Chapter Four : [Pt 1] Something Like The Good Bad & Ugly [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

I wish she would just say something….

Didn’t even notice you guys were back in my head… As you can see.. I told Gabby about the Michelle sleepover.

Josh – “Gab-“

Gabrielle – “You slept there?”

Josh – “Yes but nothing happen. I slept on the couch. If it were anything else other than the death of her Father I would have been out of there.”

Gabrielle – “….”

Damn. I had messed up things before they even fully started. I’m gonna lose my new girlfriend, and my childhood friend.. great.

Gabrielle – “Josh, Why did you wait till right now to tell me this?, Knowing we are going to brunch at your parent’s house…”

Josh – “It felt like a good time?”

Gabrielle -“Josh….”

Oh god here it comes.. shes gonna say it… f***

Josh – “Yes?”

Gabrielle – “Are you over her?”

Josh – “100% Officially Done with her.”

Gabrielle -“Then it’s fine, but no more sleepovers unless their here.. with me okay?”

Josh – “So you’re not mad?”

I was so confused. Why wasn’t she mad?

Gabrielle – “Mad? No. Annoyed yes. I just- The whole time I was in Pylea. I dealt with jealousy, and insecurities.. Just understand this. I’m not happy about what you did. However I just think trust is a big thing in relationships. So I trust you. Don’t do it again.”

Josh – “I won’t. EVER again.”

Gabrielle – “Its not like I can honestly get mad at you for trying to help someone mourn their Father.”

Josh – “I know but I was wrong I-“

Gabrielle – “Shut it Josh [laugh]… come here.”

Wow.. Gabrielle surprised me. I for sure thought she would go crazy and then go grab a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. No thats not a fat joke either. Whenever something would bother her in the past.. she’d always do that. I’m glad she forgave me. I honestly will never do that again.

Gabrielle – “Can we get some Ice Cream on the way there?”


Gabrielle – “Oh its not for me. [laugh] dork. Your Mom asked if I could get some for the Pie, and hey! I lost my weight. I’m not trying to gain it back with comfort food. Though I am looking forward to brunch.”

Josh – [smiles]

*Eboni comes in the room.*

Eboni – “Crisis… The airport haven’t sent my luggage yet. All I have is these fricken cat shirts! in every color! I’m like spazzing out! help!”

Josh – “My mom….loves?….Cats?”

Eboni – “She does!?”


Josh – [nods/smiles] Yup

The guest list was, Me, Gabrielle, Eboni, Ollie, My Uncle Nathan, and his …well Honestly I’m not sure what to call her. I guess his girlfriend?.. Her name is Mia… The Blonde in the catsuit. We all sat talked and had a great brunch. I invited the guys but they were all busy. Jordan took AJ to a football game.

Issac was with his Dad picking out new furniture for his living room. This morning I asked him what he was doing, when he told me that, he seemed really annoyed, and or down. Something is going on with him, he’s just not telling anyone. Vince was taking what work he could. He wasn’t sure how much longer his business would last, with the whole situation going to trial.

By the way… I’m a little ticked off at Vince to be honest. I got fired. I actually have to go gather my things later tonight. I know Vince didn’t mean for this to happen. His careless lifestyle isn’t just biting him in the ass. Now I’m unemployed. Thanks to him… well and me too. He should have never been in my office.

Mia – “Can I take your plate Mrs Folland? [Josh & Ollie’s Mom]”

Janice – “No dear.. I can wash my own dish.”

Mia – “Okay.. Just being helpful.. Wouldn’t want you breaking anything.”

Janice – “Well I wouldn’t want you to melt your makeup.”

Mia – “Unlike you I don’t get mine from the drug store.”

Janice – “You look young enough to be in diapers.”

Mia – “Aww guess then you wouldn’t feel alone wearing those depends (Adult Diapers)huh?”

Nathan – “OKAY! WHO WANTS PIE!?”

Gabrielle – “….[laugh]”

My mother hated my uncle Nathan’s… girlfriend. She thinks Nathan deserves much more. See Mia and my Uncle have been on again and off again for some time. I personally think its his business and My mom should stay out of it. Obviously I ain’t sayin NOTHIN haha

Ollie – “Meow!”

Eboni – “Shut up! [giggling]”

Ollie – “You have alot of these shirts.”

Ben (Ollie & Josh Dad) – “Janice hates cats.”

Janice – “Yes But I like you Eboni. [smiles] Ollie talks about you alot.”

Eboni – “Aww.. Thats cute. Ollie you get a hug.”

Gabrielle – “Mind if I take your plate Mrs Folland?”

Janice – “Thats so sweet of you Gabrielle. My god you’re pretty, and call me Janice dear. You’re family.”

While all that was happening I was talking to my Uncle and his.. Mia.

Mia – “Josh.”

Josh – “Yeah Mia?”

Mia – “Who’s Felicia Hardy?”

Josh – “Umm..”

Mia – “Ollie kept saying I looked like her.”

