Chapter Four : [Pt 3] Something Like A Drag [POV Issac]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

So.. Talk about being in-between a rock and a hard place. The guys had invited over a newly blonde Kris for dinner. Then after we finished eating. They told me to go show him some of my paintings in my room. Obviously the guys are trying to get me laid. You and I both know thats NOT gonna happen.. since I’m in love with AJ. Wait.. Yeah. I just said that.. in my head. I’m in love with AJ… hmm.

Kris – “The guys are really supportive of you.”

Issac – “[laugh] Yeah.”

Kris – “Dinner was good. I didn’t know Vince could cook.”

Issac – “One of his talents.”

Kris – “[smiles]”

Issac – “umm. [smile] So… umm Oh! I like the blonde hair.”

Kris – “Thanks. I wanted to do something crazy, so I went blonde…. So.. What do you wanna do? I could leave if you’re not feeling this.”

Issac – “Hmm eh..”

Kris – “Or I could… sleep over?”

I felt bad… I like Kris don’t get me wrong. Its just that I’m dating… or whatever. I’m with AJ. Kris is cute. I could be into him…. My hearts with AJ though.

Issac – “Kris…”

Kris – “I’m embarrassing myself. I should probably just go I-“

Issac – “I like you. Things in my life. They’re complicated.”

Kris – “My sister is Monica Harris. I know complicated. You keep saying that too. Like me and Tru were talking about it. She thinks you’re dating someone on the downlow.”

Ha!… Tru nailed it.

Issac – “Its complicated. [smiles] Sorry.”

Kris – “I’ll respect that. Besides, the whole mysterious thing is totally working for you. It seems like everytime you reject me, I end up thinking you’re that much hotter. Maybe I’m delusional.”

Issac – “No, not delusional at all. Trust me. If things weren’t complicated with my love life. I’d give you a chance. I’m not rejecting you.”

Kris – “Okay. I believe you. [smiles] Well I should get home. Tru told me to call her and tell her how my date went. Even though this wasn’t really a date [laugh] Okay.. Goodnight Issac.”

Issac – “Goodnight Kris”

Jordan – “Shh”


Josh – “Oh yeah they got their butts kicked by the Lakers!”

Jordan – “Josh.. Lakers are a basketball team. Cowboys are football…. “

Josh – “Lakers is the only team I know.. I don’t watch sports.. [laugh]”

Kris – “Goodnight guys.”

Josh/Jordan/Vince – “Niiiiiiiiiiiiiight Kriiiiiiiiiiiis”

Kris – “You guys are so weird.”

Those nosey little f*****s. Totally trying to see if I was hooking up. My mattress is Tempur-Pedic. It wont make any noises even if I was doing that. I couldn’t hate the guys. They really just want me to date someone. I’m the only one out of us who has never been in a relationship, other than that time I tried dating a girl in high school.

After some joking, and question about if we did it or not. I went to sleep. Josh came in my room and asked if I was okay. Making sure I wasn’t like mad about them trying to get me with Kris. Josh is so.. emotional [laugh] Its funny. He knew that tomorrow was the day I go see my dad. He gave me a hug, and told me to go with my heart. I love Josh but this was something I had to do.. My father needed to see what it was like to get burned.

Issac – “I make one ugly ass woman….”

I could say that again… The next day I was at my Father’s house. He, and two business associates were in the meeting room waiting for me to come back from using the restroom. Little did they know, I was coming back in DRAG! I’m gonna put on a show and make a mockery of gay people.

Issac – “Maybe I should have shaved. Note to self. Never enter RuPaul’s Drag Race”

I was ready to go, and then I got a text from Josh. It read. [size=11pt]”Good Luck, love you dude”[/size]

Thats when I realized. Josh, and the guys. They loved me. For who I was. Josh is probably one of the best people I knew. He always did the right thing 99.9 % of the time. Why was I doing this?. When I realized all the wrongs I was about to commit. I took everything off.”

However.. I was NOT gonna let my dad get away with what he was doing to me.

Peter [Issac Dad] – “And theirs my boy, he’s back.”

The guy in the hat was Wentworth, the guy next to him was his business partner, and life partner Dylan… Just an FYI. Oh and the man in the red was the Devil himself, also known as my Father Peter.

