Chapter One: [Pt 3] Something Like A Father Figure [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

You probably know who I am by now. If not.. I’m Issac…and.. Hmm. Well I’m pretty much just a guys guy I guess you would say. I love art. It speaks to me. Whatever the case I’m pretty normal. Moving on. Today I decided to go see my dad. See the thing with us four is, One of us do something and we all end up doing it. Thanks to Josh and Jordan.. I felt like I should atleast go see my dad.

We dont get along.. which isnt a great feeling, but i deal with it. I know my dad loves me, otherwise he would have cut me off by now. I come from.. alot of money…

Issac – “Great… piece of s*** is busted. I need to get this fixed.”

Vince – “Whats wrong Issac?”

Issac – “I was getting ready to go see my dad but my bike is all busted…”

Vince – “I can take you”

Vince decided to take me.. which was cool of him. Today was his day off. I really appreciate the bond me and the guys have. Its like were brothers.

Issac – “Hey did you set the DVR before we left? The Writings on The Wall is new tonight Dont wanna miss it”

Vince – “Yeah I did.. That Dai chick is sexy…I’d smash that so hard.”

Issac – “Haha.. dumbass”

Vince – “So… what is parent week or something? [weak laugh]”

I knew Vince joking like that was to hide his emotions.. Vince parents were gone..

Issac – “How’s Vanessa?”

Vince – “You know my sister.. still the b****”

Issac – “Shes still mad about the money situation?”

Vince – “Yeah”

When Vince and Vanessa’s parents died they left most of the money with Vince.. his sister wasn’t too pleased about it.. so I’m not too surprised to hear shes still bitter about it. Anyway finally we arrived at my dad’s place.

Issac – “What are you doing?”

Vince – “Its been a long time since Ive seen Peter.. I may as well say hi since im here.”

S***…. *sigh* here we go….

Issac – “Vince I have to tell you something”

Vince – “What?”

Issac – “My dad doesn’t know… That I’m gay”

Vince – “WHAT!?.. you told us that you told him a while ago.. I’m confused. Wait- Is this why you don’t date?”

Issac – “No.. I don’t date because I don’t like the guys around here. Plus I rather just be single right now”

I know what you’re thinking, and or wondering. Why didn’t I say I was gay in my introduction.. Well honestly me being gay isn’t that important. My life.. my story isn’t about me being “the gay guy” The guys don’t look at me like that, and neither should you. Most people don’t know I’m gay right from the start because.. I’m butch. Obviously theirs different gays out there, but the ones you see and hear about he most are the feminine ones – F***.. nevermind. This isn’t the time for gay lessons 101. I’m gay. Thats it.

As for the reason I didn’t tell my dad.. Well he’s a bit homophobic.. he talks about gays like its the worse thing. I just didn’t wanna bother with it. Also if he found out, I’m pretty sure he would cut me off. And I need the money. I explained all that to Vince. He understood and he agreed to come in and not say a word.

Vince – “Issac.. its okay.. I get it.”

Issac – “I don’t know… I just feel embarrassed dude. I should be out, and not giving a s*** about what my dad thinks.”

Vince – “I don’t know anything about being gay, but you know me, and the guys are here for you. [laugh] Its kinda funny though..”

Issac – “What is?”

Vince – “That everyone knows you do guys except your dad…. speaking of which I have always wondered this about you… are you a top or-“

Issac – “[laugh] the former.. never the latter. Now lets just go in here and say hi. Make it quick and then go eat or something. Lets not stay long”

Vince – “Whatever you want Bro- Oh let me take off my shades.. I forget Peter doesnt like speaking to people who dont show theirs eyes.”

Isaac & Vince – [Quoting Peter] “A Man who cant look me into my eyes is no man at all” [laugh]

When we got in.. It was awkward. He asked what I needed, as if to say I’d only visit if I needed money. Vince spoke and said hey, my father asked him about women n such and then it took a turn for the worse

Peter – Issac why aren’t you more like Vinny [Vince] here? I mean i have seen him out with a bunch of women. when are you gonna stop it with that finger painting and go out tomcatting?

Vince – “Issac paintings are really good sir you should-“

Peter – “I was speaking to Issac… not you Vince. I’m staring to think you’re one of them homosexuals. God i couldn’t imagine the embarrassment I’d go through if you were.”

