Chapter Three : [Pt 1] Something Like The Truth [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Its been a hell of a week… After everything that went down, I knew to call my uncle Nathan to help us with Vince situation. I had my own stuff going on, but when one of the guys needed me, I’d drop everything. I know Vince.. he’d never force himself on a woman. This was just crazy.

After talking about everything, we knew we could clear Vince’s name. My uncle was great at his job. Vince was still shaken, rightfully so.

Issac – “So everything is gonna be alright then? I don’t want Vince to get in trouble for something he didnt do”

Vince – “Aww look at you Issac..[smirk]”

Issac – “Shut up [laugh]”

Nathan – “This woman. Shes not only saying you forced yourself on her, but shes claiming its sexual harassment. That you had been stalking her at Josh’s Job. Sending her flowers everyday. She claims she was scared for her life.”

Jordan – “This is so f***** up! Shes a lying b****!”

Josh – “Uncle Nathan you will make sure Vince is cleared of this right?”

Nathan – “I’ll do my best. If this thing goes to trial though… [sigh] we will be in for a fight.”

Sensing the tension in the room my uncle tried to change the subject. I don’t blame him. This was such a messed up situation..

Nathan – “So Vince.. I hear you got a good Job opportunity. Congrats. I’m sure your parents are looking down at you smiling. I’d be proud to call you my son. You’re very hard working.”

Vince – “Thanks uncle Nate..”

The guys were close with my uncle. so everyone called him that.

Nathan – “Jordan How is that mother of yours? I’m sure shes still a beauty. You know we dated once.”

Jordan – “Dude.. yuck. [laugh] Shes fine…”

Nathan – “Issac, Josh tells me that your grumpy ass father finally accepted you. I’m happy to hear that. Do you have a guy?”

Issac – “Yeah.. finally. It was a shock to me too, and umm no I don’t [laugh]”

Jordan – “Yeah he does. well sorta. Were trying to get him with this guy named Kris.”

We finished up our conversation and I walked my uncle out.

Nathan – “Josh, you’re so big now. Working at that gym has helped you bulk up eh? I remember when you were as skinny as Ollie.”

Josh – [laugh]… Well. Speaking of Ollie. You know you’re his favorite uncle. Are you gonna go see him?

Nathan – “I’m taking him and his friend AJ to lunch. AJ is Jordan’s brother right?”

Josh – “Yeah. Well that sounds like fun.”

Nathan – “I know you Josh.. You’re letting this bother you. Don’t worry okay? I’ll handle it. Nobody is gonna break up you four. You guys are a tight unit. Sky’s the limit for you guys. Come on.. say it with me.. To infinity…”

Josh – “…and beyond [smiles]”

Nathan – “[laugh] Toy Story.. You loved Buzzlightyear.”

Josh – “[laugh]… Me and Ollie went and saw the third one in 3D.”

Nathan – “Speaking of.. let me get going. You know Ollie doesn’t wanna be late. You know how he is. Him and AJ are at my brothers [Josh&Ollie’s Dad] waiting.”

We hugged and he left. I tend to bond with my Uncle more than my Dad. Its not because I don’t like my dad. I love him. I just.. My Uncle always felt like more of a big brother than a authority figure. Anyway. After My uncle left, Me and the guys had breakfast and we talked about other things. Well. They all ganged up on me and told me to finally tell Gabrielle I liked her. They were right.. I should just tell her huh?

So… After laying in my bed.. I started thinking.. what am I doing!.. I should be at Gabrielle’s…. So I went over there. Luckily nobody was home except her.

Gabrielle – “So what did you say you wanted to tell me?”

I’m so not good at this…

Josh – “Okay so.. like- umm. Hmm. Okay like when two people are friends- well like bestfriends- BUT NOT LIKE SIBLINGS… like just close friends. [sigh] Umm. If one likes…. the other. They don’t wanna umm. They don’t wanna ruin things by making a move?”

Gabrielle – “Is that a question Josh?…[smile]”

Josh – “Okay think of it like this. I’m Willow and you’re Xander.. from Buffy.. They were bestfriends but then they- Wait why am I Willow, thats a girl Okay start over. I’m Xan-“

And thats when she kissed me… Thank god. I told you I’m not great with words. It was like we moved in slow motion when she kissed me.

Gabrielle – “Was that okay?”

Josh – “Yes… [smile]”

Gabrielle – “I like you too Josh.”

Josh – “…Good. [sigh]”

What you guys have to understand is.. I’m not good with girls. I have only been with one, aka Michelle. So my social skills when it comes to women.. none existent. Adding on the fact that I’m a complete spaz and dork… Just no. [laugh]

Josh – “I knew I liked you too… It just took me a while to explain it to myself in my head.”

Gabrielle – “Honestly. When I came back, and saw you at the diner. I was like wow.. Josh got hot.”

Josh – “I’m not hot Gab.. I’m.. a complete nerd [laugh]”

Gabrielle – “I love that on the outside you look like a Abercrombie model. Yet you’re really just this sweet harmless nerd.. that i adore.”

Josh – “Whatever.. You like my muscle, admit it… just kidding. Muscles are compliments of the job.”

Gabrielle – “I like the muscles too. [laughing]”

Josh – “Can I take you out.. like on a proper date?”

Gabrielle – “Yes, I’d love that. I haven’t been out on a date in.. so long.”

Yeah… me neither…

Josh – “Lets do it backwards though. Movie, and then the Diner.”

Gabrielle – “Wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Josh – “Cool.. So I’m gonna go to work for a few hours, and then I’ll meet you at the theatre.”

