Chapter One : [Pt 4] Something Like Musical Chairs [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

…..Well hello. Ah. Yep. I just got slapped. How embarrassing. Atleast I look good in my skivvies [underwear] right? The girl in question would be LeeAnna.. Yes shes hot. However that b**** was rude to Josh when he ran into Michelle so… I figured I’d give her some good ole karma. The guys were laughing.. Me getting into it with a woman is nothing new…

She sure was mad…

Vince – “Slapping me in the bedroom is all good luv, but what the f*** was that for?”

LeeAnna – “Are you dense!? After we did it, I asked you did you wanna come to dinner, AND WHAT DID YOU SAY- GO AHEAD.. SAY IT AGAIN!”

Vince – “I said…. No but thanks for letting me smash.”

LeeAnna – “What did you say after that Vince!”

Vince – “Not to leave your number because I don’t plan on calling you?”

LeeAnna – “D***!”

I wanted to make her even more mad.. just for being a b**** to Josh. Thats not to say I’m not usually like this. I don’t do attachment. I may do a chick more than once If she’s a ten [10/10]

Vince – “Look here honey I-“

LeeAnna – “DON’T call me honey!”

Vince – “Fine.. look here sweetie.. All I wanted to do was sleep with you.. I don’t plan on being like your main boo or anything..”

LeeAnna – “I hope your Mother is proud… If you ever see me around.. DON’T Talk to me.. Simple as THAT!”

Vince – “[sarcasm] Yes Ma’am!”

Issac – “Well.. Thanks for the show Vince [laugh]”

Vince – “I knew you liked me in my skivvies Issac.. just kidding. Can you believe that b***?”

Josh – “Vince that was hilarious…”

Vince – “I actually did it for you Josh, that will teach her to be a b**** to my boy. Anyway I gotta go”

Jordan – “Another chick?”

I explained to the guys that since they all saw their families, I wanted to treat my sister Vanessa to lunch. Josh chimed in and asked me was I coming to the gym later with him, Of course I said yes. Gotta keep ths body looking good. Issac Told us that Gabrielle was coming by later tonight to cook us all dinner and to chill with us. That will be fun.

Jordan – “Hey on your way to see Vanessa could you drop me off at my mom’s? I told her I’d help her paint my old room…BreAnna is gonna be there too so.. I can smooth things over after the whole Spred’Em Mancini thing. Oh and thanks Bro.. You know after the s*** you just pulled with LeeAnna Im gonna have to hear it from her sister..”

BreAnna and LeeAnna were sisters incase you didn’t know…

Vince – “Sure, Let me get dressed and we can go.”

I got dressed.. and we [me & Jordan] left.

I dropped Jordan off at his Mom’s, and said hi to everyone. After that I met up with my sister at O.M.G Which was a big hangout spot in GloCity. Ollie [Oliver] worked there which was cool.

Vince – “Hey Ollie”

Oliver – “Greetings Vince!”

Vince – “Ollie this is my sister Vanessa, Vanessa this is Josh’s brother Oliver.”

Vanessa – “Yeah I know him, we met before. At Jordan’s birthday party.”

Oliver – “Table for two? or is anyone else joining?”

Vanessa – “Just us.”

Vanessa – “So what is this about?”

Vince – “Umm.. I just wanted to take my twin sis to lunch..”

Vanessa – “…Okay. Well sorry. That was rude. thanks for the invite out.”

Vince – “No problem sis. I wish we didn’t fight as much as we do. Its just money after all.”

Vanessa – “Yeah that YOU got most of.”

Vince – “I told you I’d give you money if you needed it. Its not like they didn’t leave you anything.”

Vanessa – “I- Lets talk about something else Vince. Did you find a steady girlfriend yet?”

I went on telling her about this mornings events, along with other stuff. Of course she didn’t approve haha!

Vanessa – “This is why I’m glad I’m a lesbian. Guys are ridiculous.”

Vince – “This whole lesbian thing.. I didn’t think it would last. You were a big hoe in high school…”

Vanessa – “Yeah and you’re a big hoe now…You really should stop treating women so badly Vince. Its gonna come back to bite you in the ass one day.”

Vince – “Hey V.. What do you think Mom and Dad would think about us now, if they were alive?”

Vanessa – “I don’t know.. children usually never live up to the expectations of their parents.”

After I wrapped up lunch with my sis, I went home. Me and Josh got dressed for the Gym. Worked out a bit and talked.

Josh – “If I ran into him… I think all I’d see was him and Michelle doing it.”

