Chapter Four : [Pt 4] Something Like Giving In [POV Vince]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

So.. Last time you guys saw me, I was telling the guys what I had planned on doing with this whole Kokoro situation. Issac was supportive, Jordan warmed up to the idea. Josh… He was NOT supportive. He said I was making a huge mistake. I told him this is something I needed to do, and he wouldn’t understand because he’s not going through it… Issac then took Josh out of the kitchen. Me and Jordan talked more about it.

Anyway the whole next day Josh wouldn’t say anything to me. I guess he felt like his Uncle was helping for no reason. Josh couldn’t understand why someone who isn’t guilty was willing to pay. So as the day came and went.. It was time.. For me to meet up with her… I was ending this once and for all.

So as I got there, I saw her crying. As soon as I started to walk up she wiped her eyes, and put out her hand.

Vince – “…..”

Kokoro – “Cash?, or check?”

Vince – “[sarcastically] Which one would you prefer?”

Kokoro – “No games please. Lets just get this over with.”

Something about her seemed so different. I couldn’t exactly put my finger on it…

Vince – “No games. Just.. before I give you my money. Tell me why you did this.”

Kokoro – “Are you wearing a wire or something?, because if-“

Vince – “No. No games remember?… Its just you, me, and… nature.”

Kokoro – “Why is it so important that I have a reason for doing what I did?”

Vince – “Because… It just is.”

Kokoro – “You want this to be over right? [starts to cry] So just give me the money and I’ll be out of your life.”

Vince – “Give me something Kokoro! I’m about to hand you over one million dollars. I deserve to know something.”

Kokoro – “Vince.. You’re rich. You have millions to spare. How come you live with those guys. Why not live in a mansion with maids and butlers?”

Vince – “I love them. They’re my family. My money.. Its.. It helps. I use it for gifts, clothes, trips. Its to keep my family happy. I don’t wanna leave them. They’re all I have really.”

Kokoro – “[crying] Just give me the money okay?”

Vince – “Stop f****** stalling. Tell me why.”

Kokoro – “I HAD NO F****** CHOICE! There!… Just give me the money now, or i’m leaving! God.. you just… “

Vince – “I just what? I just feel like something is weird about this!”

Kokoro – ” 자매 협박 

Vince – “Whatever… I-“

Kokoro – “Just finish this… I’m tired of it all.”

Theirs always a choice….

I signed the check… Gave it to her. and she turned and walked away from me. What was that that she said in Korean? It was bugging me…

Vince – “……”

Kokoro – “Vince.. I’m really sorry about all of this.”

Vince – “How will I know this is really over?, and you’re not just playing me?”

Kokoro – “Because I wan’t this to be over as much as you do.”

What the f*** does that even mean?

After standing on the beach for what seemed like days… I returned home. Josh was there, waiting up for me. I know he cared. He just didn’t agree with my decision. He looked at me and said “I don’t agree with what you did, but I love you like a brother, so I’ll just accept it and move on. I won’t say anything to my Uncle about it either. Goodnight.”

I took a quick shower and then went to sleep. Well I tried. I hoped that Kokoro was telling the truth. That it would all be over by morning.

So.. I got up and had some cereal… and Josh came into the kitchen to tell me that his Uncle Nathan [My Lawyer] wanted to talk to us. So we all got dressed and waited for his arrival. He soon showed up with Mia.. Damn.. talk about a sexy cougar.

Nathan – “So.. Umm Vince. The charges have been dropped and Kokoro has dropped the case. Its over.”

Jordan & Issac – “[Looks at each other and smile]”

Josh – “[Looks at Vince and smiles]”

Mia – “I just wanted to be here with y’all when he gave you the news!”

Issac – “So its like done.. 100%?”

Vince – “…..”

Nathan – “Yeah. and Its so strange too. I guess we shouldn’t complain about why, and how. Lets just put this nightmare behind us. Also Vince now I can tell your sister to stop calling me. Shes been bugging me alot lately. Trying to make sure I clear your name.”