Josh – “Ohhhhh… BLACKCAT! Shes a thief, in the Marvel Comic Universe. She went to school with Spider-Man, aka Peter Parker. She didn’t know he was Spider-Man though. She was evil, but then teamed up with him to-“

Nathan – “Think Catwoman, Shes like Spider-Man’s Catwoman.”

Mia – “Ahhh I get it… She hot?”

Nathan & Josh – “YES”

Nathan – “I believe she wears a catsuit like that you’re wearing now..”

Josh – [gulp]

Felicia was hot….

Mia – “So Josh I hope you don’t mind, but Nathan told me about you getting fired. Just know you can come work at my bar if you need a job. Great tips for a cutie like you. You have atleast one thing to fall back on incase you need work. I’d be happy to hire you.”

Nathan – “Make that two. You can come work in my building. Helping me with my paperwork. Its boring but hey atleast you can have fun with your Uncle Nathan!”

Mia – “Until I steal you away for a lunch time quickie haha. [laughing hysterically]”


Everyone started talking, I stole Gabrielle for a moment… I told her about what Nate, and Mia had offered me.

Gabrielle – “Well atleast you have two options. Vince won’t feel so horrible. I spoke to him on the phone yesterday.. He was crying about it.”

Josh – “I know.. He said sorry to me and broke down. I told him it was okay… Its just a Job I guess. Really I was mad, but he was already at his lowest… Anyway.. Moving on. Did you have fun?”

Gabrielle – “Yes. And Oh my god.. Eboni was all over Ollie. Jordan was right about those two.”

Josh – “Me and Jordan are going up to Luna Park tomorrow morning to reminisce, and talk.”

Gabrielle – “Sounds like fun. Do you guys ever get jealous? sometimes you’re so close with Issac.. I just wonder if Jordan or Vince get jealous.”

Josh – “Theirs times where I’m more so talking to one of them and not the others. No jealousy. Though secretly I think we all have one that we are closer to.”

Gabrielle – “Your’s would be?”

Josh – “Not tellin [sticks tongue out]”

Gabrielle – “Tease”

Gabrielle – “Thanks for making me feel special Josh. I don’t know what it is, but whenever you look at me. You make me feel like the rarest diamond ever known to man. That sounds corny.. but..”

Aww.. Shes so cute huh? [sigh]

Josh – “You are special… and all mine.”

Gabrielle – “Higher!”

Josh – “mm hmm.. You only want me to push you because you like my hands on your butt”

Gabrielle – “[laugh] … Maybe…”

After some making out on the swing, and some more talking. We joined everyone. We all talked and played some TV Trivia. Ollie and Eboni pretty much kicked all our asses…. After that everyone went home. I had to go to my ex employer to pick up the rest of my things.. Guess who I ran into.

After everything.. she had the audacity to still come here to workout…

Josh – “Well Hi… Thank you for getting me fired.”

Kokoro – “I’m sorry about that. You have to believe me.”

Josh – “Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie. Why should I even bother listening to you.”

Kokoro – “Thats fair…. Umm. I actually came to cancel my membership here…”

Josh – “Who gives a f***?”

Okay.. I don’t use as much profanity as the other guys but this b**** was pissing me off.

Josh – “WHY.. Why are you doing this to Vince!? Is it MONEY!?”

Kokoro – “Umm I have no choice…Vince he.. Bye Josh”

I was so angry. At that moment I wish I was a chick. I would have went Buffy on her ass. God I’m such a nerd. Anyway, Looney-Toons left, and I went and got my things. I could tell my boss didn’t wanna fire me, but he felt he had no choice.

I got home, and nobody was there. My mom made me take plates of food home for the guys. I sat it in the oven. Then I saw something moving outside. It was Issac. He was standing by the water.

Josh – “Issac?”

Issac- “…I pretended. All day. I wanted to hit him so bad. How could he do this to me? I’m his only son!”

Josh – “Whats going on? Issac tell me.”

Finally Issac told me what he had been holding in. About the phone conversation he accidentally heard. I don’t know why he didn’t go off on his Dad right away… Maybe Issac deep down really wanted his Father to love him? I didn’t bother asking… I just let him talk… It all came out….

Issac – “Why am I crying?.. Stupid ass Father of mine. I shouldn’t let him get to me. How could anyone be so cruel? God I feel like an Idiot. Its like I’m on 90210 or something.. Never a dull moment.”

Josh – “You missed an episode yesterday.. I DVR’d it for you..”

Issac – “You know… I love the new 90210.. screw critics. Lets go watch it, maybe it will make me feel better.”

Josh – “Before we do that… umm.. How come you haven’t confronted your dad?”

Issac – “I’m gonna teach him a lesson soon enough…”

Josh – “I know he’s using you Issac, but don’t stoop to his level.”

Issac – “He needs to see what it feels like.”

I hope Issac doesn’t do anything drastic.. He’s better than that. I’m gonna keep an eye on him. Anyway. We went inside. Ate some Ice Cream, and watched one of our favorite shows on DVR… Damn.. I’m such a nerd! You guys still like me though right?

~End of Chapter Four – Pt 1~


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