Chapter Four : [Pt 2] Something Like Big Brother [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Hey. Whats up? Happy you’re back.. I uh. I actually like venting and talking to you guys.. I don’t really know how you feel about me.. but. Its nice to talk to you every once in a while. So umm enough of that. Josh and I had went out to breakfast and we decided to go to Luna Park. Just to talk and reminisce about things.

He told me about Brunch at his folks home and a bunch of other things. He told me he saw Kokoro. That he also told this to Issac, but not to tell Vince. I understand his reasoning. Vince has been distant since everything happen. Obviously around Josh he really feels bad. I know I’ll call some friends and see if they can hire Josh. I’ll do anything to help.

Jordan – “Remember when Vince and Issac were fighting?”

Josh – “YES! That was Issac’s first fist fight. He really gave it to Vince didn’t he?”

Jordan – “Yeah they both were f***ed up the next day all those bruises. Obviously we know who to blame for that fight.”

Josh – “Don’t even speak his name.. we’ve been free from him for a year.”

No comment.. long story that I don’t wanna get into… sorry..

Jordan – “Remember how the fight ended? You were screaming cause Issac and Vince fell into the water?”

Josh – “I thought they were gonna like die or something! Man we got in so much trouble for jumping in to save them… Issac’s dad was pissed we were soaking wet in his car.. I tried not to look him in the eye the whole ride home.”

Jordan – “Dork.. [faint whispering] You hear that?”

Josh – “Sounds like people?”

Riley – “You hear something?”

Mira – “No… Stop changing the subject!”

Me and Josh hid behind the bushes.. and just watched. I know I know.. Eavesdropping isn’t nice.

Mira – “So? did you-“

Riley – “Its all good. BreAnna is working late.. so you already know I’m gonna smash dat [have intercourse] tonight right baby?”

Mira – “I love it when you get all gangsta.”

Riley – “I bet i’m better at it than Jordan.”

Mira – “… You both are pretty good.”

Riley – “Who’s better? No no.. who’s big-“

Mira – “Are you gay for Jordan? I mean you smash BreAnna.. then you Smashin me. Maybe what you really want is to do Jordan [laughing]”


Riley -“Hell no I ain’t into no damn dudes.”

Mira – “It would be so hot If I could do you both at the same time.”

Riley – “Nah I wouldn’t be down for that s***. Ey.. Yo fatass roommate know to let me in tonight?”

Mira – “Yeah I told her I’d order her whatever she wanted from Round Table… Shes cool. Damn yo I feel like such a homewrecker.”

Riley – “Maybe its you who want BreAnna.. I mean me and Jordan both did smash her…”

I just stood there listening. I mean.. Sure I did BreAnna wrong, but I just felt horrible watching her husband to be cheat on her… with the same chick I did it with. If Bre finds out.. man.. that will kill her.

Mira – “You know how I get down. I’d do BreAnna. Why not.”

Why was I ever into Mira?… eww yuck.

Riley – “Hey speakin of gay. You think They be running a train on Issac?”

Mira – “You mean, Jordan, Josh, and Vince.. all with Issac? at the same time?.. Thats kinda hot!”

Riley – “No.. Its sick!”

I’m starting to think maybe Riley is a repressed homosexual, he’s just WAY to anti…

Mira – “But you like lesbians?”

Riley – “Hell yeah. But umm.. If one of them dudes was doin Issac, I bet its Josh. Josh is hella gay.”

Josh – “Why does everyone think I’m gay?, If I was I’d tell people. I don’t have a problem with gay’s. Screw Riley.. he needs a f****** shirt.”

Jordan – “I bet he hangs around gay clubs and does things on the down-low.”

Josh – “Whatever. So..umm. Are you gonna tell Bre about this?”


Jordan – “…No?… I dunno. I don’t want her thinking I’m telling her cause I want her back. Anyway tell me more about your talk with Kokoro. Was she being all bats*** crazy?”

Me and Josh hid as They left. Once in the clear, we hungout and talked somemore. Then Issac texted me to remind me we were suppose to go workout at Josh’s Rival Gym.. which wasn’t a rival gym anymore considering Josh…got..fired. I asked Josh to come but he had to help his dad built a bookshelf or something. Thats cool. Josh and his dad have a pretty good relationship. I of course never had that with mine.

Finally Me and Issac were at the gym. Issac kept getting hit on by women. Not shocking. For some reason that happens everytime we go out. After some working out I filled Issac in on what happen with Riley and Mira. After asking me what I planned on doing about it, he filled me in on what went down with his shady dad.

Jordan – “So.. what are you gonna do about it?”

Issac – “Payback. I have a pretty good plan in motion. I’m gonna ruin his business deal. [smiles] The ass**** deserves it. If my Mother was alive to see this she would probably kill him.”

