Keri Hilson : No Boys Allowed

Keri‘s first album was okay in my opinion. So when I heard she was coming out with a sophomore effort I was interested. The first single “Breaking Point” initially did nothing for me. I felt it was boring. It has since then grew on me. Anyway moving on to how I feel about each track :


“Buyou (Feat. J. Cole)”

I actually LOVE this track as an opener. Usualy I’m not so big on “Men bashing” songs. However Keri delivers a swag that cannot be denied on this track. Adding guest vocals from [Roc Nation’s] J. Cole to the mix was also a smart choice. Solid track 9/10

“Pretty Girl Rock”

This was the 2nd single from the album, and In my opinion it was better than the first. It does come off a little cocky but overall it sends a good message. 8/10

“The Way You Love Me (Feat. Rick Ross)”

The song that caused all the controversy. From the suggestive lyrics, to her now infamous “pussy popping” dance moves in the video. I really like how she doesn’t hold back one bit when telling you what she wants, and how she wants it. However I would have preferred the explicit version to be included on the album. 9/10

“Bahm Bahm (Do It Once Again I Want You)”

On first listen I did NOT like this song. Then the more I listened to the album I loved it. It had a nice island vibe to it, with Keri providing sexy vocals. This track grew on me. 7/10

“One Night Stand (Feat. Chris Brown)”

Failed to recreate Chris Brown’s “Superhuman” but thats not a bad thing. This song stands on its own. Its a nice slow jam. 6/10

“Lose Control (Let Me Down) (Feat. Nelly)”

To me, This song = Rihanna + Drake Whats my name + Rude Boy only problem is it doesn’t hold a candle stick to either of those songs. Also Nelly’s verse/flow feels a bit dated. 5/10

“Toy Solider”

If any song on the album has potential to be a huge hit for Keri its this one. Great vocals, and emotion. This is probably one of the best tracks on the album. 10/10

“Breaking Point”

First single, wasn’t impressed when I first heard it. It has since grew on me. Its still not a favorite of mine. I still ask myself, with all the songs on the album, why did she choose this to be the first single? 6/10

“Beautiful Mistake”

I feel like this song is a filler track. I actually don’t really care for this song at all. Its not completely terrible though. 5/10

“Gimme What I Want”

This song feels dated, almost takes me back to the Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy, and Timbaland days. Strangely enough thats exactly what I like about it. Take those elements add in Keri’s signature voice, a little bit of swag and you have Gimme What I Want 7/10

“All The Boys”

Sad tale about how all the boys have done her wrong in the past, and or how they weren’t right for her. Its another emotional song. Not as good as Toy Solider though. 8/10

“Pretty Girl Rock Remix (Feat. Kanye West)”

Feel the same way I feel about the original track. Kanye West’s vocals doesn’t add or take away anything from the original. 8/10


And Thats how I feel bout that!.. Obviously these are my views and opinions on the subject. I’m sure different people feel differently about each track. 🙂


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