Vince – “[smiles]”

The guys, and I of course knew what had happen. Hmm. Would you look at that. Kokoro was good on her word. So after all of that was done. Mia asked us what we had planned for the day. None of us, except Jordan had anything to do. Jordan was babysitting, or playing big brother to Tru’s Nephew. Mia said her Bar was being worked on, and asked if it was okay if she hung around here. Like 3 school boys with a crush, Josh, Jordan, and myself all screamed YES! Issac then followed with an “Sure why not.” [laugh]

Nathan had some business to take care of, so he made us promise to take good care of his woman. Mia was excited to spend time with us. She was such a cool ass chick. Not to mention sexy as hell.

So we all hungout, and chilled for the rest of the day. Eating BBQ, drinking, and all of that good stuff. I honestly had been so distant towards the guys since the Kokoro thing, So I wanted to really hangout today with them..

Mia – “Vince, who’s the kid with Jordan?”

Vince – “Umm one of his friends Nephews.”

Mia – “Jordan is really good with kids it seems.”

Vince – “Yeah he really is, [laugh] Look at Issac and Josh…”

Mia – “Oh god I’d be so scared jumping on that thing… So where is your sister? wasn’t she suppose to come by?”

Vince – “Shes a nurse, she couldn’t make it. She was crying though. She was worried about me, and the effect the whole thing was taking on me. She wanted to come but- eh.. shes working I understand. Me and her have gotten really close, thats all that matters. Our parents would be happy.”

Mia – “Thats cool”

About 30 minutes had past and I realized I hadn’t said another word.. Mia noticed too.

Mia – “Your quiet. Something bothering you?”

Vince – “I just have this weird feeling in my gut.”

Mia – “I’ll grab a bucket-“

Vince – “No not that… I have this feeling about Kokoro.. Its weird. I know this is gonna sound stupid, but I think she really liked me..”

Mia – “That does sound stupid, no offense.”

Vince – “None taken.”

Mia – “Though…. You never know.. I’m not one to give advice on the subject. Most people think me and Nathan should be married by now. Its very complicated for a woman like me. Nathan understands that, which is why we work. So as far as this Kokoko thing goes.. I don’t know what to tell ya sweetie.”

haha.. she called her kokoko… Mia was for sure a interesting woman. We all continued on hanging out. Eating BBQ and chillaxing [Chilling/Hanging out and Relaxing] Soon night hit and we all moved indoors.

I was outside getting the mail, then I went in the house. Jordan was there with Connor.

Vince – “Wow.. he’s knocked out.”

Jordan – “Yeah.. [smiles] So.. guess what I heard?”

Vince – “hmm?”

Jordan – “BreAnna and Riley moved up their wedding date. [laugh] their was a time i felt bad for her. Now I’m so over it dude. For the first time in a long time. I’m happy.”

Vince – “Single life looks good on you… speaking of which.. Connors Mom, and Aunt. Their twins eh? You vibing with either one of them?”

Jordan – “I don’t think either of them like me like that… well hmm. They both flirt but I think its just fun. You know how girls are. I’m not really looking to jump into a relationship. The only thing I wanna do is work on myself, and fix my relationships with my Mom, and brother [AJ]”

Vince – “ah.. AJ..”

Jordan – “huh?”

Vince – “Ah nothing- just umm saying, you two are brothers you know? So.. yeah umm I’m gonna go talk to Josh..”

That was close. God.. now I see how hard it was for Issac to keep this thing a secret. When looking at Jordan in his eyes, you just wanna be honest with him. Still.. It was kinda funny knowing that Issac was banging Jordan’s younger brother…[laugh] Thats if they had sex.

Issac- “No, I didn’t wanna make him lose the deal though. I was just trying to prove a point.”

Mia – “Oh I understand that. I’m proud of you. You’re such a strong guy Issac. You will make someone happy one day, thats assuming you don’t already have a boyfriend.”

Issac – “No.. I’m umm single… I think… Its complicated I guess. To be honest I’m a little lonely.”

Mia – “Aww baby. Well you know you should come down to my bar once its done. You can be my honorary guest. [smiles] Such a cute gay boy, I hope that doesn’t offend you.”