Jordan – Be careful. I mean I don’t wanna tell you how to go about things, but I do think you’re a better person than your father… Maybe you shouldn’t do anything bad?

Issac – “Love you bro, but lets talk about something else.”

Jordan – “Okay- OH!!!! So i need your gaydar. I think someone is gay but-“

Issac -“WHO!?- umm. Who? you.. have in mind?”


Jordan – “Who do you think? Here a hint. We both know him. He’s my complexion. Maybe a little lighter than me.”

Issac – “Oh god… Jordan..”

Jordan – “Riley! Riley Moss!.. Do you think he likes guys?”

Issac – “wha- Umm. Riley?. Hmm. My gaydar has never gone off for him. Honestly though My gaydar sucks I have no idea when people are gay or anything.. [gulp]”

Jordan – “Do you need some water?”

Issac – “YES! YES.. yes. Water. Thanks.”

Jordan – “Okay I’ll be right back.”

Goodness.. Issac was so weird. Its as if he was f***ing one of the guys and I didn’t know or like my brother- ….Oh my god. Oh my god. OH! MY! GOD! Issac and AJ… Oh my god. It makes sense. Oh f*** Oh… uhh.. Whoa. Damn. I’m blind dude.. I mean I could be just jumping to conclusions but.. Let me just ask.

Jordan – “Hey Issac”

Issac – “Yeah?”

Jordan – “Are you having sex with my brother?”

Issac – “NO… I umm. I know that he’s straight! I have proof- er-“

Jordan – “Such as?”

Issac – “I…WALKED in on him with a girl. Yeah it hurt my eyes dude. Trust me. He’s straight.”

Jordan – “Ah.. Hmm. Okay, I believe you. Just know that if he was gay.. I wouldn’t have a problem with it. I love you, so I’d love him. Anyway I’m gonna go get your water. Be right back!”

That was embarrassing. I totally jumped to conclusions. Way to go baby brother (AJ) Hookin up with some chick. I didn’t think he had it in him to do that.

[Note to readers : No that is NOT Josh ex Girlfriend Michelle. Thats LeeAnna. BreAnna’s sister, and Michelle’s bestfriend. Not all Asian women look alike… lol]

After working out, and then picking up our laundry from the cleaners. Me and Issac went and got some protein shakes at Jamba Juice. We joked around. and I teased him about Kris. I asked him when was he gonna hook up with him. Issac was really shy about it for some reason. I was starting to think he didn’t even like Kris like that. That or he just isnt the wam bam thank you ma’am type. I’m gonna go with the Latter.

Anyway We got home.. and I kept thinking about what happen with Riley. I probably shouldn’t have but I did. I went to BreAnna’s house. Her sister LeeAnna opened the door. Strangely enough she just let me in. Told me that she wish BreAnna and I could work things out. Cause shes sick of Riley. That Riley hits on her but BreAnna wont believe her. Great. If she wont even believe her own sister, what chances does a cheating ex boyfriend have?

I got in the kitchen where she was.. I told her everything… She just looked at me. Without any expression.

BreAnna – “I’m happy… You’re not. So you wanna ruin things for me.”

Jordan – “Your own sister tries to tell you Riley is no good!”

BreAnna – “Well of course she would say that. She’s not happy! I know for a fact she likes your roommate Vince. Shes still bitter about him kicking her out that morning. While you guys laughed at her.”

Jordan – “Actually we didn’t laugh at her. We sat down and tried not to pay attention… Whatever that’s irrelevant. How can you marry Riley. You know Me and your sister are telling the truth.”

BreAnna – “Mira?… Thats your thing not Riley’s. Riley doesn’t like strippers, slutty girls, or anything else in-between. He told me he likes women like me. Sophisticated and mature. You have no right to tell me anything Jordan. Not after how you hurt me! I never hurt you!”

Jordan – “Really? Because I understand breaking up with me after everything I did. Only thing is. That day I had cursed out Mira, and ended things with her. I was making an effort.”

BreAnna – “Too little too late.”

Jordan – “I’m not done. You hurt me when you brought up my father. Everything I told you over the years about how I grew up. You threw back at me. That hurt me. So don’t stand here and claim you never hurt me.”

BreAnna – “Well you know what?.. I don’t care If I hurt you Jordan. I’m over you. I’m gonna marry Riley”

Jordan – “You deserve to be with someone better than me. I will admit that. Riley? He’s not it. Me and Josh saw him with our own eyes kissing-“

BreAnna – “JUST SHUT UP!- He wouldn’t do that…”

Jordan – “….I did. He-“

BreAnna – “Thats right. YOU DID. Not him. Grow up. You won’t ruin my happiness, as if I would take your sorry ass back! You don’t even treat your Mother right, or AJ. You deserve to rot alone. Just like your dead father. You will be so much like him, I said it again! Boo fricken Hoo! Your daddy hit you.. Man-up, except responsibility for your actions. IM SO GLAD I DUMPED YOU!”

