Chapter One: [Pt 1] Something Like A leap forward [POV Josh]

***POV = Point Of View. That person will narrate the story.***

Disclaimer : This story features some language thats a little more mature. words will be blanked out with *** But I wanted to give a warning just so you/anyone who reads will know.

What you see here.. is a regular night for me and the guys, I’m sorry.. where are my manners. Hi.. I’m Josh, Josh Folland… What the hell.. That was corny, moving on…The guy to my right, his name is Jordan. Brown boots, Thats Issac. and Mr Top Gun over there.. Thats Vince. Anyway, I was called downstairs to have a talk with the guys. Apparently I wasn’t being “Josh enough”

Vince – “Look.. the only way to get over one girl, is to get under another simple as that.”

Josh – “Easy for you to say.. youre a natural born player.”

Issac – “While I agree with you guys about Josh letting his breakup mess with his social patterns, I dont think he needs to hop into bed with another chick”

Josh – “Exactly”

Jordan – “Nah Nah Check this out J, Even if you dont wanna move on yet.. atleast get out of the house. dont let that ***** see you slippin know what Im sayin?”

haha Jordan.. he sure has a way with words doesnt he?….

Josh – “Look I know you guys care, for you guys Im gonna go out tommrow okay? sounds good?”

The guys did a bunch of hooping and hollering, a few high fives, and finally a tap on the ass from Vince as he shouted “our boy is back” Good thing we dont have neighbors.. they would hate us

~Next Day~

Just my luck.. I would go out and run into her.. I hated her, and loved her at the same time. You see me and Michelle broke up because she cheated on me. What I never understood was why. Im such a P***y I mean why couldn’t I just ask her?- Oh F*** she saw me.. Be cool Josh.. here she comes.

Michelle – “Josh… umm Hi.”

Josh – “Hiya- umm Hey- umm wassup?”

LeAnna – “Spaz….”

Great.. what the hell was that? [mocking himself] “Hiya- umm Hey- umm wassup?” LeAnna sure didnt help. The girl in the red skirt.. That was Michelle’s bestfriend. I kinda know her, her sister BreAnna dates Jordan.

Michelle (Blue skirt) just stood there looking at me.. god she was so beautiful.. I know what you’re thinking.. “Jeez she cheated on you! WAKE UP!” – But like I said before.. I never got an answer to why she did it. I was so good to her.. f*** that I was perfect to her.. she and I both know it too.

Michelle – “So how you been Josh?”

Josh – “Good, fine.. just chillin….like a…………villain?”

LeAnna – “Was that a question?”

Okay I may seem like a spaz right now but lemme tell you guys something.. I was never like this with her, not until she broke my heart.. Its like she gained all the power, I was somehow helpless after that. You see Michelle and I went to Elementary School together, Then Middle School.. and finally High School.. I loved her since 3rd grade.

With the help of the guys I finally talked to her in the 10th grade and.. we started dating.. till 4 weeks ago, as far as who she cheated on me with.. Thats a whole other story, With my luck I’d run into him too.

Michelle – “Are you dating?”

Ouch…. what the f*** its only been 4 weeks…

Josh – “Nes, er- yes. I am”

Michelle – “I see.. Yeah so am I”

Josh – “Awesome-sauce?”

LeAnna – “Okay……”

Josh – “You know what Im not even sure why I came here”

Michelle – “People eat here Josh…you like eating…right?”

Josh – “….umm- I left my wallet in my truck.. Nice talkin to you Michelle, umm you too LeeAnna”

Great.. I made myself look like a loser in front of my ex. I need to get it together, I was never this wack. As you might have guessed I didnt leave my wallet in my Truck.. I just needed an excuse to get away

~Later that day~

So as I got into my truck I had a thought.. What would Superman do?, I mean the man of steel fights crime and s*** but at the same time he’s affected by love too right? .. He’d go see his mom.. So I decided to do that.

Thats my mom.. hard at work in the kitchen.. I remember me and Issac would come home from school and she would be waiting with sandwiches and apple juice, My mom loved all the guys.. but Issac more-so. With that being said, she still loved Vince, and Jordan too.

Josh – “Hey mom”

Janice – “Josh, look at you looking all handsome, you hungry?”

Josh – “No ma’am” “Hey Dad”

Ben – “Who’s there?, or Hi Joshy.. I’m just surfing the web”

Janice – “He’s been obsessed with that machine ever since your brother hooked it up for him. He loves the internets”

Being at home, I already felt better. At this point I didn’t wanna make my mom, or dad worry about me. I figured I wouldn’t bring it up afterall.

Josh – “Hey is Ollie here?”

Janice – “He’s in the backyard”

Josh – “I’m gonna go say hi”

Janice – “Okay, I’m sure he’d like that”


Thats my little brother Ollie.. being.. well Ollie. He does look up to me, but I, I like to go to him for advice. He doesn’t give himself enough credit. I mean he’s never had a girlfriend, and is a “nerd” by some standards, but you know what?.. I think my little brother is cool.

Josh – “Ollie, Hey!”

Oliver – “Who goes there!, Ah its you. Hey Josh!”

