper considering…”

Jordan – “Considering what?”

Kris – “That BreAnna and Riley just got engaged.”

What the f***? They haven’t even been dating that long!- Stay calm Jordan…

Jordan – “Eh.. she can do whatever she wants, It doesn’t concern me.”

I quickly made up an excuse to get out of there.. I was so mad. How could she get engaged to Riley Moss of all people? and so soon!?

Jordan – “Nice talking to you guys, nice meeting you Tru. I gotta get going. Hope you have fun here in GloCity Tru. Its a nice place to live. Peace! [bye]”

Kris – “Bye! tell Issac to call me!”

Tru – “Bye Jordan! Maybe you can show me around sometime.”

Wouldn’t you know it.. As I was home pissed off and exfoliating my face, I got a call from Gabrielle who needed my help with a in home repair.. I decided to go ahead and help her out.

Jordan – “And all done.”

Gabrielle – “Thanks Jordan. I hope I wasn’t bothering you.”

Jordan – “Its all good Gabby. I’d drop anything for you, you’re like a sister.”

Gabrielle – “Well.. I’m glad I’m not like a sister to Josh. Did he tell you? about us?”

Jordan – “You know he did. Josh is really excited and happy to finally have told you. You guys look cute together If i may say so myself.”

Eboni – “I thought I heard your voice Jordan”

Jordan – “E-Boney? Haha Look who grew into a pretty lady. You nerd.”

Gabrielle – “Shes not so boney anymore. Shes all grown up.”

Eboni – “And who are you calling a nerd? Just because you got all cute doesn’t mean you aren’t a nerd anymore. [laugh]”

Jordan – “Josh did mention you were back home. For good?”

Eboni – “Yup. For good.”

Jordan – “How’s Keith?”

Keith was her boyfriend… He lived here in GloCity once upon a time. He’s one of Riley’s many cousin’s

Eboni – “Oh me and Keith been broke up. Its not a big deal though. Me and Him are on good terms. We still talk. He apparently just broke up with some chick thats an ex alcoholic.. WHATEVER…”

Jordan – “I see”

Eboni – “So… In a weird twist if events.. BreAnna is getting married to Riley?”

Gabrielle – “……….”

Jordan – “What are they just going around telling everyone!?”

Gabrielle – “Its on their Facebook.. Sorry Jordo..”

Jordan – “Its whatever. I don’t care.”

Eboni – “We should go out to a bar and meet some singles. I’m dying to meet some single boys. Besides. You have to get over BreAnna Jordan. Its probably for the best [smiles] You’re a catch, you will find someone..”

I was pissed off. Not at Eboni, because our relationship is like that, she doesn’t offend me. We are very blunt with each other. I was just so annoyed at BreAnna running around parading this engagement to Riley. I was jealous and hurt.. I had to get out of there.

Eboni – “Call me Jordan! I’m here to talk whenever you wan’t you. Me and Gabby”

Gabrielle – “Hang in there Jordan.”

I assume they knew i was hurt….

Jordan – “You guys have a goodnight.”

…I dont know. I just felt like crap… I understand BreAnna not being with me. Her dating Riley to get back at me, I even understood. HER GETTING ENGAGED I JUST DON’T GET! I wanted to punch something. I wanted to.. scream!


Mira – “Hello?”

Jordan – “……”

Mira – “HELLO!?”

Jordan – “……….”

Mira – “Stupid ass. Playing on the phone Jordan how mature! If you wanna hit it just let me know!”

No.. Just because I was feeling f***** up doesn’t mean I should make a mistake a hookup with Mira… I hung up. Maybe I’m not suppose to be happy in a relation ship. Now I know how all those nerds feel who cant find lov- I got an idea!

I called Ollie. Asked him what he was doing. He had just gotten home and was already bored. Good timing on my part.

Jordan – “Okay. Well Get dressed. I’m gonna come pick you up. Lets go eat. Mm hmm. Yeah. Just wear whatever you have on [laugh] Okay. Yeah 15 minutes Okay. Bye.”

As you know Ollie was cool with all of us guys. I figured I’d take him out and show him a good time. I had a great idea to go along with it!

I figured if I cant be happy in love, why not help others. I knew Ollie and Eboni would click. I had to be slick about it though. Ollie likes to come off very shy at first.

Oliver – “What… Whats going on Jordan?”

Jordan – “Oh They were in the neighborhood.”

Oliver – “Who’s that with Gabby?”

Gabrielle – “Ollie this is my cousin Eboni, Eboni, Ollie.”

Ollie & Eboni – “Greetings”

Eboni – “… [giggles] Thats funny”

Ollie – “What is?”

Eboni – “We both said Greetings.”

Jordan – “Hey Gabrielle I gotta show you something come here”

Gabrielle – “Okay”

Gabrielle – “This was a brilliant idea Jordo..”

Jordan – “I know right?”

Eboni – “I love your shirt! 1up! I love Mario games! Super Mario 64 is my favorite.”

Oliver – “I love that one too. I like your shirt too. I love kittens. I have this folder bookmarked full of cat pictures. My favorite one is about a catnap.. Its to die for.”

Gabrielle – “Well.. they seem to be getting along.”

Jordan – “”I figured why not have a change in my direction?… I could help people like Ollie and Eboni. I’m like cupid [laugh]”

Gabrielle – “Who’s next?”

Jordan – “Issac and Kris. and then umm.. I should find a girl for AJ”

Gabrielle – “A Girl? I always thought AJ was- Nevermind.”

Jordan – “What?”

Gabrielle – “I umm always thought of him as a gay guy. He’s make a cute gayboy if you ask me.”

Jordan – “AJ’s straight. Though if he was gay I’d help him find a guy I guess.”

Gabrielle – “[laugh] I’d hope you’d be supportive. You and AJ were always tight, even if you guys fight all the time Its clear as day that you two love each other.”

I’m on a mission folks. watch out! Jordan-Cupid is on the loose! It felt good doing something nice for someone else. I wanna do this more often. I wont get over BreAnna over night but little stuff like this sure makes me feel like theirs more important things out there to worry about.. I wanna be a good person. One step at a time.. Fingers crossed that Ollie and Eboni works out!

~End of Chapter Three – Pt 2~


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