Jordan – “I DON’T WANT YOU BACK B****! You stupid ass h** I’m trying to tell you about Riley, and you attack me on a personal level. Go f*** yourself. Oh and Congratulation’s on the engagement. I wish you years of infidelity.”

Maybe I shouldn’t have cursed her out.. but she really hit a nerve. I’m sick of saying this, but I KNOW I WAS WRONG. Okay!? DO YOU PEOPLE HEAR ME!? I WAS A DOUCHEBAG! I went there to warn her. She could have easily said she didn’t believe me and left it at that, but to attack me with personal things.. Totally uncalled for.

BreAnna – “Whoa look at all that anger. I sure hope you never have kids. Wouldn’t want you to HIT THEM LIKE YOUR DAD HIT YOU!”

Jordan – “……Bye.”

I had to get out of there. Or.. I’d cry. I don’t really cry at all. Growing up, I had to be the strong one for my Mother, and AJ. I don’t know if you people understand me or not. As a Kid. Seeing my Mother cheated on, and beat on was horrible to watch. Then when she wasn’t around.. Me and AJ would get the beatings, and verbal abuse. Its a very traumatic thing to go through. Whenever its used against me.. Its like I’m superman, and its my Kryptonite.

Anyway. Once I got out of there. I headed back up to Luna Park before headed home. Then I heard someone crying… A little boy.

Jordan – “Hey… Are you okay? Whats your name? I’m Jordan. I’m not gonna hurt you or anything. Why are you out here alone?”

Connor – “Who’s there?”

Jordan – “Its not safe being here at this time of night”

Connor – “[wipes tears away] Then why are you here?”

Umm.. Cause I’m a muscle brickhouse?

Jordan – “When I’m sad.. I come here to think.”

Connor – “I ran out my house and came here. To think too.”

Jordan – “But I’m an adult. You’re a kid.”

Connor – “Why are you sad?”

Jordan – “You tell me first.”

Connor – “My Mommy was fighting on the phone with my Daddy. I think he is never coming back. Sometimes she yells at me when shes mad at him. Its not fair!”

Jordan – “I’m sure she doesn’t mean it.”

Connor – “How do you know?”

Jordan – “Cause My mom did the same thing when I was younger. [smile]”

I tried to stop talking to him, but he kept talking about his dad. I just let him finish before taking him home. Kids these days. As soon as I asked him to show me where he lives, he whipped out his cellphone and called home. Saying, and I quote “I’m not lost, I’m coming home now” Kids say the darndest things…

Walking this kid home.. I realized it was down the street from Gabrielle’s place, and next door to Josh’s parents home… I went in with Connor.. and to my surprise.. Tru was there.

Tru – “Oh god Connor you can’t just run out of the house like that. You scared me!”

Connor – “I’m sorry”

Jordan – “He was up at Luna Park.. just. Sitting there.”

Tru – “Thank you so much for bringing him home Jordan [smile]”

Wow.. Tru had a kid. I.. I had no clue.

Connor – “Jordan’s just like me. When he gets sad he talks to the stars at Luna Park.”

Tru – “SKYE! He’s back.. I almost forgot to call her down.”

What!?… Tru’s a twin!?.. I always thought Skye was like her cat or something… She never told me she had a twin….

Skye – “And we have company?”

Tru – “Jordan.. this is my sister.. Skye.”

Jordan – “Hi..”

Skye – “Hi. Did you find him?”

Jordan – “Yeah. He was fine. Wasn’t getting into any trouble or anything.”

Skye – “Well thank you. Wow you’re good looking.”

Connor – “eww Mom.. stop it.”

Mom?.. Oh!.. Skye’s his Mom, not Tru.. Okay. I get it now.

Tru – “Connor.. go wash your hands. We just ordered pizza [smile]”

Connor – “Can my new friend stay and eat with us?”

Skye – “I’d like that, Can you stay Jordan?”

Tru – “I’m sure he has stuff to do Skye…”

Skye – “Shut up.. Aren’t you going to a club with Kris? Go on, have fun. I can entertain Jordan.”

Tru – “Nope.. no plans, I can stay. [smile]”

Umm… funny…

Jordan – “If Connor wan’t me to stay.. I’ll stay.”

Connor – “YES! Do you play Xbox!?”

Jordan – “I do.”

Skye – “Go wash your hands now Connor. Jordan will be here when you come back.”

Tru – “[looks at Jordan] You always been this good with kids?”

Ha… interesting…

~End of Chapter Four – Pt 2~


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