Issac – “I wanna say something on behalf of my father if thats okay.”

Wentworth – “Please do. We didn’t even know he had a gay son until a month ago.”

Dylan – “Yes, He couldn’t stop raving about you. Now we finally get to meet.”

Issac – “My Father, Is not that. Yes he fathered me. However he is anything but a Father. We don’t get along, and I thought we had reconnected. Until I saw him on the phone talking bad about me. He’s incapable of loving anyone, but himself.”

Peter – “Issac! What are you-“

Issac – “but… He is an amazing business man.. His numbers speak for themselves. While he be may be a sh***y Father, he is amazing at his work. You would be a fool not to sign on with him. If I can hate my fathers guts, and still tell you guys that. Then you can not judge him based on his personal relationship with his son. His openly, Proud, Gay son. Thats all I have to say.”

Peter – “…..”

Dylan – “…..”

Peter – “Where-“

Dylan – “Ive heard enough. Lets go Wentworth.”

Wentworth – “Expect a call later. We shall tell you.. our response. [looks at Issac] It was a pleasure meeting you. You are a remarkable young man. We need more gay’s like you in the community. By the way. You’re right. Peter’s numbers do speak for themselves. [smile]”

Peter – “So we have a deal!?”

Dylan – “You will be contacted later Mr Bennett, Oh and Wentworth honey, Give Issac one of your cards. [looks at Issac] We throw lots of parties. I’d love for you to drop by. Maybe bring a boyfriend [smile]”

Issac – “Thanks. Yeah sure, and nice to meet you both.”

I went to the bathroom, to gather my bag’s and things.. you know.. the Tranny clothing [laugh] Then I went back in the meeting/living room. My dad attacked me.

Peter – “Are you out of your f****** mind!!!!!!!!!! I need those two fags to sign with me! Thats money!! You can forget about getting any more money from me. You ungrateful little s***!”

Issac – “WHAT DO I HAVE TO BE GRATEFUL FOR!? HMM!? YOU!!!!??? You are not only the worst father anyone could ever have, but you suck at being a human being. All that hate inside of you. You know when I was younger, and you teased me, about not dating alot of girls. Called me a faggot. I contemplated suicide.”

Peter – “Thats cause you’re weak!”

Issac – “If I was weak, I would have went through with it. I realized I had my friends, my whole life to look forward to. So go ahead, cut me off. I don’t care about money. All I ever wanted was a dad who loved me for who I was, and not hated me for who I wasn’t.”

Peter – “Oh! Go somewhere with that Hallmark bulls***. This is NOT seventh Heaven, we aint huggin nothing out! You probably cost me a really important deal! How could you rob me of that!?”

Issac – “And how could you rob me of growing up happy!, I wasn’t a happy kid after Mom died. Thanks to you!  You went out and did every woman you could. Expected me to do the same thing! I was mourning my mothers death! you ass****.”

Peter – “Get out! And never come back!”

Issac – “You don’t have to worry about that, as far as I’m concerned. You’re dead to me.”

On my way out of my dad’s. I had to stop and get gas for my motorcycle. Guess who was there also getting gas? Wentworth and Dylan. Dylan pulled me to the side, and told me I was very brave. He also told me [while offering me some twizzlers] that he had no intentions of not signing with my father. He said. He grew up the same way, but that signing with Peter was best for his company.

I was happy to hear that.. only because I really didn’t wanna cause my dad’s business any trouble. I had to keep in mind that alot more people worked there, and would be affected if something happen.

So as i was driving home, AJ texted me and told me he had the house to himself. He asked if I could come over… I did. [smiles]

AJ – “You’re dad is such a jerk.”

Issac – “Yeah..”

AJ – “You okay?”

Issac – “I am now..[smiles]”

AJ – “[smiles] Stop it.. making me feel all embarrassed.”

Issac – “That was.. what I needed [laugh]”

Issac – “So whats been up?”

AJ – “Nothing much- Oh! did i tell you about one of my classmates [community college] named Slim?”

Issac – “Slim?, what kind of name is Slim?”

AJ – “Thats his nickname, nobody called him by his real name, which is Omar. Anyway. We worked together for a few assignments, and guess what? He came out to me. Said he had a vibe I was gay, so he trusted me. So in return.. I trusted him. It was weird. I didn’t expect to be open to tell anyone other than you, and my mom.”