Vince – “You gotta let that s*** go bro. Michelle is old news. We got so much hot ass here in GloCity. Go out and get you some…”

Josh – “Eh… I don’t wanna date right now. Hey what time is it? Gabrielle is suppose to be making us dinner tonight right? we shouldn’t take too much time getting home.. “

Josh – “Last night was so funny… I took Jordan out for beers and we-“

[Ignoring Josh] Damn.. look at that chicks ass.. Its like an apple.. mmm Looks like I found my next piece of ass..

Josh – “Then she said oh my god hands off my nuts YO, Jordan then -“

[Still ignoring josh] Ah shes Asian too.. I love Asian girls. I know you probably think I’m a pig, But atleast I’m single and doing this. Unlike Jordan. Not that I’m judging him….

Josh – “Crazy right?… I don’t know.. What would you do?”

Vince – “Yeah.. right.. mmm hmm. [still not paying attention]”

Josh – “You were checking that chick out…. should have known. Look I’m gonna go hit the treadmill one more time then we can leave..”

Vince – “Sorry Josh.. [laugh] Cant help it.”

Josh went and did what he said.. I figured I’d go scoop me up a cutie.

Vince – “Hey.. What you workin out for?”

Kokoro – “Excuse me?”

Vince – “I mean you just look so good.. I don’t see why you would waste your time working out. By the way Im Vince. You can call me Vince, Vinny.. or just plain call me…[smile]”

Kokoro – “….. Look I don’t have time for this. I need to go. I have to get perfect so I can take some headshots and-“

Vince – “Are you a Model? Im a photographer! I could take your pictures.. And no thats not some sleezy s***.. Just check out my site Here’s my card.”

Kokoro – “Umm.. okay whatever.. I gotta go- Nice meeting you Chris.”

Vince – “Its VINCE!- and HEY I didn’t even get your name”

Kokoro – “Its Kokoro.. Goodbye Vince.”

F*** she was cold… Thats never happen to me before. Hmm.. Maybe I should have been shirtless. I told Josh all about it, and since he works there he found out she just signed up for a membership.. So atleast I know where she will be. Shes my mission.. I’m gonna tap that.

We got home and heard chatter in the kitchen.. and a female voice. It was a familiar one.. I knew it was Gabby.

Josh – Hey Guys

Gabrielle – “Look who finally decided to show up.. Hi Vince…. Hey Josh.”

Vince – “Hey You… Looking so sexy now.. Pylea did you some good. You’re smokin.”

Gabrielle – “That town is horrible.. I’m happy to be home. [laugh]”

Josh – “We didn’t miss the food did we?”

Issac – “No.. we waited for you two”

Gabrielle – “Couldn’t eat without you Josh..[smiles]”

Vince – “….. UMM!”

Gabrielle – “Or you either Vince [blows kiss]”

We all sat down and everyone talked about their day.. of course Josh busted me out and told everyone about my encounter with Kokoro.

Gabrielle – “Found someone who doesn’t fall for your game eh Vince? [laughing]”

Josh – “I almost fell off the treadmill when she called him Chris”

Gabrielle – “Dork”

Josh – “Always..”

Jordan – “Was she hot bro?”

Issac – “Don’t even ask.. you know she was. I mean I can say one positive thing. Vince brings home beautiful women.”

Jordan – “Yeah Thats true…”

Issac – “Did she seem interested at all?”

Vince – “Eh.. I don’t know…”

Jordan – “Im Hungry”

Issac – “As Always [laugh]”

Gabrielle – “Josh you wanna help me cook?”

Jordan – “… hmmm [smirk]”

Josh – “Sure.. what are we making?”

Gabrielle – “Steak, Salad, Mashed Potatoes, Oh and I made a Cheesecake earlier… you can help make the Mac n Cheese.. [smile]”

They talked more about this Kokoro issue, plus about what we could do after dinner.. I sat there with one thing on my mind.. I had to get her.. It was something different about this girl.. Even her name.. Kokoro.. Was just.. I don’t know… I don’t care what Tom Cruise says.. No mission is impossible.

Gabrielle – “Earth to Vince?”

Vince – “Yeah.. Sorry. Let me go change and then we can talk about Pylea while you cook”

Josh – “I should probably change too.”

We changed, Showered.. and had a great meal like one big family…. As much fun as I had with the guys and Gabby.. I still had one thing on my mind… Kokoro…

~End of Chapter One [Chapter Two Is Next Up]


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