Chapter One: [Pt 2] Something Like A Lecture [POV Jordan]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

Yeah… This is awesome.. you’re meeting me for the first time and I’m walking right out of jail… Whatever.. The name’s Jordan… As for the reason I was there in the first place.. Well lemme tell you whats up. So basically I ran a red light. Their was this sexy ass chick with a bangin body So.. I needed to catch up with her. My light turned red, but I kept going. Got pulled over by a cop, who ran my info.. and of course me being the badass that I be- I had a prior offense…

The guys weren’t home.. Josh was working, and I didn’t wanna bother Issac and Vince who were out shopping for s*** we need at the house. So I called my girlfriend, and of course she brings my lil’ brother.

I explained everything to them, of course they gave me s*** for it.

AJ – “You’re an idiot.. so you dropped your phone and was distracted. Then ran a red light? That sounds stupid if you ask me”

BreAnna – “Im just glad you called me-“

Jordan – “Why did you bring my brother?”

BreAnna explained to me that she was stopping by my mom’s house to bring her flowers, and thats when she got the call. My mom wasn’t there, but AJ was.. so she brought him with.

Jordan – “Whatever Im just happy to be out of there”

AJ – “Why did someone butt poke you? [laugh]”

Jordan – “Nooo I’m straight unlike you gayboy”

My brother wasn’t gay, but his whole style was just wack in my opinion, so I liked picking on him. Clearly I have nothing against gay’s, I love lesbians.

AJ – “Whatever dumbass I’m not gay, you just mad cause BreAnna likes me more than you, ain’t that right baby?”

BreAnna – “Stop it AJ, you know I adore you, but more like a brother. Besides I’m madly in love with Jordan. Anyway Jordan, I’m late for work so I’m gonna go. Sucks too because I’m working late tonight, gotta bring home some money because we both know LeAnna wont.”

AJ – “Thats fine Bre, We need to get back to mom’s anyway”

Jordan – “WE!?”

AJ – “Yeah I kinda texted mom and let her know where I was going.. so she wants to talk to you [laugh]”

See.. This is why I hate my brother.. annoying little b****, cant believe he told mom.

~At Jordan & AJ’s Mom’s Home~

Robin – “Now tell me, What the hell is wrong with you boy? Didn’t I raise you better than this?”

Jordan – “Yes ma’am”

My Mom was tough.. I know I’m.. a challenge, I really hate disappointing her. Of course while I’m being chewed out by mom, AJ decides to cook.. More like listen in and laugh..

Robin – “Why cant you be more like AJ?- Maybe its an age thing.. Then again you two are only a year apart”

“You need to get your s*** together. I swear.. you’re turning into your father. And you know how things went with his life.”

My Father was a.. well he wasn’t much of a father thats for sure. He was so Mean and- He just left us with alot of scars. On top of hitting me and my brother, our dad would cheat on our mom, and was in and out of jail.. I know what you’re thinking.. Learn from his mistakes. I’m trying.. sorta. anyway…

Jordan – “I hear what you’re saying ma, I’m gonna get my s*** right, Its all good okay?”

Before I left my mom made sure to tell me to tell BreAnna thanks for the lovely flowers.. They were close, It was.. cool.. semi- annoying at times- But hey!.. My mother could always hate her right?. Who needs kind of drama.


I went home and napped.. Issac was out shopping again.. this time for Paint supplies. Vince was out doing some random girl he took photo’s of. Josh was working late for the money. I guess I was lucky in that regard. My ass**** of a Father left me and AJ alot of money. I didn’t have to work as hard as Josh. I love that kid. He makes me wanna be a better person sometimes.

I was f****** bored. To make matters worse.. They suspended my license for the time being. So.. I decided to bring fun to me.

Jordan (on phone) – “Hey baby… who else would it be?- unless you seeing other guys hmm? [laugh] No- Yeah. I wanted to see you tonight.. mmm hmmm, yup.. you know it. get sexy and get here okay?, alright. bye.”

Mira – “Knock knock…”

Jordan – “hey..”

Mira – “The door was unlocked so I just- whoa.. half naked already?”

Jordan – “Shut up.. you like it.”

Mira – “Mm hmm, Lets go upstairs”

Jordan – “You sure you don’t want coffee first?”

Mira – “No.. I know what I want and its not coffee sweetie, lets go.”

Yeah.. Shes not BreAnna.. and Yes.. I’m about to go upstairs and make her hit high notes like Mariah Carey. Don’t look at me like that..  I know what I’m doing is wrong. I just- I don’t know.. I wanted to get laid so I am. Mira Mancini mmm mm mm.. She always knew how to turn me on.

Mira – “Lets go.. I gotta get back to the club tonight, Sorry we dont have longer than an hour or so.”


BreAnna – “…… really Jordan? really?”

I knew that face.. I’m such a d***.

BreAnna – “MIRA!?.. JORDAN! SHES A STRIPPER! You know how many men’s laps she sits on for a funky ass dollar?”

Mira – “Honey My job doesn’t make me a slut”

BreAnna – “No but sleeping with someone you already knew had a girlfriend does.”

Mira left, and BreAnna and I.. talked…. If you wanna call it that.

BreAnna – “I get off a little earlier than I thought.. I assumed you would love for me to surprise you. And what do I see.. You and “Spread’em Mancini” Jordan I have lost count of the times you have cheated on me!”

Jordan – “So why the hell do you stay then!? huh!?”


I-… I have this issue.. When im wrong, and I know it. I cant voice it. Its like I get choked up, and lash out She had every right to hate me… As f***** up as this sounds.. I know she will forgive me… I don’t deserve her.

Jordan – “I-.. well. We gotten through things before.. lets just- umm look Bre… I-“

BreAnna – “Stop.. I’m gonna just go get some food and go home. I’m tired and upset.”

Jordan – “Bre… are you breakin’ up with me?”

BreAnna – “No… I.. I’ll call you….You’re- just- Bye Jordan.”

~About 3hrs later~

The guys got home and I told them everything. See I leave nothing out when it comes to my boys. Im honest and open with them.. If only I could be the same way with BreAnna.

Issac – “Jordan.. You know you were wrong right?, I mean I have never been cheated on- but I have been the person used to cheat on another.”

Like last year.. Issac had met this cool guy named Doyle- Daryl? something- anyway. They hooked up and This guys’s boyfriend walked in on them.. Issac had no clue what the hell was going on.

Josh – “well.. I was cheated on as you guys know… So I have no comment. Get your s*** together Jordan. I say that with love too.”

Vince – “Eh.. this has happened so many times with BreAnna… why wont you just dump her already? You don’t see me tied down.. I do what I want when I want, to whomever I want.”

Jordan – “I love BreAnna.. I’m just not ready to be a one woman man yet I guess. I kinda wanna in a sense have my cake and eat it too. When I’m done, when I’m ready.. I know I’ll have BreAnna? If that makes any sense. AND I KNOW I’M WRONG GUYS… I’m not arguing that point at all..”

Josh – “We love you.. but we wont feed you bulls***…”

I loved the guys for ripping me a new one, I deserved it. I’m not perfect.. I know right from wrong, I’m just a d*** sometimes. I’m gonna work on that, and for anyone who looks at me, and thinks I’m some horrible person. I don’t give a s***. I’m not the hero of the story, nor am I the villain. So if you dislike me already? ask yourself this.. Who are you to judge?

~End of Chapter One – Pt 2~


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