Issac – “It doesn’t. I like who I am. Why shouldn’t I? Life is too short for me to worry about pleasing everyone. Ya Know?”

Mia – “I’ll drink to that! Oh by the way I’m gonna sleep here tonight”

Issac – “Cool. We have a nice guest room so-“

Mia – “Well I was wondering since your gay, could I sleep with you? See.. I cant sleep alone. It freaks me out.”

Issac – “Umm.. sure? [laugh] I have NEVER slept in the same bed as a woman before, excluding my Mother.”

Vince – “Awwww”

Issac – “[laughing] shut up Vince!”

Vince – “Hey Josh…”

Josh – “Hey…”

Vince – “You still mad at me?”

Josh – “[Shakes head No] ….”

Vince – “… Ive said this alot, but I am sorry. About everything.”

Josh – “I know.”

Vince – “Are we gonna be okay? or is our friendship gonna be weird?”

Josh – “… We’ll be fine… I’m just happy its done- The whole grudge thing..”

Vince – “huh? who was holding a grudge?”

Josh – “No dude, I was making a joke.. about Kokoro.. The Grudge? THE MOVIE?! You don’t get it?”

Vince – “Oh!!! Cause shes an Asian girl, thats crazy and out for revenge blah blah.. yeah… [laugh]”

Josh – “I’m sorry if I came off judgmental. I just didn’t want you to jeopardize anything my Uncle was working on.”

Vince – “Its okay, I understand your reasoning. [smile] Okay Im gonna head upstairs, shower and sleep”

Josh – “Mia is sleeping over, so don’t try sneaking in the bed with her”

Vince – “If I did that it would be a threesome considering shes sleeping with Issac…”

Josh – “What!? thats no fair- I mean thats.. umm weird.”

I said goodnight to everyone after my shower, even went and peaked in on Mia and Issac.. That was a sight to see. Hilarious how uncomfortable Issac looked with a woman in his bed. I think Mia, wanted to be Issac’s fag hag Whatever the case it was funny.

I noticed i had some messages on my phone so I checked them.

[Message One : Hi, It’s ya sis, Vanessa. Sorry I couldn’t make it to another BBQ. I suck. I had alot to do at work today. I’m really happy all this bulls*** is over. Now you can focus on other things, like work. Hopefully you do learn from this. I wouldn’t be your sister If i didn’t say that. Anyway. Love ya. Bye.]

[Message Two : Hey Vince.. Its LeeLee [LeeAnna/BreAnna’s sister] I’m just calling to apologize for helping out that lawyer, and giving her that statement on you. I was umm. Really hurt by what happen. When you kicked me out of your house in front of the guys. Whatever the case I did lie and say some things that weren’t nice. So i apoligize for that. Anyway. Call me if you ever wanna.. hang or whatever.. umm. Bye.]

[Message Three : Hey sexy. Its me Alicia. Umm I’m free tonight so.. If you wanna hook up let me know. Otherwise I’m gonna get to sleep haha. Okay. Ciao]

[Message Four : Vinny-Vince… You can’t see me cause I’m doing a sad face right now. Why havent you called me? I wanna hook up. Oh s*** my boyfriends back, anyway call me. Its Jayla btw [laugh] as if you don’t know who I am. Bye!!! CALL ME!]

I had no idea who the hell she was… [laugh]

[Message Five : …Umm. Hi Vince. I just wanna tell you something. I really did like you. Alot. I didn’t wanna hurt you, but I had no choice. I’m sorry for everything. bye.]

Kokoro…. hmm.

I got ready to lay down, but kept hearing Kokoro’s message in my head. Why was I so infatuated with this girl? Especially after everything that she has done to me. I couldn’t shake this weird feeling that something wasn’t right. That this was NOT over….

I had this weird feeling like she wasn’t done with me yet….. It felt like she was in the room. Looking at me. I think I was going crazy… I popped a sleeping pill and then went to sleep

Something just tells me that theirs one more act to this play….. I was starting to freak myself out..

~End of Chapter Four~

~*The Season One Finale Is Next*~


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