Issac – “Nothing is wrong with people who are gay”

Vince – “My sister Vanessa’s a lesbian”

Peter – “Thats different.. Lesbians are good and sexy. but two men. thats gross. I just cannot stand Faggots they all need to go to hell or something.”

Vince – “….”

Issac – “You’re so stupid.. such a f****** homophobe”

I had enough at that point…

Peter – “So you’re telling me you’re a fag?”

Issac – “No I’m telling you that I’m a homosexual, and I don’t give a s*** what you think”

Peter – “I knew it!, you and that Josh!.. you two were way too close always having them sleepovers at his house!… A damn Homosexual! No son of mine is gonna be doing that!”

Issac – “Well consider me not your son”

Peter – “You don’t mean that, where will you get money from!”

Issac – “I guess i’ll just sell my finger-paints. I don’t need your money.. “

Peter – “If your mom was alive to see this she would cry her eyes out”

Issac – “Mom knew since I was 15.. she still loved me… come on Vince lets go.”

Vince – “You know Mr. Bennett.. Issac is a genuine, smart, amazing guy. Him being gay doesn’t change any of that… I know you love your son.. just-“

Peter – “Vince…. get the F*** out of my house.”

This was the worse day of my life… but atleast I had Vince to be there with me. I know he had my back

I didn’t know what would happen with me and my father after this. He was a stubborn old man, still chasing women in his old age. He wanted me to be just like him. Sorry that wouldn’t be happening. When and if I find a guy I wont be cheating or going out to clubs. Thats just not me. My father in my opinion was lonely. Liked controlling people with money. If he keeps it up he will die alone with it.

I got home and went straight to the bathroom.. I didn’t want anyone to see me pissed off.

Vince – “hey guys..”

Josh – “sup”

Jordan – “Hey what happen? whats wrong with Issac?”

Vince – “Umm.. It-.. Umm I should let him tell you guys… just wait for him to come out the bathroom..”

Jordan – “okay, Hope everything is fine..”

Vince – “So how was the movie?”

Josh – “It was awesome.. Angelina Jolie was so hot dude.. and the action scenes blew my mind.”

Jordan – “Yeah Salt is pretty much the female Bourne film. It kicks ass too. Its deep and I look forward to the mythology- thats if it becomes a trilogy.”

Josh – “Sometimes i forget are articulate you can be Jordan”

Jordan – “Shut up [laugh]”

I made a phone call while in the bathroom.. Once I was okay I came out.

Issac – “I’m gonna go out for a while, Vince Can you please explain everything to Josh and Jordan?”

Vince – “Sure thing.”

Jordan – “Love you man.. whatever happen, I’m sure will work itself out.”

Issac – “Thanks Jordan, Hey Josh can I borrow your truck? My bike is…whatever “

Josh – “Of course [smiles] feel better.”

I took Josh Truck and headed out…. bet you wont guess whats coming next

Yea…. Things are complicated…

AJ – “Hey… I didn’t expect a call tonight. Good thing my mom’s at bingo.”

Issac – “Sorry it was on such short notice I-“

AJ – “NO… I like umm hanging.. with you.”

AJ – “Sucks what happen with your dad… Thats why.. I just, I just cant come out…”

Me and AJ have known each other a while.. but last month we were at Jordan’s birthday party. I offered to give him a ride home. Thats when it happen. He told me he knows he’s gay, and that he doesn’t wanna come out. We got close since then.. nobody really knows though. Jordan would probably kill me if he found out..

Issac – “Its okay….”

AJ – “So.. I got The Sweetest Thing on DVD.. I-“

Issac – “eh.. chick flick…”

AJ – “OH! I have Clash of the Titans… Im sorry.. lame that we cant go out right?”

Issac – “No its cool AJ, and I really wanted to watch umm-“

AJ – “Clash of the Titans…. [smiles]”

Issac – “Yes.. Clash of the Titans… come here, you’re so cute.”

AJ – “I’m glad you’re here, and Im sorry Issac.. Im just not ready” to come out. umm okay. Lets just forget about s*** for a while and enjoy the movie deal?

Issac – “Deal”

Its more complicated that you will understand. Clearly AJ’s brother Jordan isn’t a homophobe. However I’m respecting AJ’s wishes to just keep this under wraps, and also It does feel good to have the guys not know something about me for once. AJ puts me at ease.. and thats all I really want and need right now.. At the end of the day.. all you really want is to be with is someone who gets you.. right? no matter the circumstances…

~End of Chapter One – Pt 3~


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