I let him fill me in on things, such as him staying with mom and dad until his place is done.. big roach infestation apparently. He was quick to point out it was his neighbors fault, and How he kept a few as pets… yeah.. I know.. weird. I then filled him in on everything Michelle related. See Ollie really liked Michelle. Though she may seem like a B**** shes quite sweet, This one time she took Ollie to a Sci- I’ll shut up now…

Oliver – “Michelle’s lost. Josh, you’re a stand up guy. and I know you didn’t wanna breakup with her but It had to be done. You cant let people walk all over you. She cheated and deserved to be dumped.”

Josh – “Thats just it… She seemed happier.. like she was happy I broke up with her.”

Oliver – “Maybe shes acting….” “Look shes probably dying inside without you. either way you have to move on Josh”

~Later on that day~

After seeing my parents, and brother.. I was on my way home.. Then My stomach started to growl, maybe I should have taken mom up on the “stay for dinner” offer… I can tell she misses me. What to do what to do? I figured I’d stop at a nearby diner.. I had my regular.. Bacon Burger, fries, and a Oreo Shake.. Then I walked out and saw a familiar face.

It couldn’t have been her… last I heard she was in Pylea, and Modeling… were my eyes deceiving me or was that Gabrielle Hall standing before me. I just stood there.. looking at her.


Gabrielle – “JOSH!?”

Oh my god.. It was her….  You see.. I have my boys back at the house.. but Gabby.. she was my first female friend. She actually grew up with me and the guys they all loved and knew her too.. She left GloCity after High School to study Fashion. And I guess her career went on from there. Wow.. It was weird looking at her considering all the stuff we did as kids- NO! not that kinda stuff.. I’m talking camping, cooking, baseball games, and study sessions. Other than the guys.. she was once upon a time one of my bestfriends…

Josh – “Wow you look amazing, you look like a model, How long are you back for?”

A part of me wanted to grab her and go climb a tree.. for old time sake

Gabrielle – “Thanks, you look so.. manly and grown up. Not little Josh anymore. Oh and I dont Model anymore. I stopped. I’m also back here full time”

I filled her in on my life, then she filled me in on her life in Pylea. She even told me this girl we knew named Monica lived there. Monica Harris.. Yeah I knew about her.. The whole town did after that Scandal… LONG Story. Anyway we caught up and It felt amazing, yet weird. She was now a full blown woman.. No training bra here… She had Boobs- not that I was looking.

Gabrielle – “I gotta run but we should catch up.. I also should come by and see the guys.. see if they’re still the same”

Josh – “Oh they’re still the same.. Eccentric, Badboy, Player you know them pretty well”

She had to go get food for her mom, I didn’t wanna hold her up. we said our goodbye and I headed to my truck.. Then she turned around and said…

Gabrielle – “Hey Josh… You should come by my house.. I’m taking care of a bunch of things and could use your help if you’re free?”

I smiled and told her sure.. It felt like we were making a effort to become friends all over again.. and After everything with Michelle.. Gabby was the one person I knew could make me feel better.

~That Night~

I got home, brought the guys something to eat, and then took a nap.. feeling kinda dirty once I woke up I decided to go shower

Issac was so talented.. Its a shame that his own father couldn’t see how awesome his son was… Not my business though. Actually to be honest sometimes I feel left out. See, Issac is a painter, Jordan can make anything out of.. just about anything. Sculpting is his thing. Vince.. is a photographer. They’re all artist.. Me.. I couldn’t draw to save my life, I suck at Lego’s… and I can barely use my camera phone correctly. I know you’re probably wondering what I do… I’m a personal trainer at the gym.. Yep.. I’m an artist.. sculpting bodies one sweat drop at a time.

Issac – “Checking out my ass Josh?”

Josh – “Oh yeah!.. Gimme some of dat Tranny Fanny!”

Issac – “You seen happy, I take it things got better after the “I ran into Michelle” Text I got?”

I filled him in on Gabby being back, as expected he wanted to go see her right away haha..

Issac – “Thanks for the food by the way.. you didn’t have to buy us anything.”

I kinda hated when Isaac and the guys did that.. I know they’re just trying to keep me from spending my money, but I didn’t wanna feel like “the broke one” Issac’s Father, Vince came from a family of Money, and Jordan.. His dad left him a s***load of money in the bank. I sometimes couldn’t help but feel like the broke one at times. I loved the guys and I know they mean no harm.

Josh – “wheres Vince, and Jordan?”

Issac – “I got a text from Jordan saying he was going out with his girlfriend.. Vince said he was going to- and I quote “Chop down some walls” Whatever that means… So its just you and me. Obviously I dont have a hot date or anything.. So I decided to paint.”

Josh – “I went to see my folks.. Dude I had a flashback of us running in after school-“

Issac – “And your mom would be there with sandwiches and apple juice- haha.. The good-ole days”

Josh – “Yeah… [looks down] Good days.. Most of my good days were with Michelle.. but whatever I’m fine [smiles]”

Issac – “Hey, just cause we want you to get out doesn’t mean we want you to fake your feelings. Its okay to be sad.. besides cheer up, Now you have more time to hang out with the guys right?”

Issac – “Man-hugs?”

Josh – “You know it”

Issac – “If you would have rejected my man-hug I would have kicked your ass haha”

At the end of the day.. no matter If im feeling like s*** .. I know 1 if not all the guys will be here to make me feel better. Ive known these guys all my life.. Its funny to see us grow up.. to go from boys -to well.. Men.

~End of Chapter One – Pt 1~


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