Issac – “Oh wow thats cool. You have someone else who you can trust. Umm.. So AJ what exactly are we? We always sorta talk about it but never…”

AJ – “Umm. I dunno. I mean I’m not out, so… I mean were just having fun right? God that sounded wrong. I’m just saying since.. its complicated. Its best if we just have fun, be there for each other, and don’t like fall in love?- I’m sorry. I can’t word it right without sounding like a jack***”

Issac – “No no.. I get it. Its all good. Not like I’m in love with you AJ. I’m just here, for support…”

AJ – “I like you alot though… If things were- [cell rings] – hold on”

Issac – “Okay…”

AJ – “Hello?.. Oh hey whats up Slim. Nothing [laugh] Whatever you spaz. [laugh]”

Issac – “Hey AJ I’m gonna go…”

AJ – “Hold on Slim. [covers phone/looks at Issac] Issac are we okay? I didn’t say anything stupid did I? You wanna talk?”

Issac – “Nah I have alot of paintings to finish and ship out. Gotta make a living now that I’m cut off from my dad’s money [smile]”

AJ – “Well text me and let me know you got home safe. [uncovers phone] Hello?.. No… [laugh] Yeah. Just one of my brother’s friends… mm hmm. No. I can. What time are you guys going? I’ll invite Ollie if thats cool. He’s a nerd sure, but so am I. He’s my bestfriend.”

Issac – “[sigh/waves @ AJ] Bye.”

I don’t even know why I was so upset…. I felt stupid. I didn’t blame AJ at all to be honest. Its not really his fault that I.. love him. [sigh] Man.. Why do I always feel so lonely? Maybe somethings wrong with me.. Whatever. I ended up going home.. nobody was there, except Vince.

He looked depressed, was finishing up that Ice cream Josh brought back from the brunch with his family. I sat down and told him what happen with my dad. He asked if anything else was bothering me. I told him no. then he dropped a bombshell.

Vince – “Issac.. umm. I know about you and AJ. It all makes sense. The whole Kris thing, why you guys arent.. Like I get it now.”

Issac – “What do you mean?”

Vince – “Yesterday I picked up what I thought was my phone. and checked my message box. It was a text.. from AJ it said.. Hey Sexy. Then I connected the dots. I just put the phone down, and tried to find mine. I didn’t tell Josh or Jordan though. Its your business, as long as you’re happy, so am I.”

F***… Thanks Verizon [Cellphone Carrier]. Thats what I get for doing a buy one get one free deal with Vince. Stupid Droid Phone.

Issac – “[smiles] Thanks for not telling the guys…”

Vince – “Well No problem. I mean I haven’t really been talking to any of you guys lately. I just feel.. horrible. Not like myself… but.. all that’s about to change.”

Issac – “What do you mean?”

uh oh.. This can’t be good.

Vince – “I’m gonna give her the money”

Issac – “Kokoro?”

Vince – “Mmm hmm. I talked to one of my business partners today. Somehow he found out about the whole thing. He told me to nip it in the bud quick, or he, and 3 more people were pulling funding. I’d be finish in the photography world. Even If i did win the case. So.. I’m gonna pay her. And be done with it. Do you think I’m stupid?”

Issac – “No. I understand that sometimes, you gotta do things for you, and not worry about other people. Ive always had your support, so you have mine”

Wow.. I.. Hmm. Its hard for me to say how i feel about this… Though. I. I understand why he wants to do it. I wasn’t lying when I said he had my support.

Vince – “So you gonna let me eat this all by myself? Or you gonna grab a spoon?”

Issac – “I’ll eat some. [wink]… So when are you gonna do it?”

Vince – Tomorrow night.

Vince – “Hey guys.”

Jordan – “Whats up.”

Josh – “Whats happening tomorrow night?”

Issac – “……..”

Jordan – “Yeah whats going on?”

Vince – “Guys sit down I need to talk to you.”

Jordan and Josh sat down, and Vince explained in more detail why he was doing what he was doing. We all passed the ice cream around. No matter what. We support each other, and have each other’s back. even if life is a drag sometimes…. Fingers crossed, that everything will go as smoothly as Vince plans.

~End of Chapter Four – Pt 3~


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