Gabrielle – “Perfect. I have some stuff to do around here, little cleaning up and stuff. I also gotta wait for UPS.. We have a whole bunch of new toys coming in for the Daycare Kids. So Yeah. I’ll meet you there.”

Josh – “Its a date”

On my way to work.. I ran into Vince’s twin sister Vanessa.

Vanessa – “I heard… My god. I love my brother, even though we have our issues. I cant believe this is happening to him. What can I do to help”

Josh – “Umm, just be supportive? My Uncle is a really good Lawyer so.. Don’t worry. Things will be taken care of. Fingers crossed.”

Vanessa – “My brother is a womanizer but I know he’d never do something like this.”

Josh – “How did you find out?, Who told you?”

Vanessa – “Oh I spoke with Issac earlier.”

Vanessa -“All this stress is not good for the skin.”

Josh – “Your skin looks fine Vanessa.”

I have to admit.. I’m not a fan of Vanessa.

Vanessa – “Well thank you Josh.”

Vanessa was actually my first kiss.. yuck. She sucked at it too. Her braces got caught in mine. No wonder shes a lesbian now.

Josh – “So… umm”

Vanessa – “I’m so worried about Vince.. I knew his womanizing ways would come back to bite him in the ass”

Josh – “… It will work out.”

Vanessa – “Well I should get going. I have a lunch date. Ciao. Send my brother my love.”

Josh – “Yeah… Oh I think thats my dad down there. I’m gonna go say hi, and then head off to work. See ya Vanessa.”

Vanessa – “Mm hmm. Bye Josh.”

After that I went and spoke with my dad for a while. We talked about my Uncle mostly. Then My mom came outside and saw me. She made me come in and have a sandwich before I went to work. Once at work It was a smooth day. Shockingly I didn’t drop anything today. I also didn’t fall. Thumbs up!

After work I showered and headed to the theatre. Sadly Gabrielle couldn’t make it..

Josh – Yeah.. No.. Thats okay. No Gab.. Its fine. You didn’t know… Yes you can make it up to me.

Gabrielle had to break our date because her cousin Eboni surprised her. Shes back home and Gabrielle needed to pick her up from the airport. They were very close. Like sisters. I understood, and I was fine with it. I knew that since we were like.. into each other, that we have plenty of time for dates.

“I stood there deciding what I wanted to do with my free night. If i should just go see a movie alone or not. Then I saw Michelle.. Crying on a bench. I.. I felt like I should atleast see what was wrong with her.”

She told me some heartbreaking news. Her father had just died. Michelle never knew her mother. Her mother had her and then left her with her dad. I was very close with Michelle’s dad.. this was horrible. I wanted to cry but i knew it wouldn’t make her feel any better.

Josh – “Wheres your boyfriend.. Kane?”

Michelle – “We broke up… [starts to cry]”

Josh – “I’m sorry about your dad Michelle”

Michelle – “Could you- Are you busy? I just don’t wanna walk home alone like this.”

Against my better judgement I decided, to walk her home. I knew 100%.. well 99.9% That I was over her. I just knew how hurt she was. I was close with her father as well and If i wanted to cry I could only imagine how she felt.

Once I got her home.. she asked if I could come in and sit with her. Just to talk. I didn’t wanna leave her alone all night crying.. So i figured a few minutes of talking wouldn’t hurt anything. We sat and talked about our times with her father and how much he liked me. She told me that she broke up with Kane because he was too childish and she felt like his behavior was our of control

Michelle – “Oh my god…”

Josh – “What?”

Michelle – “That shirt.. Thats the shirt Me and Ollie got you when I took him to Comic-Con. I remember you couldn’t go because you were so sick that week. Wow.. it still fits you.. somewhat. With the added muscle your a regular superman eh? [laugh]”

Josh – “I’m no superman.. I’m more like the clumsy Clark Kent.”

Michelle – “I don’t know about that… you swooped in and saved me tonight…”

She then stood up and then stood me up.. What… I have no idea what shes doing..

Michelle – “Josh… I cheated on you because I’m weak. I’m fickle, and I’m a horrible person. I all of a sudden needed danger and excitement. I felt like you were.. Husband material.. at that point in my life I wanted fun. I was wrong for doing that. It is in NO way a reflection of you. You were a great boyfriend. I still love you.”

Wow… she finally told me why she did it… I didn’t even know what to say…

Josh – “so- um. all this time I was thinking I did something wrong.. I didn’t.”

Michelle – “I’m the idiot… Josh do you.. Do you still love me?”

Josh – “….I don’t know. I mean obviously loving someone as long as we dated cant just up and go away that fast… I just..”

Michelle – “I don’t wanna be alone tonight… can you stay the night?”

Josh – “…..”

Michelle – “Please? You can sleep on the couch.. I’m not saying we have to have sex.. I just want your company.”

Josh – “I feel like I shouldn’t be here…”

Michelle – “Josh you’re not doing anything wrong.. you’re just helping a friend.”

Josh – “Is that what we are now?”

Michelle – “If you forgive me.. yes.”

Josh – “I do forgive you, because for me to move on.. I have to forgive. I… Just talking right?”

Michelle – “Yes.. Just talking. please stay…”

….I know you guys probably will hate me.. but i decided to stay the night.. In one day.. I got the truth from two people.. I don’t even know how to explain today to the guys. What would they say if they knew I was here.. and sleeping over?.. What would Gabrielle think?..Oh god.. The truth is I shouldn’t be here.

~End of Chapter Three – Pt 1~


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